Blmoon - Hello from Watergirl

  • Oh! And by the way - I have been getting that Dreaming Heart card DAILY! It is always paired with either the Emergence card shown above (although I have been getting that image with the Love message from another deck) OR with the Lady of the Rose card which is Mother Mary and has a big pink rose at her heart chakra. Notice the big flower at the heart chakra in the Emergence card? Yes, my dreaming heart!, yet I always look at that cross in the heart and think of it as a breaking or wounded heart.

  • Here's the reading with the cards but Spirit says today substitute the emergance card for Autumn leaves .


    only sees half the story--she holds a large "chunk" of autumns Dying over that blind eye. Up ahead-- Rising "Spring--A Glorious Bloom! (this validates this inbetween space of still seeing the past without the future)


    in the Mist of the unknown the Heart's Desire holds the cross--Renewal, Resurrection, Possability! If you dream it it is yours. This is your time to dream --know the power of INTENTION.


    All THIS shall come through the power of HEALING --this Gift Angel Sent. Heard through Faithful ears.

  • Hi - thank you- you ARE a poet!!! Went down to the hotel bar last night for a glass of wine before taking a walk to find a place for dinner. Met two men here on business as well. I normally would have declined but instead accepted their offer to join them for dinner. First we went to a fund raising reception for a city Alderman - the reason they were here. Parts of it were surreal. It was a nice dinner - better than eating alone anyway! The younger one (5 yrs older than I) seemed to like me. It was nice to be "seen" again - it's been a very long time!!!!

  • I saw the weather forcast for CHI TOWN and laughed thinking watergirl will not be walking the lake!!! Watergirl will be ice girl. And nothing like Chicago to remind you how high the sky's limitt really is and there is that worldly greatness inside you. Dream BIG watergirl. Feel the energy of true possability--a Chicago gift to remind us of the unlimitted possability we humans have. It's easy to get used to less. Take Chicago with you!

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and were able to spend time with your family - especially the grand babies 🙂 My 18-month old great niece made it so special this year. She is such a firecracker!

    So I received an email from the ex on the morning of the 26th asking to meet me for lunch. I was incredulous. Haven't responded. For so long I wanted him to reach out to me and now he finally does, but the time has passed for me. It makes me sad. Besides, I still don't think he's ready for me. My gut tells me he is reaching out because he found out his girlfriend is cheating on him. I saw it coming and tried to get him to choose me two years ago BEFORE he found out - I knew that I would not be able to accept him coming to me afterward. Just can't accept the 2nd fiddle, consolation prize status.

    Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simond and Garfunkel keeps playing in my head today. That's what I have always been to him and I suspect that is why he is reaching out now. Only problem is that just makes me walked on and driven over (lol).

    However, there is a verse in the song that I am hoping is a message for me:

    Sail on silver girl

    Sail on by

    Your time has come to shine

    All your dreams are on their way

    See how they shine

    Oh, If you need a friend

    I'm sailing right behind

    I do so need a dream to come my way. It is indeed my time to shine...

    Bless you,


  • I did have a busy but very surprising christmas--drew the let go of expectations and what you want will come to you and that has been a trend--I feel very rewarded! Abundance has been in constant flow not that I'm not broke but something comes gifted in--free meals!! before xmas got a free pie--you know when you get in the car and realise the salesgir gave you a freebe. And people have been generouse with me. I have drawn the abundance card a lot as wel as butterfly wings. Very good cards coming up. A lot of reward and transformation cards. Power cards. I feel a resurgeance of art and music all around me---my husnand and I and grandson got new instruments. Many of my creative friends who disapeared are suddenly showing up with creative urges again. I had this urge last of november to tie up loose ends for this year--all those things I put off--anoying buisness you know the stuff that haunts you at the end of the day---you know it can wait but needs to get it done. I feel very positive about this shift---some are reaping reward for all the hard work and committment to following that rollercoaster of the last 4 years and then there are those who have stuck their head in the sand and now are being forced to change---lot of consequiences going on! As for your x----imagine your niece turning 18 and she comes to you in great angst and asks your advice about her lovelife and she is in love with a perfect twin of your x. What would you advise her as a loving aunt--AND a gifted psychic? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Happy New Year! I am starting to reap the rewards of all my hard work as well. Abundance came through in a big way for me today at work! I think the ex is in the being forced to change because he's had his head stuck in the sand situation. I let him stew for a while and finally responded today - a week after his email. He set up the wanting to see me under the guise of it being about business and then did a "...and it would be nice to see you." So I just replied that if it was about business to give me a call at the office and gave him that number. Then said if it was not really about business to give me a call so we could discuss first -- said I was not opposed to seeing him but wanted to make sure we had our boundaries set ahead of time. I basically called him out on his game so I'm quite sure I will not hear back from him!

