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  • Hey - no July forecast yet from Lee Harris. He usually uploads it around the 5th of the month, but thought I would check anyway 🙂

    Just a reminder to be gentle with yourself this week -- take some time out from giving and allow yourself to RECEIVE.

    Do you still want me to pull some cards for you?

  • Yes if you feel like it. It made sense hearing you were pulling the deception card as well---and it was showing up with positive cards. Boy, that had me "thinking too much". I get it now and was too much inside myself and not getting the bigger picture and the more wordly aspect and considering the energy on a cosmic level. I only get that card on rare occasion when I am already feeling cautious about a person or situation and Spirit never repeats it so it was really unusual. I am so hoping the July forcast is less emotion and more productive action. Although I heard we have another retrograde soon? Job wise I'm really feeling a craving for self emplyment of some kind--even small. I realised recently that most my life I always did free lance or some kind of self employment. Mostly, it was out need for money--four kids and my husband was always the wage earner but it was never enough. I just always found ways to earn money while staying home or dragging them along. I taught myself so many crafts--furniture refinish--art framing-chair caning---antique reparis--art repair. Later went to college and learned computer and same thing I'd focus untill I mastered something and do paraprofessional work for colleges. I have a long list of stuff. But It just dawned on me that after I started my job at the school--12 years now I stopped living that entrepenural part of me and I am suddenly aware despite this c rap economy I need to feed that side of myself that needs that. I used to think it was just out of desperation I would master a way to earn money. I hope the July forcast supports this! BLESSINGS!.

  • This is what I pulled for my July forecast.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    Well I pulled some cards for you and it all came through as being about your son which is no surprise. This anniversary has you reliving the loss as is normal. So much about motherhood, children, feeling emotionally sensitive (and even angry at the injustice of it?) The guidance was all about cleansing, detoxifying. And to not remember his death but to celebrate his life. Have you gone to a church to light a candle? I am seeing this for some reason. Maybe it is just a gentle reminder to allow yourself the time to reflect and to receive comfort. And is there an animal connection with you two? A dog?

    I am not at my computer so I do not have the pictures, but these are the cards I pulled for you:

    From the Daily Guidance from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue:

    Opportunity to Forgive ~ Cleanse & Detoxify ~ Ground Yourself

    The Ground Yourself one seems strange, but it was the picture that stood out. It spoke to me of the Mother energy of earth and emotional sensitivity. Also of clearing your energy through being outside in nature.

    From the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue:

    Indigo and Crystal Children (Metatron) ~ Healthy Lifestyle (Raphael) ~ Relationship Harmony (Raguel)

    Metatron, Raphael and Raguel - so fitting. Metatron works with children, Raphael is bringing healing and Raguel is about relationships and resolving conflicts. The Indigo and Crystal Children I believe came through as this is about your son, but these children are also known for their sensitivity so it also speaks to how you are feeling right now. Healthy Lifestyle is normally about cleansing your body through diet and exercise, but for you it came through as about just cleansing yourself of the heartache and any anger you may be feeling. Raguel is just another message that this is about your relationship with your son and the comfort he is bringing you.

    I was shuffling my Psychic Tarot deck and asking your son for a message and the Fertility card flew out of the deck. This would be the Empress in the traditional Tarot. Motherhood. But in this card, the woman is standing with her hands cupped beneath her heart chakra and her heart chakra is depicted as a green glowing orb. There are circular waves emanating from it and around her like when you throw a pebble into a still lake. Her hair is floating above and around her like she is floating in water and the strands of hair have leaves so it looks like a tree. The leaves - more green and heart chakra energy. The card I pulled was Harmony - the traditional Tarot Lovers card. It shows a man and a woman facing each other and her left/his right hands - palms touching. Your son is sending you so much is hard to describe. He wants your heart to heal and to remember him with laughter and joy instead of sadness.

    Blmoon, you give so much to others. Please take some time out to allow the love and healing energy that is being sent to you to be felt and absorbed. I am sending you my love as well...



  • Thank you! Talk later.

  • July Energy Forecast!!!

