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  • See your leadership roll that the Leo wants to push on everyone can come back and bite you. We can be stubborn when we want to also. So you got off pretty good this time. Try to learn from this one so you don't get yourself in the dog house over the samething again because we don't forget either! We will discuss things that you might want to do and we will let you lead just don't push!

  • Hi Libraslair,

    You are correct. I certainly don't want to repeat the last few days. I know I'll make mistakes again in the future ( I'm a guy), and I know my leoness has gotten in the way in the past . Again, what you stated should apply to all relationships. I also want to thank you again for your insight. For I will do my best to nurture my relationship with my libra. Thanks again...steveo57

  • steveo57 I am glad your in a better place now and your right it should apply and usually will but you don't always have open-minded people doing just that. Egos get in the way in many relationships and the my way or the highway will do in any love that people have for one another. I have had many a lesson myself. Like I said we aren't perfect either. We also like to lead at times. And we need to know whats going on with finances because that has everything to do with our security. And we have to feel secure or its not good. We (not all) as in me aren't materialistic but I want to know that the bills are paid and on time. The rest will take care of its self.

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    The balance between her strenghts and mine compliment each other. As well as you should now, she is organized, analytical and very giving of herself and quick witted. I know I somehow gravitate to the center of the stage and she's alright with that. I use to play in bands and she has me get the guitar out to play for her. That's funny how you mentioned finances as we are starting to merge our finances and tada...she produces a spreadsheet for our budget ! Same here the bills we owe, help friends and family when they need it and allow the big Daddy to provide for our needs. She has been the lead on our spirtiuality and that has been the foundation of our relationship..have a great night and take care..steve

  • This is a good match I couldn't have done it better. Do you know where I can find one like you. Do I know my sign and yours or what. You do have a wonderful match. I am very glad for the both of you. Yes she will tell you when you shouldn't do things because if you do something will happen. Don't go against her intuition. That's what I do. I may not know what will happen but I get the heads up. And it may not be a very bad thing just some car trouble but you don't want to go too far and have it break down out on the road. So its best to be close to home so you don't have a large tow bill. Always trust her feelings. Because its a message.

  • Good Evening Libraslair,

    It's uncanny the things you advised on that take place before my eyes. I value her council and insight. We are having issues here at work among my peers and her advice...Stay out it!! The things about doing crafts ( we are remodeling a bathroom) and matching all the finishing touchs. Yes I am blessed that she is back in my life after 30 years of abscence and I won't do anything stupid( at least on purpose) ( I did mention I was a guy) to disrupt what we have. I wish everyone to have a relationship where their partner is their best friend! I guess the stars were aligned for us. Wish us luck..we plan on getting married this year I don't believe I could be matched up any better to spend my eternity with. I hope this for you also. Talk to you later steve

  • Good morning steveo57, That was good advice to stay out of it. If your dealing with women any answer you have for the decorating could get you into trouble. It could be a no win situation so your 2 cents worth might have you biting off more than you can chew. Especially if it gets twisted and you get acussed of taking sides. Leave well enough alone. And I wish you both well on the wedding plans. But I don't want to get married again cause I have done it 4 times. I will live with someone but not get married. And its for finacial reasons. I will have 2 that I can make a choice of drawing social secuity and besides I really enjoy not feeling like I have to cook every night and I don't have to report in to anyone. I do miss having someone to enjoy what experiences you could share but my job doesn't give me anytime to have a social life working a closing shift for a big box store. Oh well just one of the trials and tribulations of life. Take care steve and one lesson you may need to realize is that sometimes you just can't fix everything even tho you feel you can. It may be someone else who needs a lesson not you.

  • Good Evening Libraslair,

    I can still hear the words out of her mouth as I read your blog. I've been married twice as well as she. She has been single for 26 yrs. I spread my two marriages out. I guess the best thing is we both do not want each other to change. In fact I told her if she did..I would leave her! Hey, from our conversations, I feel you are a wise and thoughtful woman who has a lot to give and recieve and I sincerly wish to you what I have. I never thought about getting hitched after my last go round..BAM..then it hits you. What do you do at your big box store. I worked at a corrigated box plant setting up some machines, but that was a small gig. I make aircraft brakes, so if you fly and stop, then I did my job. Have a great Sunday and talk to you soon...see ya

  • Oh you two are too funny and that's a good thing. When I say big box store thats what they call Sam's Club and Costco. Well I work for Costco. I work in maintenance and its a very phsyical job. Keeping the warehouse clean and swept. Mopping, lots of mopping. Spills and the bathrooms. I did very well keeping up till I was diagnost with cancer in 07'and spent a year off from work. And trying to get my strength back so I could go back to work. Finally convenced them to let me go back but I had to be able to do my same job from before. Long story short a child running threw the store jumped and came down on my right foot. It hurt but I had no idea that he could shatter a bone in my foot. I kept working and didn't report it. I kept hurting more until after 2 1/2 months I couldn't take the pain any longer and went to a podiatrist and he xrayed. I had the shattered bone and 4 other stress fractures. Chemo causes brittle bones and so I kept getting the stress fractures. I was out of work twice for this and I hope this is the last of it. I have been back to work 2 weeks and it hasn't been easy trying to build up the muscles in my back and arms again and keeping up with the others in the dept. as I am the oldest. But if you think being a lion that you are strong minded you haven't seen anything till you see a hard headed Libra. I will make it come hell or high water. That's just the way it is. Are you on the west coast? Is that why you are on later at night? I am in the mid-west cause Calif. is too expensive anymore. And too crowded. I like a rural setting myself but everything happens for a reason and here I sit burning up in Texas. My dad retired from Rockwell a long time ago. I guess your working in a similar field. I find what I do now funny and not ha ha. I have been a supervisor in the circuit board industry and have owned my own furniture restoration business and now I clean toilets. Its a dirty job but someone has to do it. So the next time you see anyone in a store cleaning you know they earn their pay the hard way. I have flown only once and yeah we stopped, a job well done. Talk later I have to work the closing shift again today. Catch you two when I can. peace and harmony

