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  • Pisces take things personal whether they are meant to be or not. They get their feelings hurt thinking its against them. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. That is unless they have already worked threw it earlier in their lives. They wound a little to easily and can stress you out because your just being you. And wouldn't hurt them intensionally.

  • That seems to ring soo true. I saw that numerous times However the gal I was involved with.

    Seemed to take that to a another level.. It seemed as if she also blamed all the aforementioned

    on someone else.. Always. It never seemed to be her fault. Yet this Pisces knew I would never

    intensionally hurt anyone who hadn't attacked me 1st...< shrug>

  • There are more issues going on with people than just their sun signs. Their up brings and whatever else has happened in their lives as well as all the other planets in there at time of birth. And they kind of live in a fairy tale life anyway or pollyanna state. So when things don't fit their wonderful life you see this dramatic explosion. We think so logically that this is a bit much for us.

  • Hi, i,m a pisces female madly in love with a libran. My jealousy drives him crazy till he suggested that we just be friends. He is so loveable and friendly that women are attracted to him like flies on honey and he loves the attention. this make me so insecure. i dont want him to leave me,, how do i hold on to him and not drive him away

  • Well don't let the fact that he's a Libra make you think that we don't get jealous because we do also. You also need your alone time and don't want to be dominated by anyone. Taking that into consideration give him the same respect. We also like to have control of our own lives. He can't make you feel secure anymore than he can make you happy. These you have to do for yourself. And yes actions speak louder than words and for the most part that's why you will get more action from a Libra than you will get the words you want to hear. It doesn't mean that you don't need to hear them any less either. We just show it instead of saying sometimes. And you need to take into consideration men and women are different. We will do things differently. Your negatives are also what your here to change. So you work on the jealousy, clinging and being too sensitive. And its an everyday job, but you will soon feel better about yourself and more secure yourself. Libras have their own junk to work thru too. I hope it was a little help.

  • I'm sorry I forgot to mention that if you have read everything we have said about ourselves you will see that we aren't all alike. Librans born at the front of the sign are different than the ones towards the backside of the sign. Front of the sign are more into partying and clothes than those of use at the back who are more loners and are less likely to be going shopping for clothes. We are more happy in jeans and tee shirts and more homebodys. We will possible wear makeup and make sure our hair looks nice but we won't carry any makeup with us or even a comb. We like the wind in our hair and just enjoy being.

  • he's oct. 6 and loves clothes and partying. you are helping me a whole lot because he really thinks i am too clinging and sensitive. i have already started working on these issues by giving him his space. i just cant seem to get enough of him but i dont want to lose him so i am willing to do whatever it takes. thank you so much

  • Gosh your smart! :]

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm in love with a libra. My joke is all my women are libras. My new wife and my daughters. I'm a leo and after being married to an aries, this relationship brings me peace and balance. We trouble shoot our issues together. Once we decide on something, it's done. My ex would bring issues up from day one. I'm not knocking my ex , as I'm thanking God this beautiful libra is sharing her life with me. I was in love with her in high school and now we got together after 30 years. When I think of it, I must have been wandering in the desert like the Hebrews !

  • Thanx Midnytesyndicate that's what almost 61 years as a Libra gets you a whole lot of lessons. And I made the same mistakes more than once cause I didn't get it the first time. Still learning so I haven't made it yet. I love this sign but if I don't get all these right I will be back as a Libra again till I get it right. And Steveo did I get this right? Your new wife the Leo and your messing around on her with an old love who is Libra? You haven't learned either. You get along with the Leo very well and your moving on or back which ever way you want to look at it with your high school friend. I am glad I am not in your shoes. Let me say the Aries is your direct opposite so I understand that relationship. You can't tell an Aries anything cause they know it all and they want to run everything. Also from my experience with an Aries daughter they are always going to do something and never follow thru. Everyone loves them but I don't care if the books say you have something to learn from each other or not I prefer to stay away from them. The Leo in my experience I got along with very well, have know an awful lot of them, both sexes. We organize them and really make them look good. But their egos get in my way. You didn't say what sign you are. I guess you will have to work yours out for yourself either way your going to hurt someone and you will pay one day either this life or the next and you will see what its like to be on the receiving end.

  • After reading many of the entries I found that we Libras are so similar. I am Libra with Aquarius rising. I am an artist as as ceramist and a jazz singer. I am a salesperson and a former teacher and life coach. I am a wife and a lover. I am a mother and a career woman. I am a get dirty job doer and a princess. And I do them all passionately. I can sense people and what their needs are.

    People, especially people, that are close to me don't understand how I can be all these things and do it naturally. It sometimes means that they try to put me down in an attempt to make themselves feel better about themselves. This hurts. My only desire for them is that they reach their desired fulfillment, and allow me to do the same.

    But I would not change being a Libra for the world. I feel that I have been given all the tools to lead an exciting and interesting live.

  • I am a Libra Sun, Capricorn rising, Sag Moon, and I agree with comments about careful consideration of all sides of question, I especially agree about not being in a relationship its been 5 years and I have grown, hopefully towards the last relationship of my life ( age 61) all previous have prepared me for what is to be. On a good day I am hopeful and full of affirmations, then doubt and fear try to take over , its tough, its true, we do function better in relationships than most , I have learned a lot about me and my relationship with myself in past 5 years ( a lot of sometimes painful growth) and now feel ready to emerge...