  • Right on!!! He validated my intuitions and nice to know despite the crazy last month I really did have a level of awareness going. The only light bulb I missed on my own was the intensity of psychic energy he said was universal and extra intense for those who ae psychic. I have been asking spirit over and over "what is wrong with me? But I get positive vibes or I am fine the way I am---yet I feel all kinds of physical change. I'm an empath anyway but live accordingly to stay "grounded" but lately I have had all kinds of body issues---fine one day then days of rollercoaster ailments. Like I'm sick. His info is a prayer answered. I didn't feel the urging to see a doctor yet couldn't figure out what is going on with my body. I want to sleep more and it is as he described--like energy rushing through me but not me. It leaves me tired and feeling beat up. Now I know I need to have more grounding time. I must amp up on the insulation! And, I so prayed July was action time! BEAM ME UP! Thanks watergirl. A prayer was answered! BLESSINGS!

  • 🙂

  • Glad it helped 🙂 I may have to listen to it again -- I'm feeling a little "weird" the past few days. Hard to explain it. Just a little off center or maybe just hanging in that limbo phase between the old and the new. Had dinner with my parents and one of my sisters Friday night for Dad's was nice. I have a business trip this week so probably won't be around after tomorrow. Have a great week!

  • Watergirl

    I was having a hard time posting you. Like someone has you blocked! I hate giving negative energies the time of day but we do have an annoying human visiting here who thinks THEY have the power. Since I last posted my ills have all vanished--sweet relief! That forcast was so right on about the energy asults to us sensitive folks. And here I was following the June advice about non confrontation and embracing female peace making energy. Soon as I got not so nice to people around me with icky vibes and got pretty b itchy about boundries and claiming MY space---like magic all the pain and discomfort just disapeared on Tuesday! Such bliss. You hit on it a bit by pickng up an anger release. Sure cleaned my clock! My body was picking up assults but I was not reacting in a enforcing way because it really was b itchy in a way I avoid---I am much more understanding but since it is an intensity overload I need to do what I need to do and pretty much have metaphoricaly put up my hand and said stand back--or I WILL bite. I feel grounded again. Also, the dinner with dad---you are picking up on him---as he loses energy his psychic wall is crumbling---it's a great discomfort for him and he has no reference for it. He is curently having silent panic attacks. He feels them worse around you because you are psychic. When he has the panic attacks now he can't work it off with some intense distraction. He often fears he's having a heart attack but then he reminds himself that he's had these when young and he's still kicking. He's realy in a very uncomfortable place right now and feels silently out of control. He's about to break the silence. His father will guide it to be timely. Enjoy your week away! BLESSINGS PS I'm adding Saint Michael to bless this post and say thank you for all the blessings we receive as servants of God and the Angels, Spirits and Guides who serve to LOVE. Amen!

  • Hey Blmoon,

    Yes, I believe I know of whom you speak with regard to the visiting negative energy on the forum...I also have chosen not to give it the time of day, but so many poor souls are falling into its trap. Sigh!

    I too had to draw the line in the sand this week with a co-worker. She of course went to our bully boss because she for some reason thinks she's her pet -- what she doesn't know is that the boss allows her to think that as a way of manipulating her.The boss sided with me and she was fit to be tied - didn't express it overtly, but the anger is visibly bubbling just beneath the surface. Whatever! All I can say is I am glad that FINALLY justice has sided with what is right. I was getting really sick and tired of the bad guy always winning. And yet, I somehow don't feel grounded at all....

    I really don't feel very psychic these days. I had to close myself off in order to deal with the energies at work and now even when I try to open back up to do a reading I just don't feel like I'm connecting very well. It's a struggle.

    With regard to Dad, what do you mean by "he's about to break the silence"? I understand that he is feeling silently out of control due to the emotional cleansing he is going through, but not sure I get what being about to break the silence means. A blow up of some sort? Or a breakdown?

    I leave Tuesday AM and headed right to the midwest heat wave - ugh! Hoping it will have moved on by then as I will have to be going from place to place in a business suit and I am a desert rat who does not do well in humidity!

    Thank you!

