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  • I'm a Libra with a Taurus Moon and Gemini Rising. I have Pluto, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo, so I don't really feel like a true Libra. My vocation is truly Mercurial as I am a secretary who moonlights as a proofreader. I do have some of the obvious Libra traits: I write, draw & paint, used to do crafts like beadwork and crewel embroidery. Love psychology and anything to do with the workings of the mind.

    Kyori I don't know of a beginner's web site, but I find a lot of info on and If you want to get a book to read there are books by Alan Oken which may help you understand it all. Google his name and there should be several books still available.

  • I am a Libra with my Ascendant in Sagittarius: I also have Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and Midheaven in Libra. So I guess you could say that I have a very strong influence from my sun sign.

    This is my first post here the forums so I guess I am just posting to say hello for the most part. It has been a long time since I have joined an astrology site such as this to submit posts to, but I feel I have chosen a pretty good one.

    There is one more thing I would like to share with the group and welcome any comments or opinions about the subject. I was born on Oct. 10th so I am definitely a Libra, but here is the interesting thing. I was born an entire two months before I was supposed to be due to complications my mom had while carrying me. I should have been a December baby and that would have made me a Sagittarius if things had gone according to plan that is. I have wondered sometimes if that fact might have any bearing with why I do have equal personality traits of both signs. My father is a Sagittarius and I can remember countless times that my mom would say I was so much like my dad it was not even funny. Even I have been able to see both signs within me and I have never quite known why. What I mean is more than a rising sign should have influence over a person. Sometimes I feel like a walking paradox.

    So I am asking the question to anyone that cares to comment, what their thoughts are regarding something like this. Is the actual birth date the only thing that determines a persons sign, or can there be some kind of blending merging the two signs when a person is scheduled to come into the world and it gets significantly altered. I for one have never been able to figure it out, but I welcome any feedback on the subject, as I feel it would be very interesting to see what others think about the issue.

    Well bye for now, I will check back later to see if I have any interesting opinions on this topic.


  • I just wanted to add that there were so many things in your post that I can relate to. I feel much the same way as you do on some of the subjects you brought up, and I also have very similar likes and personality traits.

    Not all Libras are the same so it is nice when I run across one that is more like me. I just wanted to share that with you because it made me feel somewhat more comfortable being I am completely new to this web site. This is my first reply to anyone, and the only other post I have submitted was to say a little about myself and or course to say hello.


  • To: LibraLady12,

    I wanted to share with you one observation about the parts of your chart that you shared. I think that one of the reasons you seem to foster relationships with signs that are not supposed to be as compatible with you is because you have so much of the other signs that are not traditionally coupled within a Libra personality in such a large degree. Water signs are very sensitive and you have more than your share of these signs in your birth chart. So I can only imagine how being a Libra that lives in the intellect of their minds, being coupled with so much of the water signs that survive on emotional input and intuition in your chart must make you a very interesting person indeed. I think it could be because of the specific mix of the different signs that are in your chart that you have the capability to merge and be compatible with more than the usual number of astrology signs in friendship or more.

    Because water signs are not typically very compatible with air signs you actually have what other Libras lack. I guess from where I am sitting it seems to me that you have a little more going for you than the average Libra. So many times I have read that us Libras would be better off if we could learn to function more from an emotional base and not an intellectual one like we do. So you are a Libra Plus I would say! Just wanted to share my thoughts because I loved a Cancer for many years and we tried three different times to be together, but it was the exact differences in how we relate to others that made it impossible to work between us and we finally had to go our separate ways. I actually used to wish I had allot more water in my birth chart than I do so we might have had a fighting chance.

  • OMG!!! I just popped onto this forum as I has seen so few posts about us LIbrans, and I see so much of myself here. Can anyone else see the contradictions within us? Is it the need to forever balance the scales. Am I the only person who is constantly out of kilter?

    I crave balance and harmony, but seem to fight a constant battle for them. I like beautiful things, but am quite happy to look, I don't have to have or be surrounded by them. I love to party, but am as happy to veg with a book. I like to dress up for an occasion, but am happiest lounging in comfies( I just love it when people think I am so much younger than I really am - Libran vanity?, but have very little self confidence) I like peace and harmony, hate arguments and fights, but will fight to the bitter end if I see injustice, or anyone is hurting those I love.

    I am def a typical Libran, can see both sides of every story, take far too long to make a decision,(but only because it has to be the RIGHT one). My friends all come to me for advice, and I will listen for hours, but whilst I will advise friends to remove people from their lives who mistreat them, I will put up with people endlessly using and mistreating me, because I won't accept that they can't or won't change. I always try to see the good in everyone, and make excuses when there are none. I am a people pleaser, and love being able to help anyone and everyone to the point of exhaustion,.( One of my best friends has even suggested I get a new job as a life coach as she would hire me, having soothed and calmed her during a crisis.) I would never dream of asking anyone to help me though as I don't want to be a burden.