    Sail on silver girl,..

  • Speak your truth!!! I hear that!!!

  • Yes indeed! My cards for this's starting to get comical...

  • I drew the same three cards last week! This morning I woke up broke wondering ok where's my free meals today and got an email from CVS saying my reward bucks are here 32 dollars--the biggest amount yet! Thanks universe!

  • Happy New Year...

    Love it!

  • OMG!! You are so psychic hot today! That is the last loose end left--I have a long overdue gift for a dear dear man poet friend who is also psychic and he loves nina simone!! I borrowed a piece of art I gave him to be in my show last june and have a Simone cd for him and a few other things! And yes I need to put that all together and visit him tomorrow--I told myself I'd get that last loose end done. He even has a great poem published dedicated to nina simone!! You freeaked me out! Thanks for the reminder. And since your so connected right now do you get anything about my job---My prayer cards keep coming up and I feel change coming and I am getting those want to quit my job feelings intensly again. I'm so personaly connected to my job even though its only twice a week most of the time but boy I feel like moving on. I get the feeling my work is done there and I am not honoring my potential and im undervaluing myself. But I also know that sprit there is still coming and going and he definetly wants me gone.

  • 🙂 I love Nina Simone too. "Feeling Good" is the perfect New Year's Day song!

    It's the end of the day so I may be a bit fuzzy, but what I got for you was DAYDREAM. Don't stay there just out of a feeling of obligation - especially because of the hoarder spirit. It's time to reward yourself. Feels like the job has become unbalanced and you are doing so much giving, but are you getting anything out of it in return? You are being guided to just daydream a while and allow yourself to be inspired into what's next. Spend time doing the creative things you like to do - I am seeing you outside (at the park? gardening?). Do you play a musical instrument? I know you're an artist 🙂 I think the point is that losing yourself in these activities will allow the guidance to come through on what's next. The silent whispers in the still moments of a mind un-cluttered with thoughts...

  • Yes you are validating my same feelings AND I just bought myself a new guitar for Christmas a candy red stratocaster! I usualy do not stay in one roll at work too long---I have to move into new things and be part of growth. So, yes I do need to allow the next page to reveal itself and you are right I do feel unbalanced about my receiving end but that happens as people tend to get "used" to my ability to problem solve and my tenacity. I know I'm responsable for those boundries. AND reality is for me as a creater I truely always wish to not work at all in a responsable way--but to just create! And all the prayer cards are as well saying to just be patient focus on my OWN vision and LISTEN. Thank you Blessings! ps--I feel you too can relate right now and are being invited to be SELFish in a good way. Happy Visions! And I DID finaly have a talk with my boss two weeks ago about the hoarder spirit--I told her I needed more cooperation on her end and if the spirit does not leave I didn't think I could stay so she's been taking more responsability. As a medium I'm used to just walking away or ignoring negative energies. You have to. Now that we have created a total unniviting environment for him he has no were to hide and he's too much in my world now and really I just do not do that and this is a crossroads. Unless something changes and maybe that is in the works I can not give THAT much. My boss sees spirits but ignores negative ones too and she knew he was always there but I do not see her school reaching beyound this roadblock peacefuly with this spirit. I think in that respect she is asking too much of me if he does not cross over. She will have to make a desicion and that's her burdon not mine. I've walked away before from her and took a two year break that turned out to be so important as I spent very very wonderful times with my son before he passed I would have missed! And I took too long as my boss so held on to me. I trust I'll be well guided now as I was then if its time to go another path for awhile.

