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  • Hi there! Just wanted to check in and see how your residency has been going. What a month, right?? Not sure if you ever saw May Energy Forecast I posted for you (the Lee Harris video), but a lot of it rang true for me - especially in retrospect. Looking forward to the June forecast...

    Hope you are well and much love to you!


  • Hey there - not sure if you are around these days, but thought I would share the June Energy Forecast by Lee Harris. Sending you lots of love!

  • OH MY!!!

    What a month! And thank you so much for posting this as IT definetly sums up my expierience and validates evrey card reading. I really have been swimming against the current!! And get it as despite my nurturing talents my life circumstance does insist a very heavy male energy--I would think you feel that same shake up as you have a strong male energy as well. I have so hated this feeling of sitting still!!!ARGH!!!!

    I am relieved it is universal as indeed that male energy was flogging myself everyday---get this done get that done--be productive!!! I am feeling vulnerable--as outside situations I thought solid have suddenly left town. Lot's of change and emotions. Just as he said---one day the emotions will not be hushed--another day I'm neutral--another day determined and strong but nothing sticks.My dreams are suddenly s exualy charged! AND emotional! I almost was ready to see a psychic!! HAHA! Thank you Watergirl. My residency was full of surprises! I did not get the interaction I craved but did work very hard solo and got two portraites done as well as finishing a poem. In fact I went in with this vulnerable intention of being more open and female and it felt so right I was shocked and confused when it was met with a very strong male energy from outside of fear and disproval that would shift ---one day met with apreciation another fear---now I get it! It was so confusing--even the group were all very strong females with strong male sides. I went into June exhausted trying to juggle that energy confusion. Very confusing to feel strongly about something only to be met with resistance--as if something was wrong. I had a lot of very intense female emotions--I even quit my job--with no male thought of future just pure impulse---my bosses of course whooed me back the last few weeks with lots of attention and changes. Just as that calmed down as June rolled in I could not shake this feeling of "inertia"! I fought it. Only to find myself exhausted and at a low point got hit with a surprise from my oldest son--he suddenly lost his job and anounced he 's moving many states away!!! He is the so home and family minded---I never dreamed he'd leave his home here and uproot his childfren but he feels he has no choice. Now I get all the feminine cards I keep pulling. I can not wait to see July's forcast. Thanks again Watergirl! BLESSINGS!

  • Hey Blmoon,

    Glad to hear from you! Your residency sounds a bit like my first 3 months at my job 🙂 Sure would love to see your portraits, but I understand if you do not feel comfortable posting them. And your son moving! Ouch! I am sure it is part of his growth and path in life, but understand how the mother's heart strings would tug at the thought of him moving away after being so tied to the home front for so long. We are being challenged these days, aren't we?

    May was so about the female energy and them BAM! In came the male energy of June. At the beginning of the month, my entire left side of my body felt so heavy. And, again, I have been hit with so many issues related to home/safety/security. First, the AC unit went out again - $700 for a quick fix, but really need to replace the compressor which was quoted as $2500. Still haven't done the $1400 repair on my car because it wasn't at the urgent stage. And am now fighting my HOA over a bogus fine - $650!!! So I just got settled into dealing with the here and now - only the here and now is depressing! And my boss is quite the challenge. My admin assistant says she has 365 personalities, but honestly most days she has more than one and it can change in the blink of an eye! I know it would be easier to handle if I had other things outside of work to distract me, but I don't. The job has so much potential for building my female friendships, but it seems I keep getting blocked. I ask others to go to lunch, go to the movies, go out for drinks, etc. but schedules just never permit. So I somehow got to the place I was at my last job -- resigning myself to life being about going to work and then going home. That's it. I have felt so heavy the past few weeks -- my base chakra is very wide open with all of the safety/security attention I have and it is such a dense, oozy energy. And since I have pretty much given up on relationships of any kind, my 2nd chakra is stagnant and that base chakra is oozing all over it. I can literally feel it and it has manifested physically as well. I am going to Whole Foods today to get something to detox my system and hopefully clean me out 🙂 I won't even get into the steel plate I can feel over my heart.

    It really was so good to see your post. If I don't "talk" to you before then, I will definitely be back to post the July energy forecast - hoping all this male energy conflict gets resolved by then!



