Much insite on this one, Captain!..or anyone willing to help me!

  • I would love to know about my step-daughter...J...her birthday is...8-10-80.....She is such a strange person!...Just don't know how to take her. She has had her way for so long....Would love to know what your thoughts were and her intensions....I just think that she is using her Dad, as always, can't seem to make him understand! Any, insight would be helpful!.....Thank You!

  • This woman has very low self-worth and a lot of insecurity. She feels different or set apart from everyone else and thus falls into self-absorption a lot. She can be very single-minded when it comes to getting what she wants - so much so that she can fail to open up or share herself. She can want everything from others but will give nothing of herself. She can be very competitive and controlling in the extreme as a result of her fears and insecurity about people leaving her or walking all over her. But it is really only herself she has to control. She has a deep almost insatiable need to receive love and can become obsessed with being with someone and devoting herself to them to the point where she forgets herself and that she has a life of her own. But she doesn't realize that she will receive love from others when she gives it to them first and puts herself out to make them happy.

  • Captain, You have described her to a T....She's all about what can you do for me and never asking, can I do something for you. We try to enclude her and her family, when we go and meet my daughter and her family, but, she always comes up with an excuse as to why she can't come.

    She said she was dianosed as being manic-depressive, and has to stay on medication, Is this causing her to be this way? It's like she is in a fog all the time, It's just sad that she can't find time to be apart of her father's life so he can see his grandkids. Thank you again for your reply!

  • Yes the medication does tend to make her feel a bit spacey and out-of-it.

  • Did she become like this, because of something that happened in her childhood? She is such a hard person to figure out! She is so secretive, everything with her is hush, hush. It's like she thinks that everyone is out to get her.

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