TODAY I WANNA>>>HUGGG????anhilate..delete

  • i am full blown epitome of all that is sagittarius. anyone who knows about such things would shake me by my shoulders and ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! I have always been the most intensely optimistic person,even when faced with crisis. but lately all i see is ugly faces with ulterior motives. people who give false hopes to desperate,pressumably hopeless people..good people who simply need a hand UP rather than a hand out,people who expect nothing more than you to say what you mean ...and mean what you say!!!! yet over and over again i see deliberate and premeditated attempts to demean and or destroy my relationships>>> i am slowly morphing into the very thing i abhor.....dont like anyone anymore, want to do mean and hateful things to people,,,and trust me i am a very capable potentially dangerous thinker.... help to restore my faith in humanity,,help me get me back

  • hopelesssag4life the capt gave you some very good adviice. everyone goes thru tough times but it is up to you to decide not anyone else. go get some help from a therapist - they are nonjudgemental and they are there to help you. they can provide different tools to help you thru this

    take time to meditate and calm your active mind (been ther and I am a sag too) go for long walks and just clear your mind. also I use a crystal to help calm my nerves I carry it with me everywhere. Also I drink lots of green teas with herbs and it also helps me to focus on the good not the bad get the ones for calm or zen

    only you can restore your faith in humanity

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