Please help with Cancer man

  • I'm a Scorpio in love with a Cancer man. Never realized what the big deal was about Cancer-Scorpio relationships until I met him... he was my first. Instant chemistry and connection on every level (emotional, physical, mental) and I was completely swept off my feet. Everything I've read about Cancer-Scorpio matches was true. I'm pretty much ruined for other men now.

    Anyway, the flip side of that is that when things took a turn for the worse, all of the things I've read about Cancer men were true as well. Suddenly after 2 months he said he needed some space. Fine, I was hurt but I gave it to him. He comes back in 2 weeks saying he got scared but realized he wanted to marry me, what is my ring size and what style do I want blah blah blah.

    Well the ring never did materialize because that started a pattern of getting close and then distancing that continues to this day. (It's been almost 6 months.) Last month I told him I needed to date other people and he got so upset that I got a late-night phone call saying I don't care about him, to tell him if there was another guy because then he'd "try to get over me." I said the problem was that I couldn't wait around for him while he makes up his mind whether he wants to be with me or not. He said that I knew he was the right guy for me (uggh he's right), what would it take to get me off the market and that he'd dealt with his issues of feeling like I'd reject him. (He got dumped by his last gf.)

    Well HE GOT TO ME. So after that I finally decide I'll regret it if I don't tell him I love him back (he'd been saying it for a while but I didn't reciprocate). It was a magical night, but right before Venus retrograde so I should have known it would blow up in my face. Now things are worse than ever... like I'm in some limbo period where he's calling intermittently but not following through on dates let alone all the grand plans he talked about with respect to our future. Through it all I've been way too nice and I feel like he's taken me for granted.

    I am sooooo angry and tempted to cut him off completely but I've read not to make any decisions either way during Venus Retrograde and just ride it out until end of June. Meanwhile I've been completely depressed over this man... but part of me isn't ready to let go either. I accepted that he wasn't ready to commit and I thought I would be fine leaving the door open while dating other people, but my heart is with him. No other guys stand a chance.

    Any thoughts?? I don't want to waste my life waiting around for this Cancer man but I also don't want to throw away the chance for a beautiful relationship with my soulmate.

  • It will be a very long time before this guy trusts you enough to get close and stay close - I feel it will be years at least or maybe never (completely) before he commits. Can you wait that long or put your life on hold for this insecure man? If this is your idea of a beautiful relationship, you'd better get used to it being part-time. He's got you where he wants you at the moment. He's all take and no give - and you are prolonging his bad behaviour on the off-chance he might come around.

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