  • Speaking of negative spirit energies...

    A while back when I was really un-grounded and going through a particularly emotional week a spirit was bothering me a bit in my bedroom. I kept waking up because I would feel the energy so strongly and a few times I woke up with my heart racing and feeling really unsettled. Then I actually experienced it entering my body and I had to displace him - felt like I was in a wind tunnel and just kept screaming his name until he finally left and I felt myself in my body again. It was a big lesson for me in keeping myself grounded, but I must admit that a lot of times I am not aware that I am not grounded.

    Anyway, it happened again a few nights ago. Different spirit. The one above was a teenage boy from the neighborhood who had committed suicide. Somehow I just "knew" this as well as his name. It was like he just wanted to experience being in a human body again. But this last one was much different. I actually felt pinned down by it and it shoved its tongue in my mouth. Much creepier and even more sinister energy. How do I keep attracting these energies? I know I must not have been grounded again, but there must be something else that is going on or that I am doing wrong.

    Any thoughts?

    On a lighter note, I made such a horse's you-know-what out of myself today!!! Remember the email from the ex I spoke about a few weeks ago? And I sent him the reply about boundaries and being skeptical about it being about business? Well, it turns out it actually was about business - LOL. Boy did I feel like an idiot! My face is red just typing this - so embarrassing!

  • Actually, it was not a mistake! You were meant to send that. You needed that assumption to say what needed to be said and he needed to hear that. Spirit says he takes too much for granted and THINKS he knows you too well. Trust me on this it may look like a mistake but on another level it was not. And my first reation to your spirit invasion was --my is she more the medium than she has realised!? Right now--on a universal level is a great shift trying to happen---we are moving towards a more spiritual concesoisness versus the superficial materalistic and less humanitarian phase we have had. So, there is a counter puss and a lot of healers--those with great energy coming from their crowns are targets for lower energy to feed. I know--E gads REALLY? So I as well have been dealing with my own latest freeloader and have been forced to re think protection. Also, there are different kinds of negative spirits--one indeed is most likely a suicide--they often are a lower vibration and can remain earth bound--sometimes it is their service to gather good energy by protecting folks. There are also non human spirits called vampire spirits who feed off the healers and creative talented folks who have an open crown for receiving intuition and inspiration. Could be the suicide is lingering to send the creeper away. I also pick up you are having either a physical issue or environmental issue with breathing---either allergies? A cold? ---but you have a lack of oxegon at night. If your nose is stuffy and you are waking up with a very dry mouth for no reason check your room for hidden stagnation issues. Dust? I can not sleep in complete darkness. I always have a small light on---otherwise I sEe too many spirits and it can be unsettling so try a light. It also works because being in fear attracts them so a dim light on keeps me less fearful. The suicide if he was not in his right mind at death can be confused and the tongue thing from the creeper was a claim---he's showing the human spirit you are his--the spirit is trying to protect you from him. I have not had those kinds of invasions since I was in my twenties or thirties. I was always exhausted then with four small kids. Since this is new it's not likely to be a inhabitant of your house but a visiter--could be this creeper also tormented the suicide or followed you home or just left his last feed and found you randomly. Spend some loving time on your bedroom burn sage---if you have sacred space on a table or desk in there---cleanse your stones outside in sunshine and salt water---kind of bless your bedroom with attention--not a chore but with love . If you have brought any new used items in your home--think about that as the creeper may have come with that. AND find a nice bell to ring and a wind chime to jingle. Bells repell negative energy--all religions and cultures use bells. keep one near your bed--if you are assulted again be very very forcefull with your boundries and powerfull about telling it to leave and ring the bell. Say this is my home my room my space get out!! Spirit is telling you this is still about BOUNDRIES---that's why the e-mail happened so do not feel like an ass. You are being encouraged to build and extend your boundries--I'm getting the same message. To increase your own space and draw a firm line. You need more reserve than ever now and running on empty or taking yourself to the edge must be in the past. GOOD LUCK for us both!!! If your dreams have been very busy and you wake feeling like you worked all night it is the validation of this message. BLESSINGS! And AMEN to rebuilding our temple!

