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  • Hi Blmoon - I have my energy back (for the most part) although I have had this sluggish feeling I can't seem to shake off. This is going to sound crazy but I think I'm going to be moving to Northern California soon. I've been here since I was 15 and I think it's finally time to go. Long story how Norther Cal came about, but I have been getting lots of supportive messages from above on it. Anyway, Lee's November forecast!!!

    Hope you are doing well!!

  • THANKS--i can't wait to hear this! I think a move is good for you and feel positive vibes for you. It's as if all that has sqeezed you last two months was taking you to this bold leap and this is good. I'm again wanting to leave my job---I finally just put it out there the reality of my role there not just as a job but the spiritual aspect underneath. The reality is there has always been a disgruntled spirit that feels it owns a certein space in the property and depending on the energy of folks employed it has retreated or grown and I have been balancing this for so many years and the reality is--it so wants me to go and I am thinking it is down to me or it and it HAS to move on and I am tired of dealing with it. I know this spirit has been on the property before it was built--and has a long history--because I must be close to it twice a week I put up a wall of too much knowing so I do not let it in. Right now our campus is better than ever only to feel its backlash--it feeds off of anger, sadness and depression and causes mayhem. It was displaced last year by a very good person takng over its space but now she is growing sick and I know its the energy issue of displacing a spirit like that. I felt it move to a corner of the courtyard and now it has move to a room next door--it prefers a certein corner of the property. Tomorrow I will pray blessings throught the rooms. We have a lot of good spirits around as well but this one stubborn hermit wants us gone and I question my devotion and wondering if I should selishly let this go. I know that this would please it immensly. I just takes so much energy to balance it out. I'm thinking I must either stop dilly dallying and use all my potential to send it away or I must let this go despite my devotion to the ownvers and teachers. November is the power month! We will see. BLESSINGS!

  • I just listened to it myself - more confirmation that a move might be the right thing fo me 🙂 I have been resisting it (which might explain the sluggishness!) but have finally accepted all the messages I have been receiving. I know it's the right thing for me and will open up other things in my life, but it does bring up fears that need to be dealt with. Giving up my home I love so much and have put so much of myself into, leaving my family - especially my little one year old great niece who has been such a joy, and then there's the fear of the unknown -- what if it doesn't work out, etc etc.

    Can you tell me what you do/have done to counteract the negative spirit in the school? I have a friend who has experience in getting rid of spirits like this in homes and will ask her for advice for you - just wanted to let her know what you have been doing as well.

  • I think your move will not be a LOSS and the distance will be temporary--what I am shown is a circle--like you have to do this to come home again but home will be something you can't imagine for yourself right now--you now that saying God always dreams a bigger dream than you can imagine. It's the fear factor--the unknown. I think the letting go is the key challange. Also, spirit says what if it doesn't work out? You are free to chang course and its a journey not a destination. I do not see a detachment from family and you will always be close to your great niece--she is a lot like you! You will be there for her at important crossroads in her life--in and out but a strong bond. Her family will find her difficult to handle at times as if she is from a different planet--they see her as a star yet her stubborness and authority tests them --I see this being an issue at age 3. She and her mother will butt heads. She is worldly, sees life in a big way and will always be competitive. She thinks like a star. She has great empathy and connects with animals and will insists they communicate with her. Her ideas will be big and make family dizzy with her trying out new ideas. She is an inspirer---she dreams in a way that uplifts others although her parents may worry and wish she was more focused on one thing and less fearless and adventurous. One year she may aspire to be the next madonna then another she may aspire to be president--she will get caught up in whatever the group is and follow the passion where she finds it. You will help her throught the time when she is most vulnerable--around 14-17. And again you will help her around 21-22 when a man is a temptation to her better sense.

