• Hello I was wondering if you could do a reading for me where ever you have time. Wanted to see how things look for me & my husband with our relationship.

  • Hi lalachavez727

    Certainly lets look at something for you...

    So I will use this same approach that I have been using lately, 5 cards for each of you and see what that seems to show...

    Heart of the matter

    YOU: Empress, so your heart is focused on nurturing energies you could be reaching out to your husband in nice ways, trying to be kind and empathetic, this shows your heart is wanting the best for the both of you

    HIM: 8 of swords - This is a card of identity and role, so he is organizing or developing his identity in some way, So his focus right now in his life seems to be on him, becoming or expanding his own self image. So he could be involved with activities that are helping him personally.

    Head - thoughts at this time

    YOU: 9 of cups - Your thoughts are all about love! Full, rich, deep, intimate, wonderful love and a very developed emotional life!

    HIM: 2 of swords. He agrees with your view about love, He is saying yes to that vision. So his thoughts are in harmony with you.

    Feet - path, purpose, passion

    YOU: 3 of swords - this is a very deep and intense card of thoughtful concern of an emotional matter. 3's are planning energies. Your path seems to be very focused on planning and wise direction, you could really be wanting to talk out, develop, dig deeper, nurture, investigate, explore, enhance your relationship with your husband.

    HIM: The Moon - shows his path is a little mysterious. You could be very logical and more pragmatic about life and he could be more poetic, lilting, emotional, a little fragile perhaps. He could be a very creative type, a little intense at times... sometimes he drifts away by himself and you are wondering "what happened to my husband?" So he may be focusing on his creative side a lot.

    Hands - your efforts, actions and steps being taken

    YOU: 9 of Pentacles and 10 of pentacles. Wow, this is some intense pentacle energy going on as a part of your efforts right now. This shows a very serious focus on the material or physical part of the relationship. Or you have some material responsiobiliites you are shouldering in the marriage.

    HIM: The Hanged Man and the Two of Cups - he is waiting on something. You? Two of cups is a very soft, innocent, affirming emotional energy. So his actions seem to be wanting to make a move emotionally toward you, something is stopping him telling him to wait? Hmm...

    When I look at these 2 figures I am amazed at how ALL of the Pentacles (material physical and financial) is on YOU and he has none. Also, there are very few swords in the reading which I take as a good sign generally. No one seems to be freaking out about anything (always a good thing.)

    You only have one wand and that is hidden in the Empress. So he has more wand focus, it is possible that he has been trying to steer the marriage and you have been in tow. His actions seem to be in the right place though, The two of cups is very nice love...

    You really have love on the mind. My take on all of this is that your physical and se x ual needs are a lot more intense than him, and he is having some trouble keeping up? That hanged man want to cut loose and something is stopping him. Is he difficult to get to relax, open up, be himself in the bedroom? Just wonderin'.

    "How things look" for the two of you seem fantastic to me. You two balance each other nicely... I think he needs to listen to your needs more, with a very open heart. You need to feel you are being heard and respected in the relationship. He needs to address your physical needs asap as it looks to me like you have one thing on your mind and it ain't planting peonies. All ... of... those... pentacles.... hmm..................................

    I would jerk him to the bedroom tonight, tell him exactly what you want and how you like it... and nail the door shut and dare him to try and leave. And keep a cell phone handy in case he is unable to comply... you have options. Tell him that.

    How does that sound?


  • some times it is difficult for him to relax in the bedroom & it make me feel like there is someone else.... sometimes i feel like there is something always stoppin us from fully been happy ...

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