    I often feel the big bad world is too harsh for me, and can be prone to occasional bouts of depression (life's not fair!!), yet when I am happy I want the world to know.

    Despite my love of peace and harmony, I am desperately in love with a Scorpio who does his damnedest to upset my balance, but I wouldn't be without him. He frustrates me, but I adore him. I have never felt such a deep connection to anyone in my life, yet we shouldn't be compatible at all. He is so unpredictable, he unsettles me, but I feel so alive when I am with him. I love the passion, I even enjoy the arguments, although that might have something to do with the making up afterwards.

    Actually having read over this before I post, I feel sorry for the poor man, having to put up with ME!!

    I still believe the world would needs more of us though. Peace, harmony and love to you all.

    An unbalanced Libran!!! :-))

  • I guess after many years of looking into the star sign of libra, im absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the sign and i know use the zodiac signs to get a clear insight to other people i find myself interested in. Great stuff.

    Now - I fit a typical libran character i think. I am extremely intelligent and i dig so deep that i almost forget the original purpose for digging in the first place, be it about relationships, business etc.

    I defo do have critical faculty , i love to look right into a situation to find the answers however i think sometimes i get a little too close . Im a lover, a lover of people, the world, the landscape.

    One of the darkest most emotional periods of my life was where i lost my girlfriend to another man in marriage. Actually my girlfriends background and culture were totally at odds with mine and in the end her parents just did not accept me. In the end my girl had to leave the uk and move abroad. I lost my youth and my soul to her but i always cherished her and never lost my beleif id meet her again one day.

    Thay day came and to cut a long story short, we r the best of friends even today. It only took me 17 years to find her lol.

    However it also brought out the best in me, i feel more intuitive, infact frighteningly intuitive. I have this 6th sense where i know whats being felt or going down, even before anyone opens their mouth. HAHA.

    I UTTERLY hate injustice,foul play,bullying or intimidation. I took my own brother to court over a business deal. I got awarded a great deal of money which i then returned to my brother - citing my going to court as PROVING MY PRINCIPLE that i was unjustly dealt with. Might sound weird but thats the way i do things.

    I am the greatest friend you could ever want or need, i will totally bend over backwards for you, even if ive only known you for 5 mins. However there are those in my past life who have also tried to take advantage of me, and i will admit they have lived to regret the day lol. I feel i can be very very vindictive at times, BUT only if the culprit truly deserves it. I spend months thinking about a particular issue / problem and how best to deal with it. ONCE that decision is made, nothing on earth wil remove me from my convictions.

    The only negatives i can think of is that i live in an unrealistic mindset sometimes.I want you, the world, my surroundings, my life to be perfect, and i get so depressed when i see that it isnt. But overall im happy.

    By the way, my girlfriend i told u about is an aquarius , which is a libras true match.

  • Hi forum ~ Libra-Scorpio cusp here, Leo Moon. Tiger year. Chitra nakshatra.

    I manage an art gallery, do volunteer work, and have a tendency for co-dependent relationships... : /

    I tend to be positive, lots of creativity, rather outgoing, but definitly need down time, alone time, to recharge the batteries and 'recover'.

    Relationships...challenging. Me. I can be too argumentative.

    I'll read through what I can and come back later. This will be interesting!

    ciao, A

  • Good morning I am sorry I haven't been on for sometime and I didn't know someone had a question for me. I don't know if you still come on to see if I have answered but I will answer as best I know how. Oiseau you said that I referred to something about Gemini rising and I am not sure just what it was you are talking about. But let me see if something I am about to say answers you. Gemini is also an air sign like Libra. Your rising sign as I have read is the face you show to the world. But Gemini's are very much like us in what they like and believe. But from the ones I know they are more materialistic and they collect a lot of things. Some are kind of like hourders. But very intelligent, work very hard sometimes more than one job. Funny and I really enjoy them a lot. But they are like us in that they like to run things. They are a good match for me if they don't like to argue. I used to argue when I was younger just for the sake of arguing. Then as I got older I would only argue when I knew I was right. Now I don't have to prove anything so I choose not to give my energy away that it takes to argue. I will say what I have to say and that's it. I go on about my business. I think that's one more of the things that I needed to work threw in this life under this sign. I have been threw most of the samethings that a younger Libra feels and I hope that it helps to know that I am no longer who I was then. I worked them out. And I am secure with myself. I know I am a good person, so I don't need to be told by others. Self esteme was something that took most of my life to get worked out. Then the other things kind of followed. Try going to and click I think its life and love. Find out who you work well with. But remember your sun sign isn't all you are. Many planets rule and have an effect. As well as upbringing. Even your gene makeup.