    As for the spirit I work with mostly I control the enviroment to keep its energy from growing. I am only there twice a week. Sundays I am alone there and I give love to the campus--I have filled the place with gardens and I make sure all the classrooms are uncluttered and there is nurturing energy---if we end up with an employee that feeds it I make sure they are outed and they leave. I make sure no festering of arguments erupt between employees--I make sure no anger grows in numbers. When the spirit gets strong I fill its place with joy and love--I open the doors and let air in and I often listen to music and will pray blessings throughout the room and I will tend the room and touch everything with love even f it is already clean. I have burned sage in the past and just recently thinking of using salt. Also, we had a hindu family las year draw a mandela on a concrete are in another part of the school and they lit candles and prayed and we had someone preserve it so it was permanent and the energy off it was so amazing! I'm thinking of doing that in that outside corner by his favourite place as well . I did a visual prayer healing the other night and woke up exhausted! I want him to go away for good. When he gets displaced there is mischief--things get broken and damaged and its always something that causes others to feel angry. All I know is anger and sad emotions give it power. Also, it effects certein children in that classroom---it is like a polterguist energy that affects children who are either sensitives themself or have issues. Mostly I have just been keeping the spirit beneath my own energy--I know when I am my full power it retreats and has no power over me. But it targets others and it has targeted me when I'm low. Which is why I am only there twice a week mostly. They named my position Environmental Goddess--and since I have started this position our campuss has so grown--my boss the ownner said she is so relieved! Last year was hard work but this year its been working on ts own--I have the teachers all working together and keeping the rooms high energy. We have several very spiritual people working there and I've been aware how this energy attacks them trying to get his space back. If I didn't work there and advised a stranger I would connect with it to know its origin but I avoid that because I do not want to be close --or let it pass my boundries. What I need to decide is if it can leave or not as I have been in a situation with a haunted house that was just too much and sometimes one must let go.I'm thinking its time to get others on board united to all pray and be aware as really this is a subject not spoken of too much. Some others have been aware of its presence but there has been no joined effort to send it off--everyone just doesn't talk about it. I think what I want is not to be the only warrior in this and I want the owners to make choices as well to make it leave. My poor boss has been sick and keeps getting skin cancers and I feel it is targetng her energy . Then I realised it was targetting another friend who I can tell this to without ridicule and she admitted she was having a hard time and suddenly was having depressing thoughts. Point is--how much of a fixer do I want to be? This takes energy! I am just constantly undoing it and keeping it at bay. I want it to leave and I have prayed for saint michaels help.

  • Thanks! I took my first baby step today - wrote to an old friend who found me last week after a good 10 yrs and let her know about what's been going on with me. She is living in Northern Cal which is how this all came up...her finding me was the first synchronistic event. We had both searched for each other all these years and then last week I suddenly popped up on one of her internet searches (something we had both done frequently with no results).

    Anyway, your perception/feelings about my great niece are dead on! She is so independent - was as soon as she was born! A little pistol that is full of energy and has her own way of doing things and don't you dare try to keep her from it! And the animal thing - so true! She is always so enthralled with the dogs and they are always trying to keep her away from them, but she won't have any of it. On her 1st birthday, she walked over to her dog and leaned into his forehead with her own - 3rd eye to 3rd eye - and they both just stayed there for a while. It was like they were downloading information into each other 🙂 I am going to miss being a part of her every day life!

    Regarding your "entity" at the school. I know this sounds obvious and a stupid question, but my first thought was have you actually just tried telling it that it's not welcome and to go away? I asked my friend about it - she thinks all the attention you are giving it actually makes it excited. Even though you are creating positive energy - which is a good thing - there is still a lot of energy being placed on the entity's name or existence which feeds it. She thinks you have done way more than the entity deserves! She said she gets that vulnerable children can't ignore it as easily but the best way for it to move on is to be ignored because right now it's getting attention in its own sadistic way. She also cautioned against blaming every negative feeling that occurs or every sickness on this one entity, ie: sometimes people just get sick and have low energy. Once again, giving it "credit" is giving it the sadistic attention it loves. She said she's not downplaying this by any means and knows it can be scary for those dealing with it, but think of it as a school bully because that's what it is. School bullies are in it for the attention - even though its negative attention - and eventually you just have to ignore it in order for it to stop and just go away. She said you have done a lot and to do more would be to acknowledge it more so just stop, ignore it completely and be positive just for yourself and others and not to counter a negative entity.