  • Hi good morning,

    Sorry to hear about your foot. I broke mine playing volleyball of all things! I live in the Indiana and I work midnites, she works days, so we each have our own time and during the week we get to share a couple of hours before my nap before work . What part of Texas you call home? My ex girl friend lives near San Marcos and I was their in March. Beautiful area, but too hot for me. I was in the Houstion area and it was too muggy. You think being a former marine I could live anywhere, but this is where are our kids are at, so you make due. I also work in maintenance. I'm a process control technician and I work for Honeywell. I am so sorry to hear what you have endured and I guess being a strong willed and mind libra has it's advantages! I will add you to my list of prayer. If you want my e mail address, let me know. Have a great day tomorrow and look forward to talking to you again. Keep it in the fairway...steve

  • Morning steveo57 you guess all south areas. No Austin is where I am and its pretty hot here too. We have triple digits and its been this way for about 30 days I think they said. I appreciate all the well wishes and am doing pretty good for an ol' fart. lol Oh yes I have lived close to all the large company's even Honeywell who are everywhere. I am no one to give up, so life gives me a plenty of lessons and if at first I don't get it I will get slapped again until it gets through this air sign. Stay cool and I wish you the best. Peace and Harmony to you and yours.

  • Good Evening Libraslair,

    Had a pretty good day, worked on the house and took a ride on my bike. Smoked some chicken on the grill and took a good nap. My ex is taking me back to court in August, so I have to blow money on a lawyer( she's the aries I've mentioned!) . I was watching Joyce Meyer on cable this A.M. she made me think of you and your health. I'm no fanactic, but as I stated before my Libra is leading us in that Dept. so I added you to my get well list for the Big Daddy. So pace yourself in that Texas heat. My friend who lives near San Marcos was also saying how hot it is there..even at nite! Her parents live up in Blossom, so to get to her house from her parents I would go thru Austin. What I saw of it, looks like a nice place to live. Well I gotta go make some brakes, so have a great day and hope you feel great. Take Care...steve

  • Well its almost noon and I really slept in today. Not like me. You need to be careful working with those brakes and the asbestos. It causes Mesithyoma. My first husband died from it and he used to work in a garage when he was young in Ohio. Then he also was around it as a machinist. We never new what this stuff could do to our bodys and now we do. I used to live in San Marcos, Ca. the sister city to San Marcos, Tx. I have no signs of cancer now and have been cancer free since Dec. 07'. My doctor says if it comes back its between 12 and 18 months. So he is very happy with me. I see him again in Aug. I feel sorry for you having to keep going back to court but they are vengful people sometimes. Usually they just treatin you but she is really mad. And she wants you to suffer. Surround yourself with the love of the white light and ask to keep all negativity from coming through. Take care and know what goes around comes around.

  • Hey

    That's great news. You needed your rest and you needed to chill. The brakes are made of carbon, it's still not good for you and I do wear a mask when I deal with it directly. As far as the court thing, she will always be angry and that's her problem. It's too bad it had to go this way and use the kids as pawns. She actually told my kids that is mad at me because I will not return her calls. So I told them that their mother was basically sueing me. Since she took this to a legal level their is no reason to think we could talk. I really think she is jealous because before we got divorced and lost weight, all these guys started sniffing around and I looked easily replaced. Now I'm getting married in September, she made sure we go to court in August. What's worse we live by each other, so I have to see more often than I need to. Still I wish her health and prosperity, again I think she uses my faith as a sign of weakness which if anything has made me stronger and I'm a far better man today than when we divorced.I have to credit my libra again for that! Have a great day and and don't over do it in that heat. Take care Libraslair and may your spirit continue to rise......Steveo57

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  • Evening Libraslair,

    Production needed me right away last night. I was always wanting to be civil with my ex because of the kids and she has used them like pawns since. My ex girlfriend is in Texas, the ex lives here in Indiana. I was listening to Joyce and her message was about people not liking themselves and being easily offended by everything. My future wife( my libra that got me into this forum) feels she is angry because she didn't realize what she kicked to the curb let alone having somebody else find value in me. All I know is I'm more at peace within myself because of the faith I have with the Big Daddy and my relationship with my future spouse. To quote Joni Mitchell don't know what you got till it's gone! Let's hope you continue heal and stay healthy. I do appreciate helping me understand my libra. I'll try you at your e mail. Talk to you soon..steveo57

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  • Bonjour tout le monde de Libras!

    Quite mind-boggling the numerous similar traits we all have...a comment to LibraLair...thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all...just wanted to throw something out Sun is in Libra/Moon in Cancer/Rising in one of your postings I thought you alluded to rising in Gemini was not the most "appealing" there something I should know?...or am I completely off the mark on this one?!..Also, my birthday is the 26th of September...and I HATE to shop....ABHOR the malls...LOVE jeans and tees and as happy with friends as am alone...dont need to party....LOVE animals(sometimes better company than people)...seems to me I have more of the traits of a Libra at the end of the cycle...what do you think?..or maybe its a little of the split personality of Gemini rising rubbing off!!?? Anyway, it was sure fun to read your postings as well as and light....

  • Hello Fellow Libras. Well from what gather, My sun is in Libra, Moon in Libra and Virgo Rising. I'm completely new to this any interesting articles to read or any specific link to check out. It's really hard to find my way around this website. Thank you.

  • I am a capricorn with libra on the ascendant...

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