  • Sad but true--misery loves company! AND sorry you are in the thick of it but feels nice to know it's not just me! You echo a lot of the current vibes in my life as well. I had a great feeling of connecting with others but it is not so---then again the universal message is that the purpose of this time is to meet opposition with passive openess--yuck! And this security based revolt--challange to just feel abundant when as you say---life is suddenly draining the bank. I really am waiting to hear next months energy prediction. I so laughed at your heaviness feeling. OMG I had the most bazzar dream a few nights ago. IT was a looooong dream and it was if I was made of lead everystep was such work and I'm frealing because I think I left my purse at circuit city (which doesn't exhist anymore!) So there's this sense of urgent got to get there and I'm huffing and puffing and first a black pickup with dark windows lurks near buy and for a secound I feel afraid but hurry past then I pass a church and people are letting out and these two sweet little old ladies come to me and each grabs a hand and they are pulling me along! FUNNY! I felt relief and they insisted I stop in a diner and rest and eat but of course I hurried that up to get to circuit city to find my purse! So I again drag along huffing breathing hard---get there and the store is really mostly an auditorium or theater and find some store areas and again a bunch of sweet friendly females all rush to help me---say oh yes we have plenty of lost purse in lost and found but in the end none were mine so I give up and say oh well better get home and start calling in my credit cards missing and the dragging my lead body went on again--I woke up literaly gasping short breaths---and totaly puzzled--what the h ell was that--I still could not breath deep for awhile so took my blood pressure but it was just fine. I do know that to lose a purse in a dream usually concerns fears of loss of idenity or being in a situation that concerns identy issues but the weighted down feeling. Being held back makes sense about the call to suppress that male energy that must react? I think from the message you posted I am getting that this contradiction is real. The earth vibe is pushing buttons yet we are being challanged not to react just for awhile as our own personal energy does make a difference in the universal energy. And right now the universe needs to be less reactive. WHATEVER?!!! I'm ready for being ME again! BLESSINGS! PS--I too have been feeling off physicaly enough to consider listening to my CDs that help with alighnment and chakras--and I haven't neded them in years!

  • that's FREAKING about my lost purse! I so need a new keyboard!

  • Oh Blmoon, your dream is hysterical in it's similarity to my real life heaviness feeling. I did actually feel like I was walking in quick sand or something -- or dragging my lead body as you so aptly described. Although the purse...???

    So I have been given a spiritual task this week and I'm not really feeling all that up to it. However, I will oblige as I am told that it is ultimately for me and my own good/growth. Apparently my father is feeling a little unloved at the moment. I called him for Father's Day, but did not go visit. At first, I reacted to the task of calling him, taking him out for dinner or something and THEN THANKING HIM for being such a good provider while raising me. He was emotionally absent and the only attention I did receive was abuse. I have forgiven him and accepted him as a person, but to thank him for providing for me makes me bristle a bit. I will do it, because I know that after the family blow-up last Christmas he has been going through a lot of inventory taking on his life and having to come to grips with how he treated all of us. I do see that he is hurting and I have empathy for him, but for some reason there is still a part of me that thinks "hey, shouldn't he be the one taking me out and apologizing?" Also, I have come to realize that a lot of the safety/security issues I have been going through have prompted an emotional response/journey in me. Not about independence and taking care of myself because I have always done that. But I got to the point where I was just so tired of always having to do everything myself. And that spurred an emotional response of feeling sooooo alone and unsupported. Which of course has all been exacerbated by the lack of relationships of any kind in my life. Apparently the type of father-daughter relationship I had while growing up leads to one feeling unsupported in life. So this remaining issue of helping my father to heal will also somehow be removing blocks for me.

    Anyway, this whole thing has me thinking about my grandfather (his father) who died before I was born. I feel a great connection to him - don't know why and would really like to know what he would have to say to me right now about all of this. Do you think you would be able to connect with him for me? If not, no worries 🙂

    Oh, and so funny your comment about chakra balancing and CD's! I actually got a chakra balancing Friday afternoon and she chastised me a bit for not doing my meditating. Told her it was difficult for me because all the voices on the guided meditations bugged the heck out of me. She laughed and then emailed me some with some normal sounding voices and some that were just music.

    I start my 14-day Total Body Cleanse tomorrow and just stocked up on fruits and veggies for the week - gonna try to do as much raw food as possible this week.



