• Hey ..I know its kiddish but somehow I had no other way..I am born on 27th JULY,1992..

    In this 19+(almost 20) years of life, i had 3 failed relationships with a scorpion,cancer and a gemini guy respectively..I had an Aquarius best friend who suddenly thinks I am a bitch who has cheated on her which i didn't (i swear!)..I am feeling extremely lonely,low and don't know what to do..Now I feel I have ABSOLUTELY no one on this earth for me,who cares even a bit for me,whether I am alive or dead..All my 3 ex are so happy in their lives..For them,it was so easy to forget me and move on..I know I am not that beautiful that I will 10 guys behind me but I just wanted one to honestly love me..I'm single for last 11months..I am not desperate,i am just lonely..When i get up i n the morning,i feel something missing in me..

    Is there any solution to my problem practically,astrologically or any other way...I want to try all of them out..

  • Hi MeAleo,

    I want to know that what you feeling right now , Millions other feel the same, its not a recomfort to know this but it show you that you are not the only one, meaning there is nothing wrong about you or not likeable about you, it's just the way things are

    I do not feel your issue right now is about those ex or other, it's about you, you may not fully believe you deceived to be loved at the moment because you feel low, but trust me you do

    No one can love us until we learn to do this to ourself

    my advice is , go out, do something for you, have fun, try to enjoy life , dont worry about men, friends etc...

    trust me, all along your life you find men that lies, cheat, break your heart and men that love you that maybe you wont love back

    but learn to not worry this much

    try to enjoy your life, life is not all about men, girlfriend

    sometimes friends they let you dont as man do

    those ex they are happy now, well wish them well and see that you did not belong with them and the one for you still to come

    The secret is dear simple, when we feel low, we attract more people that make us feel low, we open doors to bad things

    try to be positive, not just be positive but really enjoy your life and by the time you start to smile and walk in park, you will attract a great guy for you

    Love come and goes, so live them full of heart and truth and when it's over thanks them for the lesson they teach you

    dont be alone, you are never alone, look right here, you made a friend that responded to you

    loneliness is the number one issue of our generation, you can even more lonely when for example you dating a guy and he doesnt care, his there but you feel alone because he doesnt get you

    you can feel lonely in big family where no one understand you

    Do your great best for you and the world will respond to you the same way you projected yourself

    you are loveable, beautiful and worth the time

  • Hey star2u,

    Thanks for your reply..I know whatever you are talking about, infact that's what motivated me this long.You know the most frustrating thing is when I see everyone around me so happy in their first relationship only..the only question which arises in my mind is, am i the only one who met guys who wanted me just physically?? that too thrice..somewhere down i'm jealous..i know its not right to be jealous..however badly i control myself,it kills me..

    ya i'm trying to overcome it by keeping myself busy here and there but it seems to be a never-ending process..Its so weird that when i see someone equally qualified like me,makes equally random decision as i did in past,is happy now but I'm not..I'm suffering still for that decvision of mine..

    I do go out with friends who are n't that close to me,but i don't enjoy myself..i find myself lost..I miss those days of hanging out with my best friends..

    But yes,i guess i will try harder this time..may be it may work out..

  • MeAleo, whoa are you sure you are not me πŸ™‚ because i feel the same and i been alone since age 10 years old, no parents / no family

    for the past 4 years now i keep meeting guys that want me physically only but dont want me as a official girlfriend or a wife

    my last two boyfriends , 1 / i was with for 2 years a gemini , we always was together then i found out he had a fiance , when she found out about me, he said he did know me and i was crazy then they got married 3 weeks later, i was Heart broken but did not fight it

    Then i met this Taurus guy this year that charmed me to go this party with him, he pick me up at my address with his ex of 4 years old relationship in car with us. i did not know she was his ex but then as soon we were on high road he started to fight with her about her having a new boyfriend

    after the party and straight after we slept together he start speaking about her no stop.i left in middle on the morning , in middle of nowhere as i felt so rip apart by the whole issue.