  • Yes, he always did and probably still does take me for granted. It's just unfortunate that what I said can now be tainted by him as me being "crazy." He was a little short/abrupt/overly professional when we spoke on the phone, so maybe it did hit a nerve and he was just covering.

    No, I do not think of myself as a medium! I think it's just a lesson for me of what can happen or what I attract to myself when I am not grounded. If I was a medium I surely would have had some actual medium-like experiences by now, would I not? I don't see them, they don't communicate with me, etc. you have me wondering 🙂

    The teenager was last year and I spent the next few nights telling him to go to the light or just go away and I don't believe he has been back since. The vampire energy was recent. It was shortly after the emails and phone calls with my ex and I was feeling lonely and yearning for a new chapter in my love life. I did force it out. First I just said who the h-e-l-l are you? And then said GET OUT!!! It did leave and I don't think it has been back either.

    And, YES!!! I am congested. I got sick on Dec. 17th and it took a few weeks to get rid of it, but this chest congestion and cough are lingering on and on. I'm really tired of it!

    I have recently started dreaming again after a long period without them. I just don't understand them at all...

  • I just dreamed of my shapeshifter two nights ago--I hate those!!! Because not only of the old feelings it stirs up but I know it is NOT a good message and I have let my wound slip in and take a lead. The bottom line is I can be a pleaser. It's my wound. That relationship on one hand did a lot of good but really I did all the work. Most of my education was motivated by pleasing someone else more than loving myself. I did transistion painfuly from that issue. It is why I have a lot of empathy for women stuck there. It really is a very painful hard thing to change. Once the love object is removed one is left with the emptiness of "themselves" and the pain of their wound. It just gets covered up. We must realize we chose an unavailable person on purpose. The constant focus on that grasping, analizing, keeps us distracted from something even more painful. Your X will always be unavailable. It is who he is. They can afford to be generouse on other levels of ego boosting because they are not invested really. But it is a deception as what they give is slowly eroding your power so that vampire is a timely warning NOT to go back there and what you crave has a price. In fact whenever you feel a strong strong pull to go back take it as a warning that you are giving too much. Even though I'm broke I did not go to work yesterday and I am retreating and getting back into ME zone. As you earlier suggested looking ahead by dreaming more--I think you should follow the same advice. It's not unusual for this fast new pace of change to have a bit of past revisit. Wounds are persistence but that's why the free will card pops up! I had too many spirit intrusions myself last few days another reason why I took the day off and I'm letting go of a load of RESONSABILITY this week. To be gloriously nurturing and selfish with my dreams. Happy back on track! And again, spirit asked me to repeat that your x always has an out and it was more than buisness--it always is and you said the right thing although it was not validated.He would never do that? Really, do you expect him to call and say, yes I miss you and think about you and just had to find some excuse to hear your voice, know how you are? Even if it were true it is worth nothing because he will never be that vulnerable. I'm sure you have done his chart--surely he has a some issue good as a closed door. Maybe a Mars issue in the love department that can never be anything but negative.? Some people have no love to give. They may be great teachers or mentors--even have great people skills and excellent communication skills BUT all it takes is one really heavy negative issue in the love and intimacy department to make relationships on a committment level impossable. They are a contradiction. These men may choose to be gay or resort to marrying for comfort but never true intimacy and passion. They may crave it and seduce it but will only end up hurting others. They tend to be workaholics or put their energy into busy busy things. They leave a lot of broken hearts! You know all that! Happy NEW year. I did have a vision--a dream before thanksgiving and got off track---time to get back to ME ME ME! blessings?

  • Hey watergirl... Blmoon hope you guys are doing well.. sorry for interrupting..

    Just wanted to let blmoon know i made a thread asking for assistance.. or some guidance about my moving into a hostel and other things happening here.. lots of stuff sorry for barging in on your thread watergirl but i guess i'm just looking for some help right now or well you know what i mean. I dont even know what im doing or saying these days.. left a thread called dear Blmoon on anything goes If u have time would be appreciated. If you cant connect I understand.

    Love n Light Bee (AngelBee) Rebecca.