  • What I mean is your father is about to open up in some vulnerable way. He is going to express something--something real--either a fear or just something very unusual for him. Your grandfather is saying that this could have different reactions from family members. There will be different ways of seeing it. So your grandfather is trying to direct him to be near the people who will be open. to a change or sincerity possible. A family member with strong opinions will accuse your father of manipulating and trumping up sympathy. He may have a childish tantrum first but don't really feel that will be important. I get the child thing again---him being pushed to return to were he was originaly stunted. He lept to manhood overnight. Anyway, it'sall good even if it seems like more drama. He honestly will not be manipulating but be having true vulnerable moments that will have others scratching their heads. Any time you get confused in the future as this change comes just look at him like he's a child. And let the psychic rise and wane as they will. AND my post got STUCK again but it was brief this time! AMEN! Heatwave? Try living in Florida! The air is so humid you can drink it. Getting dressed up? no matter what you do you end up sweaty and frizzy--that's why everyone dresses loose and informal. It's a very flip flop life in the deep south. And very high airconditioning bills.

  • PS---the work boil on your but. I just tried to help Kuruts with that--she is younger. I told her we all go through this. Usually the shark--bully---has done something underhanded in the past to serve her self so their karma is they project that in others and are never secure----they know how they got ahead or think they did but it is not a good secure acheivement they earned--so they are always looking over their shoulder and fear every smart talented person that gets too near their teritory is going to upstage them. You have an ali in mamagement. That is always your saving grace! It's the best proactive defense. When you have a true friendship with the hiearchy no one can sabotage you unless you let them goad you into reacting unprofessionaly. Good for you!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Back from my trip to the midwest - fortunately the heat wave had subsided somewhat! Before I left, I had an intuitive "ping" that I would be meeting someone and although it may not seem important at the time, it would turn out to be something later. Then I forgot about it...

    Well, another person on the trip turned out to be someone I had gone to college with and had not seen since - 24 years! There's a really funny part to the story, but it's long so I will spare you 🙂 The thing is when I saw him that day and we were talking, I got another "ping" that he was gay. It was a really slight ping because I was in a room full of people and I also kind of wrote it off - thinking I had already known that in college. The thing is, he dated women in college and he's not really effeminate. That evening at a reception he walked up to me and said, "by the way, I'm gay now." I started laughing and said "when were you not?" He argued with me that there was no way I could have known because HE didn't even know at that time. It was funny.

    Anyway, I later remembered the "ping" I got before even going on the trip. I am assuming this is what it was about. BUT, was it...

    (1) that we would reconnect and have a nice trip down memory lane and that's it,

    (2) reconnect and continue to nurture the friendship, or

    (3) something more significant?

    The number 3 question comes up for me because he would possibly be in a position to either offer me a job or help me with a job elsewhere. However, if with his company, it would also potentially mean a move across country.

    I'm afraid to draw my own conclusions because I obviously don't want to stay in my current job for a long time which means it is likely that I will read into the situation something that I want to see 🙂 The co-worker bully is a challenge, but nothing I can't handle. However, I don't REALLY have an ally in management as she also is a bully and keeps everyone guessing as to whether or not they are in her favor. It's just that THIS TIME she was my ally! But honestly I never know from one day to the next if she is happy with my work or not. And she has a tendency to try to "motivate" us by threatening us with our jobs. Hence, my thoughts drifting to whether or not the rekindled friendship happened for a reason...