  • Watergirl

    I recently went througha similiar connect with my mother. Same thing. It was hard for me as it's always a lost cause. Lot of pain there and I do not have anger or conflict--just neautral and stopped reaching out. I always regret another try. Hoping somethings changed. Anyway in May I felt the urge as well to give it a try as spirit said it would be good for ME. I sent her some meaningful gifts and was very MYSELF and a meaningful letter. She responded that she was happy I thought of her and the gifts were fun but she's downsizing and will pass them along--whatever that means. My mother is a hoarder and her downsizing is hard to believe I know exactly how my mother has impacted me. Many times my FIRST reaction to pain can not be trusted so I always wait a bit before believing it's real or just the little girl abandoned by her mother--invisible. Many overreactions come from that wound. I have abandonment issues BUT I am aware of it and that's what I try and help others most with is helping them to see that we must except who we are and instead of trying to change it we can only manage it by detaching from the victim energy and seeing ourselves in that moment and being able to say oh that's me doing that thing I do---then correcting yourself.. We all have a shadow side. I was lucky with my father. Despite an abusive childhood he grew and we both healed together--when he passed there was nothing left unsaid but first he had to be weak---vulnerable--maybe your father is in that broken open plave were change begins. I wish that for you as in the end I WAS able to feel great gratitude for the strength I have from my father. I kept hoping for that with my mother but my mother is so fixed and has never evolved or grown or changed at all. Your grandfather is close to you because of the ripple effect---he would love to undo the chain of events that went from him to son to daughter. I see him speaking to his son but not being heard---his intention is that your father not leave this world with things undone. Your father is more inclined to give up. I'm seeing that he has lost control over reality so this end of life stage has really come with a bang. It's as if he's being stripped naked--no where to run as suddenly he can't detach into some busy place. His dominance days are over.This is a man who never believed in regrets. No time for regrets says grandpa was HIS doing. He wants you to know he robbed your father of his boyhood. Taught him to be a man when he should have been a child but his intention was to help your father be ready for life and a mans lot--to be able to carry the weight of family responsability. Grandfather says what he taught by mistake was for your father to not FEEL pain--fear and worse not to dream like a little boy--be silly or sensitive. He made him detached from emotions. It's what his father taught him. Your grandfathers wish is to break the cycle--to have healing for your father and mostly for you so the ripple effect stops with you.. He will be speaking to you more and so you will be getting odd urges about your dad as your dad is not listening to him as much as he'd like but he feels if he urges you both it will happen. He is telling me to try and see your father as a child--in fact next good moment of conversation--try just asking him about what he was like as a child. What he did for fun--ask in a positive curiouse way. Your grandfather wants your father to reconnect to his true self before his spirit was broken and I think once you can connect to that you will see the picture that will make sense of your own childhood--you will make the connection and help him heal. I don't think seeing him as the father of you the little girl will get you there. Your grandfather wants you to see the child your father was .He says he will help you with the words so trust stuff that pops out of your mouth when with your dad even though you are hesitent. He says to be playful with your father. Even if he resists Ask him if he had a nickname growing up. Keep your sense of humour--if your dad bites--his defense system to move feelings away--yo must resist it and remain playful. Be determined to bring out the child in him. Your dad resists the past. Keep taking him there but in a good way--even if you have to ask about trivial topics--like how much was gas--what was your first car---just anything to take him back. Your grandfather wil guide you. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon - Thank you so much. I knew it was really important and that my grandfather was involved somehow. I could also feel the urgency - as if my father would be passing soon Maybe it's just that he is in the final phase of his life. Thank you for puting the pieces together for me. On some level, it somehow still just feels like another "task" to add to my list of burdens (lol), but I will do my best to make it fun 🙂

  • No pain no gain. ARHG! I do not pick up his passing soon but honestly spirit rarely gives death prodictions as it serves no purpose and is mostly cruel but they often direct us with info that readys us or the the other person. What I do get is this is a big change--transistion for him and he will have no control over it--it's as i many little and a few big events just slowly chip away at that facade he has lived--break down the WALL. In my father's case this went on over a space of many years and yes it was his final ten fifteen years--slow at first as he became physicaly weaker and had always been a mighty little man. He was very mach--a coach and he poohood doctors advice---diabetes ate him up slow at first but in later years it came with a vegance--took his eyesight--strokes--heart attacks. I ended up taking care of him much of the time. Our role reversed and I ended up being the tough father to a stubborn child. It was a very wonderouse circle of events that in the end--which for him was not easy at all for him--he suffered a lot which took away any hidden anger I had from childhood--just because it's hard to watch someone suffer and be angry. At the time of his decline he fought it---continuid to drive scaring the c rap out of everyone--ihe was so dominating no other family member was brave enought to stop him. It was me and funny because I did it with the same no nonsense authority he gave me as a child! I resented juggling my own full house and running back and forth keeping him alive--BUT oh how perfect that was--for me to be close during that last phase as it was a healing gift. I wish you the same gift! BLESSINGS!

  • Pop in: Just saying hello ladies!