    The worst was each times i try to tell him how much the situation was hurting me an offer to be only friend with him he will call me all names on book and try to make me feel small and will deny my feeling

    he will then pursue me hard when i pull away from him, things did not go well between us as i end up kick him as i wanted a final end to this sucky situation.

    i have 5 homes, a great job and i take great care of myself, i am not stupid but it feel

    that i am just not enough, not enough to be loved by a damn man

    guys i meet they dont have my life or what i have, they have nothing much and they dont want much

    but even when you take the last piece crap out there that guy still manage to treat you badly and make you feel so low

    I use to sell myself short and take any guy out there that i think will do

    this is not good enough dear, you need to value yourself more and make a list of quality you looking for in a man and stick to what you want

    Respect is a big deal for me, never mind if a man tick everything on my list if he doesnt respect me or do anything for me, it's not going to work out

    You know , looking at my path, its not the friends or the man that is the issue in the past but it was me

    i did not value myself enough

    when something was wrong i didnt want to listen straight to myself and my heart

    Sometimes its better to be alone then be unhappy

    most people i know that got someone in their life are unhappy and alone

    i am not saying everyone are but there is something about it

    sometimes people stay in relationship because they are afraid to be alone,

    The great thing about been alone is you have time to do what you want, you can choose

    right now in my life i feel very happy and full, i dont have a man and i dont have a job and i have bills to pay and homes, but i manage and i feel more relax to be alone right now as the guy i met before he didnt have his own home, he still living with his parents and he doesnt have any idea on responsibility, he just want to party

    be with him brought me so much stress and unhappiness

    now , that i closed the door to him i feel i can breath an focus on my life and my goals

    but i understand what you feel as i feel the same but you cant keep feeling sorry for yourself

    everything as his time and your time to be loved and be love will come

    give your best in what you can now

    dont stress yourself about the past that is gone and a future that you dont know

    you are very young therefore many lovers on way

    that taurus guy told me he got a girl now, i miss him every day and i feel so lonely to not have any friends or no one to speak with but i know i cannot force him to love me or care for me and i cant force people i meet to be great friends

    most people i meet call me friend when they need me but as soon i need them, there are no one left.

    for me friends and love is important i prefer say goodbye to bad friends then stay around and pretend i am happy around them

    i prefer millions times to be alone then be around people that hurt me, dont appreciate me and make me feel bad about myself

    i prefer be alone

  • star2u, you know my first relation was a dream come true kind of..He was studying country's best marine engineering college,we participated in their fest and their we met..I was TRULY a ugly duckling then having absolutely NO IDEA what color suits me,which dress would suit me,never-ever went to a parlor expect for hair-cut,fat,unsmart.. he looked very handsome in his uniform,tall,fair,a complete heart-throb..We met..generally exchanged numbers..spoke for 20 days for atleast 18hrs a day..he proposed me suddenly..he was the first guy of my life to propose me..I accepted him..ALL my friends were against this relation..We did have fights,soon he convinced me for sex..my first sex..we had it..We had the sexiest physical chemistry..everything was fine..suddenly one fine morning he started feeling that he deserved a much better girl than me..his friends according to him,make fun of him for having such a horrible girl-friend..still i sticked to him..loved him..started changing myself..then he got placement and he had top go abroad for 7months..i agreed for a long-distance..but he kept quite..one day he called me,we had good sex..best one.. and then he just severed all ties with me..i had no one to even console me on my break up because friends just said "we warned you"..

    then slowly i changed myself a bit to prove him i was deserving enough..i got quite a few proposals..i met a guy..he was good, filthy rich,flirt,very upright about things..we hanged out quite a lot..we had sex on a weak moment..he proposed me..promised to marry me..this was 3months after my break-up..i could n't trust him..said a "NO"..

    then i met another guy from the same marine college..he was my ex's friend..he started liking me..we were good friends..understood each other very well..he proposed me..i did n't reply..then once when i was drunk we had sex and i told him everything..even that i slept with his friend..he asked me" how many times"..i said 7-8..i don't know from that day something changed..i started missing the warmth,the care..he started telling from that day,he is ONLY attracted to me physically,nothing else..and many more things which he knew would hurt me..