  • I have the issue of being a libra. But I have troubles dealing with the fact that I am both sides of the scale. I am also have troubles thinking when it comes to certain situations. When its for other people, I can think and do things with the right sensitivity. But when it comes to myself i cannot control the way I feel. Can any one help to try and give me answers!

  • Hi AZ,

    i was fascinated by your post and know exactly what you mean about Loving so deeply and i too feel so lost and out of place in this world of opportunists and morally banckupt people.

    Why indeed aren`t there more people like ourselves that have the natural ability to Love so completely without an agenda.I hate injustice which is natural for a Libra and have been in a relationship with a Scorpio some years ago and she frightened me as another post has mentioned.

    MELTAT (Me Libra Through & Through).

  • I to am a Libra and I also love deeply. I always see the best in people, which usally leads me heartache. I can see the good in any situation even death. What I can't seem to grasp is the why. Can anyone enlighten me?

  • Hi,

    I am a Libra with a moon in Cancer. Perhaps this helps me to deal with Scorpio well.

    My dad was a Scorpio, and so is my newest grand daughter. I admired my dad for all his wise and strong decisions, and I loved him for the intense emotional love he had for my mom and my siblings. I am head over heels in love with my grand daughter who has the same intense look in her eyes as did my dad and other Scorpios I know. We stare each other down, and believe it or not, she will capitulate, with a sly look in her eyes that tell me, "It's not over toots!"

    When I meet someone new, they automatically think I am a Scorpio! Go figure? I am not indecisive at all and can have a fiery temper, and can tend to be overly sensual. This could be because I was raised by a Scorpio and a Leo.

    On the Libra end, I hate discord of any kind. I love to be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing things, love my books and enjoy peace and harmony at all times. I have good friends, but very few because I am cautious by nature. Injustice is out of the question. Above all is the love of knowledge. I would rather know all, than be the most popular, beautiful, or richest person in the world.

    My son and daughter are Aries and Cancer respectively. Seems that the Aries in opposition to Libra tends to be a bit strained, but loving nonetheless (right now as a young man it is all about him and his family). The Cancer relationship is smooth, wonderful and very intimate. Perhaps because a women, we share similar hurdles. My husband is Aquarius; need I say more? When the water is calm, so is the relationship. We have a lot of fun, and the passion is everlasting.

    I hope that we can "borrow" something good from all the signs. As a Libra I would have to say that there is good in everyone. You just have to recognize the soul that you deal with.

  • Good morning my Libra friends. I will try to answer two questions real quick. It is my understanding that we come back under a certain sign so we can work through certain negative traits. One being indecissive. We can help someone else make a decission but when it comes to ourselves we can't. So this is something we need to work on to turn it around. And the question about death. Well again as I understand it we don't die you just move your energy (soul) into another vehicle to move your soul around to learn more and move to a high level closer to our God center. Since we are a spark off of it. We come back to this place to learn.

  • I forgot to answer one question that I read. I will speak for myself on this one. But I really had to learn this for myself and it didn't come quick or easy. I expected everyone to be like me. If I said I would do something I did it. A committment to something is the most important thing to me and I will do what ever I have to do to keep my word. I don't lie and don't expect to be lied to. Talk about a Pollyanna! I was and at times I still believe what I am told hense the gulibility of a Libra. Another thing we need to work on. But what I finally learned was I set myself up for disappointment by taking so long to finally realize that everyone aren't me so they may not do exactly what they say or when they say they will do it. I don't get so disappointed now, I try to take things as they come and with a grain of salt. We are a great sign with flaws but we come into this world very naive. Peace and harmony to you and yours. Older Libra with much life experiences. That's what almost 61 years gets you.

  • I agree with you Libra's Lair. It took me a long time to accept that not everyone was like me, and to stop feeling let down when they didn't do what they said they would. I was a people pleaser too - I tried so hard to make everyone happy, often at my own expense, and then felt hurt when others didnt make any effort for me. Then I would bottle it up, and not tell anyone that it bothered me in case it offended them. When I started my job 25 years ago, I realised how naive I was, confronted with people I would never have come across in my daily life otherwise. 25 years on, I can still be surprised and disappointed in society.Yet I still try to see the good in everyone initially. It can be hard to accept that sometimes you have to dig VERY deep to find some redeeming features in people, but still I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Since meeting my Scorpio I have finally learned to stick up for myself, to say no and not feel guilty, and to argue back! He fires me up and I calm him and give him balance.I would fight to the death for something I believed in before, for justice, now I know that if I don't agree with something or someone, it doesn't make me a bad person and they won't dislike me for it.