    Hope this helps!

  • You are so right. That has been my initial feeling from day one--to ignore it but only recently I have been really tired of its presence and it's like this great energy is building in me to just send it away--like a small gnat in your face. I have lots of power today--I went to a WHO concert last night and it was unbelievably over the top majestic--it was like 1973 repeat in time--these guys are pushing 70 and you could not tell! They had this awesome stage show lights and giant screens flashing real footage of history reels--the whole feel of the war movement from world war two through 9-11--and other huge colorfull light shows so reminiscent of the 60s and seventies--creativity at its best. I am so stoked and on my way to the school to do my thing and that is exactly my intuition today is to tell this stinker to GO! I was fine with it as an adult issue but it has really set in that it affects children and that can not happen with my knowledge as if it was my child I would not want them in that room everyday. Tell your friend I agree with the attention thing as far as outing it so that is why for 12 years I have just refused to talk about it and only used my power when it had crossed a line and taken over. This recent sickness and attacks on others is not usual it just came up and I think it did because I am close to having enought of it and our school is really in a good place right now. As a medium I am used to spirits around me but am not forced to contend with an univited menace. And I do know that ignoring them should they pass by me is my best defense. I guess the issue here is I have no control over others energy and I'm just tired of the issue of dealing with a human that it feeds off of. Usually that person leaves after the year but its annoying the same old same old. If we ge a strong teacher in that space then it seems to turn on a select group of sensitive children. Personaly, I feel if it doesn't leave that room should not have children in it. This is the first year I feel this way. Anyway I'm going to pray and enlist all my spirit guides and angels today and send it away. The only people I discuss this with have no fear of it--fear is the ememy--I do not fear it--I just plain find it annoying in a way I have no energy for. I guess I'm pissed. It does not like cleanliness or order which is why it will leave a space that is cared for--it loves the hoarder energy and the teachers who have been worst effected in there all end up hoarding and being disrespectfull. My guess is this spirit was like that in life--a hoarder totaly attached to its stuff and filth and a recluse. Anyway, thanks for the input and validation and it was a joy tapping into your little superstar girl--she's my kind of energy! BLESSINGS!

  • What a day! Problem solved!!! Thank you God! Thank you all--his servants of LOVE.

  • Hello guys! Namaste!

  • A hoarder spirit - Ugh! Congrats on finally banishing the little turd 🙂 What finally did the trick? Maybe it was all that psychedelic WHO energy (LOL).

    We will be having a tree lighting ceremony at our outdoor shopping district next Friday with some live music and more importantly, SANTA will be there. I asked my niece if she would please join me with her little SUPERSTAR so I could see her little face light up. She said yes 🙂

    Things are on hold (not by me) right now with the potential move. We shall see what we shall see!

  • Luckily it was a hermit hoarder spirit as otherwise it would have been more complicated as your friend said about mostly restless spirits love attention but this one hated it--unless the person was themselves a hoarder then it loved their presence. That one hoarder teacher we had for awhile used to sit in her room at night with the lights off---- Creeeeepy. Anyway, it was like you said---just telling it to leave---but to make it work We had to succeed in finaly making our whole campus one united space that had no where for it to feel comfortable. Actually my job position my boss started last year was really the foundation for that. That's why she called it environmental Goddess. Last year was hard because I had to set the example and get others on board. We just achieved that so in my mind I--we--OWN--that space! I opened the rooms and gates where it prefers---walked around singing soulfully. I spread salt around boundries. On the bathroom mirrors--In purple dry erase marker wrote things like--you are loved--hello beautifull!. I heard it made the teacher's day. I was there today and it was too late for leaving doors open as it was after dark but while I was in other rooms I left the radio on in its two rooms--one was rockin roll station and in the other a salsa station! It hates music and movement anything extroverted. I just kept tellit it had to go. Of course I put a lot of energy into it and boy that concert was something! Holy 1973--they don't make concerts like THAT anymore--the full expierience huge light shows and giant movie screens with over the top images. We took my grandson--his first rock concert.. I just went to the november forcast for NOV. I really love this guy. I was just telling my husband after the election, party in colorado! and we were joking about bears then I click on the youtube forcast and he pops up in colorado--I laughed so hard! Thank you again for hooking me up --he's very right on. I've been doing the Deepak Choprah 21 day abundance meditations on the oprah site--it is really good!!! I love his voice and it's set up so you answer journal questions that get saved for you--very insightful. Its for ABUNDANCE and who doesn't want that!. I'm on day 4 but you can accses it and start from day one. Try it--its good. BLESSINGS!