    From that day till today,he did n't contact me..niether did the first guy..

    then in the meantime the second guy started supporting me as a friend a lot..When I started feeling for him,it was almost over..he left for his job to another city and we hardly talk..

    I wonder what was my value to these 3 guys??

    on the other hand,it was me who helped my best friend to save money from my own pocket-money to let her go for a holiday with her boyfriend..lied to her parents..today she does n't even care to talk to me,hearing something rubbish about me from godknows who!

    My whole friends group is hanging out with her,leaving me alone,where I have no issues with others..They are normal with me when they are alone with me but as soon as they see them,they go on their side..

    I wonder am i the only one suffering in this whole thing??

    You know,I just wonder that where do I lie in these people's heart whom I loved so much???Was I always wrong??

  • HI MeALeo,

    OK there it is:

    1. you sell yourself too soon, too short [ Men like chasing, they like to work hard to get that thing and to keep you] . Tease my friend and most importantly know your worth, [ if a woman dont know what she is worth she will fall for anything and thats your problem right now]

    When they say i want you, tell them you think about it

    be playful, have fun

    when he say tonight, you say not quiet

    when he call , txt respond later [ you are so busy you didn't see] Get it baby?

    2. regarding that girlfriend, come on cant you not see it, she is not a friend dear, move on

    you are young, dont cry for people that are not worth your time, cry for good things ok

    let it go, make new friends, you need to believe more on you

    you need to really start to find out who you are and VALUE YOURSELF

    3. The others friends that is not keeping in touch with you, come ON , is this the only people on earth?

    if the group stink it's time to shop for a new fragrance

    Have FUN, you taking things too at heart

    You are 20 years old, at 20 you live life full and laugh to your mistake and show your two fingers to the one that blame you, bless the one that talk bad and good about you and wish good luck to the one that are bad for you

    Come ON girl, where is your FIRE??? πŸ™‚

    You met those guys, they all proposed, SO you are quiet a catch, NOW you need to learn to protect yourself and value yourself

    Men , any age, location, race will say anything to get that thing from any woman, if you give them your sugar too fast they get bored and lose interest and move on to another woman that give them more run t do

    come on do it, it's fun πŸ™‚

    but if you do it with the guy then make sure he stay in his mind then go home, dont stay around and make him wonder about it

    dont say it was amazing, tell him it was OK

    Even you slept with him that 'OK' Response will make him worried and feel like "OH i need to work harder , she is not impressed, i need to get her

    but you tell me how you see this advice here? i dont want to force you to do anything you dont like, you tell me

    but for me it clear you are not valuing yourself enough and your insecurity is killing it, with those guys and your friends

    you need to find who you are and play a bite game with the man, 'No man want to get married straight up, thats in fairy tales

    And be careful of charmer that start story really high and Romantically that you feel it's from a dream or movies as you know the saying [ IF it look too good to be true then it certainly is dear]

  • Yes I guess You are right..The first one was too movie-like so it was over..I had to pay for all the good times I have spent during that time..

    Ya true..Through out my life I have hugely underestimated myself..And so whenever someone gives me some kind of attention or care I just get swayed away..I dont wana let it go so I go to any extent to please that person I guess

    I may be lack in me that quality of a charmer..I wish I could have learnt from you..

    May be that why I committed 3 mistakes back-to-back..If my method would have been right,they would not have left me or so easily forgotten me..

    I lack that quality of attraction,teasing...I even leave all my work to respond to their calls or texts..

    Actually I always thought even today I think I'm worthless..No one would want me in his life..So...

