I would appreciate a reading from anyone who is willing! :)

  • I am feeling quite emotionally overwhelmed in my life and I don't know who to go to in my town. I am a cancer and can be quite analytical about life. If anyone is willing to help me with a reading I wish you many blessings in your own life.

    Thanks to all!

  • I'll give it a shot. I am psychic, not incredibly strong, but here goes. The first thing that I want you to is clear your head of everything. I feel you are overwhelmed in many areas of your life. So I want you to pick the biggest issue right now and concentrate on only that. Next focus on what is making you feel overwhelmed about that, what caused you (honestly) to feel this way. Then take personal responsibility for anything you could have done to contribute to it. Repeat, but only on issue at a time. My feeling is that right now your family doesn't understand you completely as a person and there by doesn't know how to help you with anything. I also sense they are close but physically distant. I also sense that stress from your job may be a big factor. I see you have been out exploring other possibilities and its actually scarring you. Do not be alarmed though, there are things out there that will present themselves to you, just not yet. When these opportunities present, you will not analyze, you will just know. Opportunities doesn't apply to just one area, but everything you have concerned yourself with. I do see at least one opportunity approaching, I keep getting early Sept. Sometimes, you want to analyze every detail of a decision, but you will find the some things that happen don't need it. sorry to be general, but I hope this helps.

  • Dear Lightbeneaththeshade

    First of all, it seems like a troubling time where your attempts and well intentioned actions are either not paying off or backfiring on you.

    Is there a person in your life - someone restless, hot tempered, and very cocky? Someone with whom you've been trying to make things work - but someone who acts without thinking, who thinks he/she knows best, and is unwilling to think long enough to commit to anything.

    It seems like there is unhappiness at home, and you long for the simplicity and innocent enjoyment of childhood. You're thinking constantly about what could've been, and what didn't happen. Perhaps shifting your attention back to the present will allow you to see the blessings you have today.

    Recently you've been thinking and analyzing significantly. Perhaps you are the person those around you rely on for intellectual insights, analytical problem solving, and impartial judgements. However, at the moment, you are not able to find much clarity of thought. Therefore, even though you put a lot of thought into your actions, since the thought process is so cloudy, the desired results do not follow. Be spontaneous. Break the rut, and then you'll find yourself getting your groove back.

    My advice, for what its worth - fake it till you make it. Look confident, you will start to feel confident. Do not reveal your weaknesses to those around you - in fact, stop focusing on your weaknesses so much for yourself. Act authoritatively- stand straight, sit upright, stop slouching, make eye contact. Reach within yourself to find the confidence you seek. Take small steps at a time, and build that confidence back up. And you will start using more reason and intelligence, and less emotion or passion. Tie up loose ends, organize yourself and the tasks ahead of you. You have many potential accomplishments ahead of you.

    Hope this helped! Best wishes.

  • Thank you very much. Sorry for the late response but I left out of town last Friday to visit family and just returned. You are quite right about a lot of things. I recently moved into my fiance's house with my two older children, and I have had a hard life and not much luck in love. I guess I need reassurance that he is the love of my life. I love him so much.

  • Dear smilingatyou,

    Thank you for your comment. As in my previous reply I was out of town. I will use your advice to feel more confident. As with my fiance, he has not given me any reason to doubt his intentions or love. In fact he has only proven it. I am the one who is scared because of a previous marriage and I am afraid of being hurt. Hopefully acting more confident like you said will help me be less emotional.

  • Hi Deb1980. Is it possible you can do a "reading" for my situation as well? I have a male friend that I have connected with on a spiritual and romantic level but nothing ever comes of it, although I get hints from him now and again that maybe there is more than meets the eye abd that he has feelings for me. Do you think this is a time factor to be patient on or is this a scenerio that I should just "move on" from? Your input is much appreciated.

  • Actually anyone that reads my entry, please feel free to "tune" in. I notice that Smiling at you has a gift as well. I have been driving myself crazy wondering if I should "wait" for this man. I try to move on and feel good about it knowing that the Universe and God will put things into place, but then I start to think about this man again. I feel we really have some soul connection, but I want to be happy in a real relationship and direct my energy to the real world. I don't know that I will ever be able to just forget about him though I try. Do you feel as I do that maybe it is just not our time yet but will be one day? Or is it wishful thinking?

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