    And Watergirl I answered you again on the last page

  • Hi Poetic! Nice to "see" you!

    Blmoon -- Oh, LORD! You mean this may be a 10-15 year task??? LOL! My father has also been a mighty little man and this all began last year with a knee injury. He of course took way too long to have it checked out by a doctor and he has been hobbling for almost a year now - using a cane. Then the family blow-up with my brother-in-law at Christmastime. He was basically kicked out of the house and ALL of our family get togethers take place at that house. He has reached an age where he has started to look frail and infirm so to watch him go through the emotional stuff with the physical reality setting in at the same time is indeed a little difficult. It tugs at my heart strings, but then I tell myself that he is going through something he NEEDS to go through. I know his life was not grandfather died in his 40's and my uncle was only 12. My father had to take over as the father figure for him - he even lived with my parents for a while. And he was no easy task -- always in trouble with the law and never really turned his life around. He died young as well. He also had to take care of my grandmother - they of course did not expect my grandfather to die so young so they were not financially prepared for it at all. To top it off, my father was in the Korean War and has that emotional scarring to deal with. All that being said, he was not a good father to me other than providing shelter, food, etc. He did work very hard, though and I do believe it was his way of showing his love.

    Oh! Have to share this. I asked my sister over for lunch today -- met at an outdoor cafe by my office. Hadn't seen her in a while and wanted to reconnect a bit. Someone at a table about 10 feet or so away had a black dog sitting on her lap. Cute little poodle or poodle mix of some sort. My eyes kept gravitating toward it and it was staring right at me every time. I mentioned to my sister that I just wanted to go grab him and give him a hug and scratch his head. Then the woman got up and left. A good 10 or 15 minutes afterward, my sister looked past me and said, "oh my gosh, sis, that dog is running straight for you." I turned around and he was running like a bat out of h*ell and straight at me. His owner was a small dot in the distance chasing after him. He ran right to me and I got to scratch his head and say hello. I am choosing to believe that my grandfather or spirit guide or guardian angel or SOMEONE up there sent him over to me 🙂

  • Watergirl, I need some insight from you on a problem I'm having at work. Someone unloading on me. I posted on the Tarot Forum--please help.

  • Love the dog storry! And the more you describe your dad the more he sounds true to how spirit described him to me AND I feel the same process of this part of his journey is meant to liberate him as my dad was. Although from another view it looks like they are being destroyed but really this chipping away at the survival wall that got him through early circumstance must be chipped away so his true self--the child he was born can come through. When my dad first started losing his eyesight I was still seeing my psychic then and she told me that often the end days are the balance of things put off. She said my father was NOT a good listener. He wasn't. He always commanded and was stubborn stubborn stubborn. His way or the highway. Losing one's eyesight forces one to listen.I felt so strongly your grandfather "playfuly" coming through the dog! In fact this is exactly the kind of magic a child revels in and the kind you will be encouraged to share with dad. Something dark--a stranger in the distance can be actually feel love--intensly and real. That's your dad he says---from a distance you know he's there even if the adult mind says no he's a stranger.Your father loves you very much! But he;s never reconciled the two sides of love--the emotions versus the responsability. The normal situation for growth would be for a child to grow mature at a slower pace--getting a little tougher and stronger--learning to deal with fears and emotions but your father had a crash course and he just cut off the emotions--he had to be a MAN. There is a distinct expection in his mind of what a man is. An IDEA that no longer fits. You can be the one to help him let go and know it's ok.. ALSO, I'm told, the pshychic gift runs through his family although he's tuned off. Your grandfather was very psychic and says he always feared your father would be left to carry a big weight and it only pushed him more to toughen him up. I'm getting that if you psychicaly speak to your father--seeing him as the child he was it will be heard. Just like that connection between you and the pup--it can't be denied. I am hearing that a lot of the extra wall you sensed when dad was near was indead real! But not for the reasons you think----you two are too psychic!. It was a burdon in the past--but you can NOW turn that reality into a positive! Make it work for you! BLESSINGS! ps--after reading your post yesterday--I did an innerchild reading and now I get it as I pulled that card that said it was a time of important psychic connections to be achnowledged---I wish I had saved it for you--maybe you will pull the same card!