  • Come on now, stop with the dramatic conclusion Madame

    take it with smile really, you are not the only one that goes through this kind thing so cheer up πŸ™‚

    Remember you are a WOMAN not a Man so responded to a man firmly [ like a man] but with the attitude of woman

    dont be rush, dont drop any of your plan for any man call, txt or death roll, ever you got no plan, when he call let him know you got plan and his not the only one that want you right now

    [ NO ONE WANT SOMEONE THAT GOT NO LIFE DEAR] so it's so attractive when you meet someone that got a life, that is interesting you know

    if he doesnt call you, dont call him [ Dont take his number, dont ask for it , if he want yours, give him your email or something not so direct and easy] [ dont add him on your facebook, [ show him you are kind hard to get and you protect your life and privacy [ so he need to do some work to know you].

    this is his job, even it's hurt wait he will call you if he dont then Good news he did not want you anyway

    dont be desperate miss

    in front the guy let him know you can drop him straight up if you are not happy and let him know his not the only man around

    be true but dont be rushy

    be committed but not straight up

    play like a woman, [ oh you are not sure, or you need to think about it, or you just confused ahahah]

    dont play the man role and run after him when he call, or txt him and call him every minutes

    who want this kind woman hey??

    even you dont have friends and dont go out , when he call do like you are so busy and got plan

    [ i check my dairy when i am Free BABY AHAHA] [ put music on background when he call [ you are at party right now ahah]]. i know so much game , do your thing but play it fair, real and don t lie, just play it like a woman with some chase involved.

    after few times doing this, you be laughing so hard ahahah

    play it fair, like a lady should

    when you go on the date, talking and looking in eyes is NICE but nothing more, it's only day one

    if he try to convince you to give the thing say you dont feel it and it's not how you use to play, you drive the boat,

    If he dont want to wait [ tell him it's over, you need a real guy not a short story that will end in morning and goodbye]

    you drive the boat , you do, not him

    you are the one that decide who you sleep with, not him

    if he want you he wait, court you, buy flowers, show you something else then what he got under his pants

    dont tell him about your bad experiences, [ it's not good] tell him you always take your time with man and bed situation

    you be laughing girl ahaah it's so funny

    and if he get another loser that tell you after you been with him that apparently his friend say you ugly and his embarrass or any bullshite of the kind, tell him to go to hell and drop him where he stand

    tell him you got no time with such immature little boy in your life.his comment is simply disrespectful and mean, even it;s from his friends, it's mean to repeat it to you , his immature to not think more about your feeling about it, what he is a perroquet???? πŸ™‚ how old he is 3 years old? what he cannot think for himself?

    what you need you know, it's a good girlfriend that you can laugh about those situations with, you been taking those things too seriously, you need to laugh

    Men are funny and they are scared of strong woman and scared of woman that are desperate, too easy to get = boring

    be a woman, learn to be

    do never think you are NOT good enough, you are not pretty enough or not worth more

    because YOU ARE. OK??

    Watch Marylin Manroe movies, take dancing class, lift your self esteem up but do it for you only , do the thing you love

    dont change yourself for a man or for anyone, no men is worth the job, if he love you, he will love all of you

    careful of charmer man as they can become abusive toward you later, i am not saying they all become like that but they sometimes change to something else that you did not see

    at the start of thing, make everything short, take the call, [Short] you need to go now, got things to do, date [ short and safe] movie or dinner then go home, no kiss Tonight baby πŸ™‚

    take the second phone call [ short an bite of spice just a bite]

    if he dont call after 2 weeks when he call do like you dont know who is calling, like you deleted the number of something

    check what he speak about with you when he speak with you does he ask anything about you? or he only talk about him? listen and follow his words, you learn who he is.

    know him first before sleeping with him

    if he is hot and you want him do it and dont comment about how it was, if he ask say it was OK.

  • Hi MeAleo,

    there is something i noticed about Girlfriend and people is when they see you are been walking over or you keep getting bad issues and making bad choice on guy they seem to look at you down and pull away from you

    it's like they are saying, you re too dumb or something

    it's like they think they will do better then you in your situation with guys and they will not make those mistake you do

    the thing is no one can talk until they get in your situation, it'd easy to look a situation from outside and judge the person but when it's about Love , things are never that easy to figure out , especially when you are so close in it

    When you are in Love and in need of Love and Acceptance of Love, its hard to not try to please the person that you want to Love you

    Stay close to yourself and really what you want when you are in love an watch your friends if they dont help you and dont have time for you they are not your friends.