  • Good Afternoon Everyone,

    Hope I don't bore or confuse anyone with this one(It's kinda long)...

    So just recently I've become exceedingly interested in astrology and its fascinating connection to the human experience, rebirth, love, and destiny... I've always believed there was something to it, but lately, the connections have been astonishing to me. So now I'm trying to obtain an accurate birth chart for myself so that I can analyze, and become more aware of the dimensions of me...and the karmic lessons I'm supposed to learn in this life. The only problem is, my Mom(the usual keeper of birth time), and I aren't very close right now. She's going through some very negative personal struggles and she and I haven't been close since I was about 13(I'm currently 25). I see her sometimes, and I did have the chance to ask her about my birthtime, but through the haze of the things she's involved in, she couldn't give me an exact time. She says she just remembers that it was after nine am, but definitely before 2pm when her favorite soap came on. My dad just flat out doesn't remember lol. Through painstakingly interviewing a few other close family members I was able to ascertain that I was in fact born BETWEEN 9am and 2pm(10/5/83), making my Ascendant either Scorpio or Sag. I know there are ways for me to find out the exact time of my birth(through city or hospital records), but I was hoping that in the meantime, some of you guys could maybe help me figure which fits me best, by perhaps sharing your own personal knowledge of the main characteristics of each. I read the basic descriptions of each on a website called "", but it didn't really help me narrow it down much, because to be honest, both descriptions fit me to almost a T lol.... I can be very private, overly sensitive, and suspicious(bordering on paranoia) like a Scorpio Ascendant, but I'm not really jealous, vindictive or possessive like ppl claim Scorps Ascendants are..... And I'm also optimistic, VERY opinionated, and hopeful(bordering on naive) like a Sagittarius Ascendant. I have a few other aspects of my chart in Sag, so they could account for my Sag tendencies, but only my Saturn is in Scorpio(which I don't think alone, would account for all of my Scorp tendencies), so I'm thinking my Ascendant is probably Scorpio. I know you guys aren't necessarily EXPERTS, so I don't really expect anyone to be able to tell me for sure, but any input you have on the subject would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks VERY much for your time.

    Oh, and I also LOVE researching and investigating things(another so called Scorp Asc tendency)....

  • Oh, and I was born in Evergreen Park, IL

  • Well your best bet if you want a better chance for it to be accurate is to send for your birth certificate from where you were born. Doesn't your mom have the one from the hospital? Before noon and afternoon makes a difference. I understand two hour in any direction could change it. If you want to know that's about all I can tell you.

  • Hello! Just wondering what my fellow libras thought about my random configuration of Libra,

    Libra Sun Capricorn Moon and Pisces Rising!

    I was born 16:16 pacific time on October 16th 1988 in Los Angeles. I feel like the number sixteen is meaningful in my life . . ha. well just wondering what ya'll thought ~ happy sailings 🙂

  • hi LibrasLair,

    Sorry I didn't make my self clear. I am a true Leo (born on the 4th). My new love is a libra. I also have two daughters that are libras. The aries in the picture is my ex wife. Her and I are the fire signs and when things went good...they were great. We then didn' about nightmare on elm street. I wasn't trying to knock my ex as I was saying how great my life has been since my Libra has re entered my life. Since you know alot about astrology, others have said they are libras with this sun or this rising, how do you know. Does it relate to the time of your birth? I've read more about libras since I made my posting here and find myself falling in love with her everyday. For this I am a lucky man!!

  • Morning steveo57 I don't get on here very often now that I am back to work. And I work a closing shift for a store. If you want to have a true natal chart you need the Place, Time, and Date. If anyone wants it to be as accurate as possible. You will at sometime need to have a copy of your birth certificate so why not send for a copy. I wouldn't keep trying to guess like some people want to do. But there are sites that will do a natal chart for free if you have the info. I totally understand the problems with the Aries more than you would want to know. But as long as your really happy with your Libra you don't need to know the natal do you? That is unless you start running into some problems. My only complaint about Leo's is their self centeredness. Beyond that I love them. As you get older you start to see the similarities that people of any given sign show. It is my belief that your born under a sign to work through the negatives and you will move to another sign the next time around. Your Libra isn't perfect by any means and you may get frustrated with her not being able to make up her mind about things. Or the fact that its better to do things spare of the moment rather than make plans. Because I will talk myself out of doing something if given enough time to think about it. That's just a couple of our little things we need to work on. As well as learning to take care of ourselves rather than having someone to take care of us. We really are very capable of it but we like to have someone there for us. Hope I was of some help. Fire and Air good pairing.

  • Geooorge I don't think anything about the number 16 because numerology isn't one of my interests. And I can't find my book Glynnis I've Got Your Number. I think thats the name of it. But here is her site so you can figure out your own. You will need to break it down and then read what it says about your number. See if you think it fits your personalitiy. Hope it helps you.

  • Hi Libraslair,

    Thanks for the insight. How ironic after my posting, my libra and I hit a good speedbump( yes I was the wrongful party), instead of yelling and screaming like my aries often would, my libra got quiet and went into her analyical mode. I tried to make it up , but her past made her put on her protective shield. The reaction I got floored me. I know I got it bad for her..couldn't eat,sleep, etc. I try not to bother her at work , but I didn' want her or me to go thru the whole day in pain. Once she makes up her mind on an's done! Thanks again for the insight. Hopefully today we will start building on our relationship again. I just know my world is better with my libra in it than without it. Take care

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