  • Thanks again 🙂 I have comments, but I need to get to bed as I have a LONG day tomorrow. Need to be there at 7am and will not be home til 9 or 10pm. Our fathers were very much alike!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Oh, what a challenging week! On the one hand, I know I am being pushed toward this relationship thing with my father - and there is a sense of urgency or just my grandfather coming through so strongly - but I am being sooooo challenged at work that it is difficult to focus on anything else. My boss, although very knowledgeable and skilled, just has ZERO idea how to lead a staff. She truly believes that the way to motivate people is to intimidate and threaten them. In short, she's a bully. It's a life lesson for her to learn that this way of being is not effective, but honestly she isn't even aware at this point that it's not working for her. She truly just believes that the problem is with everyone else. I actually looked heavenward the other day and said "if this thing with my father is so important then I need to be in a more stable place with my employment -- so help me out Universe!!!" We'll see what happens 🙂

    Right now, I am having difficulty finding that playful child side just for myself, let alone to share it and help pass it along to my father. I just could not find the time in my schedule to connect with him last week and although I have more time on the weekend, usually I am in recovery mode from the work week AND it is more difficult to spend time with my father alone on the weekend -- my mother would invite herself along. So, my goal is to either have lunch with him this week (which was my goal last week) and/or to have dinner with him as his birthday is this coming weekend. The birthday excuse might allow me to get away with not having my mother along.

    I am feeling burdened. And tired. The combination of both is making me feel whiny and victim-y. It would just be really nice if someone could be sent to me to help make my life a little brighter instead of the other way around.

    Yeah, I know, victim is as victim does!



  • Lord! I can relate--very tense week--like swimming upstream! I am still iffy as well with my job

    it's as if a switch has been flipped and I am no longer comfortable with many things that were ok. I'm in a very F it mode. Mt bosses--they are married which makes for a more challanging scenerio. They rewrote my job discription--three pages long. The head of the teachers said I'm the only one on campus that has a longer job description than HER and I am only there twice a week most of the time. I have the same owner boss issues--one is much easier going but the husband can be so demanding and has communication issues as he tends to upset people when he communicates---he's not maliciouse just has an intense tone that really is part of his energy but others take it as directed at him. I know this because I always stand up to him and he calms down and we can talk and I swear he's bipolar--half his family is but he is on meds and does what he is supposed to. I'm used to that ocd--up and down spark--but do I want to be. That's why I like my hours on Sunday ALONE--to just get my job done. The thing bothering me is the silent responsability others are aware of because they all know they do not like dealing with him but it bothers me that his wife the owner has to know how much my position takes him off her back. Anyway--is there a common energy in the clouds these days because we seem to be feeling the same c r a p. I also keep pulling the seduction deceit betrayal card! I have never pulled that card so often. I was going to ask you to pull my cards just to see if it pops up for you. Your dad thing sounds so so familiar--when our hourney started as his health declined I was so so so too busy for it--my kids were all still home--I started a job--my mate was not yet in treatment--working good as he has always been a worker bee but still wild as ever. I get how you feel!. I'm off to work. This is the dreaded week--my son passed. I'll take a healing prayer when your feeling recharged. THANK YOU! BLESSINGS!

  • Yes - very strange, but universal energy swirling around it seems...

    You know I have always been the one who could speak out and "get through" to the boss, but this time is different. Her energy is much more "harsh" is the only word I can come up with AND normally I am the one whose work stands out as stellar. However, after such hard, intense work and energy the past 4 months I just don't have the results I would normally have So I just don't feel she would not be open to my thoughts or communication about things. I just don't feel comfortable poking the bear just yet! I can sympathize with the F-it energy - that's where I was when I up and walked off my last job :), but I can tell you that there is a very strong sense of holding back right now -- like we are supposed to wait until this energy passes and for now just stay tuned in to what it stirs up in us.

    Oh LORD! I also kept pulling that seduction/deceit/betrayal card!!! And for the life of me, couldn't figure it out. Was it about me? Someone around me? That flaming heart is what jumped out at me the most, but don't know why. And it was always surrounded my love/heart energy type cards like Sacred Earth Mother and Soul Love....

    I am away from my cards at the moment, but will pull for you when I get back to them. For now, though, what immediately flashed in my mind was the video I watched this morning (see link below). There is a short card reading first -- all cards which jumped back into my mind when thinking of you and the anniversary of your son's passing. But afterward she does a chakra balancing - this week focusing on the heart chakra. She uses vibrations to balance -- tibetan bowls - singing bowls? - and chimes. I had just gone through about an hour of self-reflection this morning before watching it and felt such an emotional release when she was using the heart chakra bowl. Afterward, I felt much more peaceful and much less sad.

    Be good to yourself this week. Sending you much love and the comfort of Mother Mary,


  • I realy enjoyed that! And so funny, I thought I was the only one with a talking dog.!


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