  • I just signed up for Deepak's meditation challenge, but will start it tomorrow 🙂

    I thought my challenge right now was opening myself up to the idea of moving and I decided to accept it if things kept falling into place. But they aren't! My friend has told me that her job is just as miserable as mine. I just can't see leaving my home and going through the cost of moving to live in a very expensive place for a job that would be no better (and possibly worse) than the one I have now. Maybe I just read too much into the "synchronicity" of us reconnecting. Who knows? All I know is I really don't have the energy to try to figure it out!

  • Don't try to figure it out. There is a process-one step at a time and let go of expectations to make room for magic. Maybe the meditations will help---they are perfectly in an order that peels away the layers of resistance and ever day the new meditation makes sense. I love how quik they are and the journal questions. I have not gone back to look as I want to surprise myself at the end and read them all at once. Today I found myself chanting one of the mantras when I felt stressed! One of the mantras is a bit funny and will make your laugh! Its one of the words--you will see!

  • Is it the one from the 1st day that sounds like you are saying HO-HUM??? LOL. That's my life these days....ho-hum!!!

    Gotta love Mercury Retrograde. For some reason I checked an old email account today and lo and email from the ex. He sent it on Nov. 5 and Merc went retro on Nov. 6. He was responding to an old message I sent him that he never responded to. Told me he finally got a job and asked how I was doing. It's funny because for the last 2 weeks he has been on my mind and he sent the message two weeks ago. I was confident that I had released him a while back so couldn't understand why he was popping into my mind. I decided it was just the last "layer" of accepting the fact that he never had any feelings for me and I was just young and naive. For a long time I held onto the belief that there had been something special between us, but that was just me not wanting to let go. Guess it was just ole Mercury going backwards!

    So is the school campus still intruder-free? 🙂

  • Oh Blmoon, I lost my beloved cat this weekend. I know it's just a cat, but she has been all I've had to come home to for the last 16 years. Feeling very sad....and empty.

  • She was not just a cat!!! So sad for you!! I have three old dogs and try not to dwell but the reality pops in now and then and it is too unbearable to go there. Domesticated animals are God's Gift. They often have healing energy. In fact they are prescribed by doctors to help people with depression! I even read of an old folks home having a cat that went to rooms and comforted the patients and the nurses said they always knew when a patient was going to pass soon because the cat would camp out for days by their bed then the day before they died it would hide. I was told by other psychics they pic up my son's dog as a healer---my son had bought him originaly for his girlfriend who never really attached but he was my son's best bud--he adored that dog--they went everywhere together and if my son didn't come home for the night when he lived here his dog would get so upset he'd barf. He's always been like an emotional sponge--if I'm sad or upset he jumps on me and starts shivering and trys kissing me to death! He is going on 13---the fact my son is passed on makes it even harder to imagine not having him as he is a comfort connection to my son. My son was not married so off and on if he traveled his dog stayed with me and I always had a bond. He's going to be 13 in March! And my dog Luna who is his best dog friend is the same age--they adore each other and I used to bring her to visit him when my son lived out of the house. Lately, I have been taking my Luna to work with me on weekends as we used to go everywhere together but kinda stopped--it breaks my heart she can't leap in the truck anymore---my heart pounds just to think of her leaving. She is pure love!! She is annoying when she talks--weirdest thing but if my husband and I are talking she gets in and vocals. Her presence is very layed back--peaceful and she is always smiling. She just radiates love. I bet your cat was the same big hug. Then I have a ten year old ausie mix that is nervouse--with ocd---has no love for my sons dog--she is fearful and emotional and hates kissing or too much affection---she will back her rump towards you if your sitting and want you to rub her with your foot--she's a trip!. I can already see that when my dogs go there will be a big empty place! You are very right and I do not know what I will do either. The last dog I put down was ocd and followed me everywhere and altho it bothered me in an annoying way because she didn't like other people and could bite---after she was gone--my house felt empty and for many months I would catch her for a second!! See her still here! I just know you will be seeing and feeling your cat's presence. I will say a prayer for comfort for you--that the angels fill her empty space with SOMETHING!! hugs!!