  • wow reading this makes me feel like im doing the right thing in my life now, and giving me alot of information on how a libra woman mind works so thank you ladies, im a sag male (21), and ive been dating this libra female (22) for a little over a month now,

    we are just "friends" right now, and now i am ok with that, cause at first i really hated it, cause we both moved very,VERY fast and talked about alot of deep stuff, its been more than a month and we still havent kissed of anything, because i respect her, and her decision to remain friends for right now cause she goes to school 5 days and week and works on weekends, so shes very busy and doesnt need to be into a serious relationship right now,

    actually we have ALOT, ALOT, ALOT in common, so i think she has finally found someone that is just like her, and i feel the same way, cause we both have very "troubled" pasts, with depression, losing a family member, etc........ the list is wayyyyyyy too long, so i think thats why we moved so fast in a week of knowing eachother cause we felt this "crazy connection" with one another.

    im not the typical sag, or typical guy for that matter, i dont have a very big very EGO but i do think i kinda am the perfect guy in a way, im shy at first then i can get wild and crazy, and maybe bring her the more fun side of her one day, cause shes really serious but goofy also,

    WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT EVERYTHING ALREADY. in one month and like 10 days!! the last 2 weeks have been CRAZY deep talks, from where you want this to go, where you would like to go, to being in bed, just everything!!!

    i have no libra in my back round, its Sag/Virgo/Aries/ but alot of the traits you libras talk about on here, i have too!! im a very sensitive guy and i feel i can connect with women on emotional level very well, and also i love to tell the truth, even when it hurts!!! and shes that way too, so im gonna stick with this girl as see where it goes,

    sometimes i really feel like that i found "the one" and even though she hasnt said that, i BET she has thought about that too, shes been playing hard to get, which for me was hard cause ive never done that, cause ok here goes gulp im 21 and still a virgin, and i think she likes that very much, cause shes only had one boyfriend and she is not a virgin, and it really did hurt her alot, so i think she has had a hard time dealing with me telling her how beautiful i think she is cause she even said "your the only one to ever say that to me" i said "well thats a damn shame that im the only one to see this, well i geuss its their loss and my gain" which she said this big awwwwww in her text (we text alot cause we both very shy people and dont do well in person or over the phone ) but i dunno, this girl is just amazing in every way and i cant find a flaw yet.

    im very sure she feels the same way about me, but she is very cautious, shes even told her mom about me! that lives in another state! and i geuss it went so good that her mom said, "oh my god, you guys have to send me a picture of you two someday!" i was shocked lol , so right now in my life, i am the happiest i think ive ever been in my life, shes even said, " not in my wildest dreams did i think i'd meet another guy i might get serious with"

    i want to hear what you guys think about this, cause i think its great OH and also i failed to mention that every day since we met!!!!! both horoscopes mine(sag) and hers (libra) have been DEAD ON! every single day!!! its a little weird but, i dunno maybe we are supposed to be?

  • Ok this maybe a stupid question.....but I have read some of the posts here and I am want to ask what it means when you say "I am a Libra with moon in cancer"? What does that mean? I am not sure what mine is. I was born Oct 21 1963 at 8:44 am in Memphis Tenn. Not sure if that will help. And does infor like that Moon In Cancer have things to do with relationships? Thanks in advance for the reply.


  • Hi Shihian when we say my sun is Libra, with moon in Taurus, and I am Sag rising. What I am telling you is that is my natal chart for the time, place and day of my birth. I know there are free places to go and I think I even gave the info to someone on another chat place about Libras. Well you look at the whole picture sometimes because those different planets have certain traits and control you in different ways. That's for a lack of a better way of explaining it. If I did a Spiritual Path report for you it would explain all of that for you. But you can go to another site that's free and they will at least give you your natal chart. I will see if I can find it and put it on here. There are more to you than just your sun. Also your upbringing will effect you. I wish it was all that simple sometimes but it really isn't. I'll be back with the infor for you. And the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ok Shihian I ran it for you being born in Shelby Co. But there are 3 Memorial Hosp. and all in different Co. Hamilton, Montgomery, and Gibson. If you know the county it could change this because of the locations. They are different and you need to let me know so I can be accurate. But for now I have this for you. Your Sun in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius, and Ascendant or rising is Scorpio. Now you may have to change this because of the county you were born in.

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