  • That I do..Thanks to my big EGO..i never call,text or mail a guy myself..NEVER..even if I am dying to do..I will never do it..I Never took a guy's phone no..He has to be always the one to contact me.. In fact my 1st and 3rd one was over that way only..He dint contact me,I dint contact me for 3-4months..then I blocked him on Facebook..Even if the other person is online on the same time,still I won't start a chat myself..Its not only about guys..I do it for everyone..irrespective of friends,family,guys..I always get this feeling deep down that I'm disturbing the other person else if the other person is not talking to me that means he does n't wana talk to me..So I don't..

    I guess the biggest mistake I commit is I just don't know how to play with things..I take calls too easily when called,reply immediately even on a forwarded text..I never say a "Goodbye" or "i'm busy right now" or "talk to you later" ever..When some guy asks me,"how is your life?"..I give a honest answer that its boring most of the time...

    I cant make things cut short....

  • U know the second guy I spoke to you about..Though he is transferred to another city,we still have contact..though we had been physical and he proposed me too but the physical thing was not that good enough..it started with kiss but then when he tried going down I was very hesitant..I almost cried out of guilt..so he left me on just at the verge of having it..We talk these days...After that I started maintaining distance for 2-3 months..Then we met for party and all. We partied in the partied in the presence of friends..Dint touch each other..stayed away from each other..Then we became friends..I discussed with him about my crushes and everything..But slowly I started liking him..But hid it from him for long..When he told me that he got transferred,I told him taht I like him but if he thinks,its a proposal,its not..its a confession..the same kind of crush i have on Tom Cruise..

    After that we dint talk about that matter anymore..He said goodbye to me while leaving this city...He sends me forwards to which I hardly reply,pings me on gtalk..Yesterday he pinged me on gtalk..after a long talk for about 2-3 hours on gtalk,he said,"I miss u, S-E-X-Y"..then i said so do i,a bit..then he called..We discussed about his new job,his colleagues,my college,my friends,a bit of that physical closeness we had,about his life in the new city..

    It feels so wierd.. 😐

  • why you feel weird?

  • this is a post posted todsy by Captain

    Signs That Your New (or old) Partner is Abusive

    Conversely, the new man or woman may seem too perfect. A person who seems too good to be true probably is hiding a secret. One sign that your new friend is a domestic abuser is that he or she falls into this category. Their home is spotless, hair always in place, and personality - straight out of a romantic soap opera. The only problem is that, when they snap, they go berserk. If you're afraid of your new friend, heed the inner warning, even if it seems irrational. Fear is a sure sign that your new friend is a domestic abuser. Although they may not have laid a hand on you, their mannerisms - speech and movement - somehow make you feel afraid. Without them saying a word, you can feel they want to hit you.

    So listen to your gut instincts early in any relationship - put aside your emotional needs and become objective, at least until you are sure the new friend is a trustworthy person. If something just plain feels wrong, it probably is wrong. Make sure you pay attention to your new friend's actions and not merely their words. As the old saying goes, β€œactions speak louder than words.”

    Yet abusive relationships may not be obviously abusive in the beginning. If they were, people would dump the abusers immediately in search of a good partner. So stay alert, even if you think it's love. If you experience any of these warning bells, leave. Most people choose to see the best side of someone they like, and explain away the unsavory behaviors, because they crave love and attention. But we all need to listen to our intuitions when it comes to relationships. If we don't or won't do that, then we must at least be aware of the danger signs of an abusive person and learn how to choose the best life partner. Because that is how we love ourselves.

  • Suddenly Why this??

    Do I have a future of domestic abuse??

  • I am feeling weird because I thought that chapter was over forever..So...

  • i sent the abuse thing for your awareness, i was not aware of this kind thing and when i was in it , i did not know what was it thats all

  • Well nothing is really over forever, this is just a limitation we put in our mind in order to go on with our life and to know where we stand with thing but nothing is over forever

    thing can end and start again a year later or years later

    especially with some man, thing seem never get a clear end or a completely end

    i do not do thing this way in my life, when it's over it's really over for me, i put a clean cut, maybe not the best way to deal with thing but i cannot wait around for someone to make up their mind or keep hoping things will be good again

    in your case it i great to see there still a chance

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