  • Thank you, beloved cat has come back from the dead 🙂 She is an indoor cat who has been declawed and she is a bit of a prima donna. She got outside and disappeared for 3 whole days and it is so cold here now at night!! She is also afraid of ALL people except for me so I knew that she would not have allowed anyone to get close enough to her to take her in. I thought for sure she had been run over, succumbed to the cold, etc. But late on the 3rd night she was gone - after I had cried and packed up all her things - she appeared at the back door. Dirty, thirsty, hungry and exhausted. I spent as much time with her as I could this week, cuddling and enjoying her purring. I am so grateful to have my little bundle back. And yet it seems to also have increased a craving inside of me to have another human to hold onto! Ah well, guess my furry companion will have to suffice 🙂

    December's energy forecast....

    And an audio of Dale Carnegie's book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living." It was good for me to listen to something that "gets back to the basics." Haha! I am sharing this one not so much for you as for a few others on this site whom I feel could benefit from it. I will trust that they will find their way to it...

  • PS--he is so right on! And after I sent you my post I noticed a stray card on my desk although I keep them neatly together---the card was GUARDED AND PROTECTED!! Also, his prediction so parralled things I'm feeling right down to the physical changes. Last night I said a prayer to receive a list of best foods to be MY healthy self as lately I have not felt consistantly myself.! I also have been only doing one or two posts a day at most as I feel very self absorbed in a good way as if this a time for listening to OURSELVES!

  • Hi,

    Guarded and Protected 🙂 That's funny because I tried pulling a card when she was gone and got "Crossroads" which I could only interpret as she got hit by a car while crossing the road! LOL. Antoher example of how we cannot read for ourselves...

    I also have been struggling with eating the foods I know are right for me, but I did start taking Pilates classes, which I really like. The instructor I bonded with and who I took some private sessions with was supposed to be teaching a group class last week, but was out with the flu. The substitute I did not connect with very well - just didn't like her energy. She also did a lot of things I was not familiar with and without proper instruction, so I did some damage to my inner thighs. Not just sore -- like I tore something. Today is the first day I feel like I can walk! In spite of this, I am still enthused about the classes and how I feel afterward. It actually makes me crave raw vegetables! One night after class I went to the store on the way home and bought one of those vegetable platters for parties -- almost scarfed down the entire tray when I got home!!!

    I think I am currently in the "under tow" Lee spoke about in his December forecast. So happy and grateful to have my cat back, but I am struggling with such an emptiness this week. Finding it hard to get enthused about any part of my life - - Christmas, my trip to Chicago this week, work, friends, etc. I have really worked hard at keeping my vibration high at work in spite of the challenges - in finding the joy in the little things and cultivating my friendships with the people I have connected with there. And as much as I feel I have done this successfully, I am growing weary of always having to struggle to find the good within the constant seemingly dark and bad. My heart feels like it is breaking in two today. Temporarily losing my cat made me realize in an "in your face" kind of way how incredibly empty my life is. I not only enjoy but need my alone time, but do not like having alone-ness being forced on me 24/7. And so my thoughts have drifted to my ex this week. Not really in a longing to have him back kind of way, but in a why am I still floating around in this black hole kind of way. Yes, it would have been so much better if we both could have overcome our emotional baggage/life lessons and come together, but it was not to be. And I went through a lot letting that go. So why am I still in this void? It feels impossible after 16 years to have any hope in the future when nothing ever seems to change. And after 16 years I am over hearing the "love yourself first" and "divine timing" B.S. I just want out of the void. Or at least out of this undertow! This pain in my heart is almost too much to bear today.