    Any thoughts? 🙂

  • I get a strong feeling I gave you a reading at least six months ago or more that comes immediatly to mind---I remember seeing travel and some kind of hook up and even the g ay part and yes remember saying it would be just the fun friendship you would enjoy as he was funny and impulsive and would bring entertainment as well as lead you into new ventures. Soon as you described him I felt I new him already so that's why I'm thinking he is someone I picked up already in the past but not recent. That boss thing--not ever knowing for sure--that's normal--it's part of their position survival. Even as close as I am to my boss she still will at times turn detached. They have to because to be the boss or anyone high up in ranks means they have to so not get too personal or it can keep them from being 'THE HEAD". They know in the past a lot of istakes they made came from being emotionaly swayed by people's stories or hardships. THAT'S why I tell my boss--I do not ever want her job!!! I have some authority but it's lonely at the top. When you get too close to peaoples life stories you start making excuses or allowences and buisness wise it usually bites you in the S. The head must stay strong and te buisness is priority. So, I bet she really does have your back--likes you a lot but must not let you know that too much so she can remain the authority. And I found out with my new authority last year--it meant nothig without consequences. I tried being fair and friendly and by the end of the year was so overworked with everyones slack I quit. So this year we have to do dumb stuff like write people up--yuck. Just to scare the teachers my boss walks around now once a week with me and a Clipboard. ---I cracked up at first and told her you don't need me just the clipboard and she smiled and said yes the power of the clipboard! Honestly, I thought these ladies were mature and responsable but you'd be surprised how slack S people really are when your in charge of noticing or worse having to fix and clean after them. Really, it is very lonely at the top. And most hiarchy survive not being vulnerable to brown nosing or sob stories. We recently had a teacher we let slide because she lost her husband last year and nobody wanted to complain about her even though she was breaking rules like crazy--in the end it hits the fan and can hurt the buisness. No one wants to be the hardnose bad guy. That's why not just anyone can run a successful buisness. And just because you may have a work ethic do not assume everyone does--I gave many workmates that credit. NO there has to be a consequence or people do WHAT they believe not what the boss says. I have found that to really make my job work--I can't be too attached to being liked! It's been enlightening for sure. I got a feeling you are entering that leap up as well. It is a bosses job to keep you guessing!. I remember my boss setting up a meeting to deal with someone who had repeatedly ignored warnings and she wanted me to be part of the meeting because the offense was part of my dpt. She told me she would tell the teacher early in the morning to meet with her and I in the office late in the day--and remarked to me with great seriousness that the teacher needed to worry about it all day! I cracked up because I had no idea bosses use fear in strategic ways. Like a kid getting called to the principles office or mom telling a kid wait til dad gets home. Since on the side of authority I've been surprised how many grown S women behave like children! The rulers live in a different world!

    PS---I'm having a family drama revist. Let me know if any cards talk to you on your end. I used my Saint Michaels (only for really important reads) and they say the same two cards--my home is protected and my children are watched over.I know this sounds freaky but I have pulled those two cards evertime asked for the past three months and my fairy deck for everyday I have shuffled and and pulled magic of nature and Romantic Partner at least ten times in a row. Do you ever do that. It always makes me feel so CONFIDENT!

  • Hahaha! You said that you thought my shape-shifter was g ay 🙂 You did say last year that you saw me packing my bags and moving in an F-it kind of way -- kept seeing winter clothing. I just thought it was about the job as I kept getting the feeling I needed to go back into my old line of work - in the travel industry. That's what I'm doing now. That same reading is when you saw a big family blow up over the holidays between me and my sisters. It did occur and involved me and my sisters, but was between my father and brother-in-law. However, the cause of the fight was about my father's preferential treatment of one sister's child over the other sister's children.

    I understand the management thing - as I have been a dept. head before - just don't agree with her tactics. I have worked for other people who handled things so much differently than she does and with much better success. What leap do you see me taking? The leap to not needing to be liked or the leap into management? In my 20's and into my 30's I actually did need the approval from my bosses (who all happened to be men, by the way) and then I realized it was my Daddy issues! I did get over that and learned to just to my best and be happy with the fact that I had done my best without getting approval from anyone else for it. I mastered that one at my last job. I do have moments of longing to be in charge again as I feel I can do it better than I have done it before and can also do it better than the people I am working for. But mostly it's for the autonomy as I am tired of taking cr ap from people! I'm just hoping that if I keep taking it one day at a time that something else will open up for me. I really am not in the position to go looking/applying for anything right now as I have only been there for 4 months and was out of work for a while beforehand.

    Anyway, with regard to your situation, I am getting conflict/arguments over a child, but more like your grandchild. And the mother? Is she not allowing you to see him or just refusing your advice, thinking you are meddling? An issue of authority it feels like. You know what's best but she says it's MY child and MY decision. Feels like your hands are tied and you are frustrated. Let me know if I'm warm and I will see what else they have to say....



  • I just now pulled these cards for you...feels like they are just stating the obvious rather than giving any real advice, though!

  • Hey Blmoon - Sorry I couldn't help. I think I just need to hang up my intuitive cloak for now as it seems to be on the fritz as they say. I also had another big jolt at work this week with our boss. Not sure if I'm supposed to let it slide off my back or let her know she is straddling a pretty major boundary for me. My intuition is failing me on all fronts these days. Ugh. Not sure what I am doing or where I am headed right now but I think I will be taking some extended time off. Hope you are doing well and your conflict has been resolved. I'll let you know when I'm back!

  • Hello guys! Have a blessed week!

  • August energy forecast by Lee Harris....he is always so enlightening (and such a comfort).