  • About a month ago I dreamed of my void filler!!! YUCK! I woke up very confused because I am loooooong over that attachment. I worried mostly as surely it could not be good. But reading the dec. forcast he hit on that universal visit to the past as a guage of who we are now. It's as if we are all sitting in the bus station waiting to go somewhere but no idea where--- only that it has promise---so our minds wander to the past and all that held us back and also that which held us together. Still it was creepy, because I no longer ever long for that attachment even though it served me then. That attachement gave me motivation and movement though the intention was not healthy in that ultimately one must be motivated for the love and approval of one's self--something more in power. Also, a love object is still love and in that respect I see you reaching out to that. Wether the other partner loves back or not---a state of loving is real and spiritualy love is a higher power. The ego brings in the pain part--with every missing piece we see in our beloved. What you miss is not HIM really it is the state of LOVING. THAT is the most divine feeling that just makes everything better! Specialy for us empaths and energy generaters---to love is awesome! It feeds your body mind and soul!. He just represents that. Your cat as well represents that but in a subtle way. When he was gone--you most definetly felt the VOID. This craving for your unattainable man is just a reminder a symptom of needing more love in your life---not nessasarily love coming to you but YOU actually being in that state. That is why we both settled for a love object that really was not capable of returning the same--but we benefited because we were in a state of loving and that is heavenly. When your job is sucking you most dry that is going to be also your heart and spirits cry for love as in doing something--anything that puts you in a state of love and passion. A good example is your Pilates. I went through the same event with my dancing--I found a teacher I loved and it pumped me up--filled me up and just loving her style her energy made everything work. She got sick and the sub was not HER. I found myself tense--irritated then censuring myself for being judgemental and not liking her. I'm always using the spiritual yardstick of niceness. About the third or fourth visit with her she suggested a move I knew for me was bad so refused to do it and substituted another move and she called me out on it!!! Usually, the good teachers never do that. I disliked her more! I did not want to give up going but like you--of course I ended up hurting myself under her leadership and lost all passion for returning. So, do not be wishy washy about who you allow to lead you because NO not everyone is good for you. I really feel this time in both our lives is still about loving ourselves and finding EXACTLY what that looks like? In action rather than just a thought. I envy your Chicago visit! I grew up there. It's an extremely alive place and VERY spiritual--tap into that energy off the lake--it is like no other place and that super power is reflected in the art and industry it attracts. I see February as your turning page month---and your new life will be more tangable and the wait will end. All this past revisit is not real other than a reminder of why your future will be different and you HAVE changed. That man you long for is like looking at your last piece of double chocolate cake before a diet. He was a sublime INTERNAL quik fix that got you through but was never enough to sustain you as he was a substitute for a missing piece of yourself. Now--on your spiritual diet of outside fixes and distractions you are getting clarity into being alone with yourself and realizing it no longer has the same fear--now it is uncomfortable yes but there was a time it would break you. In the void all things begin!!! It's all good!!

  • Thank you Blmoon . I realized after my last post that I just have too much time on my hands on the weekends - especially with the injury keeping me from moving at all, let alone Pilates! Your description of him as the void filler is spot on! Most of the past 16 years alone was spent not even thinking about relationship - because I truly believed that it never comes along unless you are NOT looking for it. But the past 4 years the desire to be in relationship has been building. The desire to share my life with someone instead of being constantly alone - a partner to share the good, bad and mundane! So the last emotional go-around with the ex was to clear him once and for all. The amount of time that has gone by - 16 years is not a short while! - makes me irritated at this void. Anyway, I am at the airport and now looking forward to Chicago. I usually take a walk up and down Michigan Ave. which is beautiful at Christmastime. I also look forward to the cold! Snow would be great 🙂 and adds to the holiday spirit for me. Thank you again for your helpful words. Have a great week!