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  • Angelpig, I'm Oct. 15, 1955, and people don't think I'm my age, either. I had forgotten the part about generals being Libras--if I told anyone I know well that, they'd fall down laughing because it's so true. It's been fascinating reading all of this stuff. It's amazing all the little things we have in common--like the not touching up makeup or hair, even though it goes on with great precision. Keep posting, Libras! This is great!

  • 5xLibra, You and I share a birthday, though I'm 10 years older. Although I know many people born Oct. 14 and many people born Oct. 16, I've known very few with an Oct. 15 birthday. I too find the part about the generals intresting in that throughout the years, every time I've taken the Jung/Myers-Briggs personality inventory ( I come out as a "field general," in the spirit of U.S. Grant (a personal favorite) or George Patton (ouch!). Although I spent 25 years as a reporter and editor in the media, I went back to school at 57, got a paralegal certificate, as well as my notary public certification (a six hour exam in Louisiana, which only around 12% pass each year) and now am self-employed doing all manner of notary work, with an emphasis on closing commercial & residential real estate sales and refinances. I changed careers because after my two oldest sons died three-and-a-half years apart, I found I couldn't grieve in the public eye, but knew I had to go through the grief process in order to heal. I'm now writing again - working on a book about the grief process. I do the same thing you do regarding the makeup and hair - once makeup's on and hair is brushed, I ignore it until I wash it off at night. I thought my childhood was normal - or anyway, I had fun - but others might think an only child, growing up in the funeral business and living in the funeral home was a bit on the weird side. I know when I was a little girl, kids would often ask me if I was scared, living in a funeral home and all...I always told them no, not at all, and explain that "dead people can't hurt you - it's the living people that'll do you in." What is your ascendant? Moon?

  • I may be able to shed some light for Blackbutterfly....maybe, hopefully i dont make things worse. lol. Possibly we can help each other on this.

    I'm born on the cusp. oct 23. so im half libra half scorpio but i find i lean a little more towards scorpio. I have always been a libra surrounded by libra's in my life and i love them dearly but drive me to the point of insanity and back again. We feed off each other is why---what you see as weakness's in yourself ....scorpio's have strong attributes in those areas and vice versa. . We are often on the same page as one another. You like our intensity but hate our secrecy. its the sex and the passion that has a hold of you. In return scorpios love the tenderness of a libra--we know that your on the same intense mental level that we are. It has nothing to do with wild and crazy sex---its all mental--scorpios make you feel like your the only person in the world . The world could be falling down around you and you could care less . PASSION.....both signs understand what that true meaning is.

    I find what makes a libra /scorpio union so hard is the fact that--scorpio's hate fence sitters--indecisiveness--everything in our world is black and white---yes or no. What libras cant stand is the secrecy....just know its not about being sneaky at all. We will tell you in time--trust is a huge issue with us. We are far from heartless even though it seems we are.

    I wrote a bit about scorpios on the scorpio page maybe you can find it useful.

    Hope that helps a bit--but i will say libra/scorpio's can make a great union but takes a LOT of communicating.

  • My ascendent is Leo, which I find an interesting combo. No, not many Oct 15's out there, though I met a young lady this summer who was pierced and tattooed to within an inch of her life, and we had a lovely bonding moment over our joint birthday. Oddest birthday fact: I was born in Tokyo, at Tokyo Army Hospital. I went to high school in rural PA and there was a girl in my (eight-person) German class who had been born at the same hospital, same date, but a year later! How odd is that?

  • Thanks cuspgal, this has shed a lot of light. you are saying the same thing that my friend keep telling me. It's very hard being passionately in love with intense scorpio. we just had a big blow up this weekend because he didn't share with me a major move with me until sometimes later.I will look for your remarks on the scorpio forum.

  • Call me Lilith. I'm sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, With an Aquarius ascendant. It makes me crazy that I'm described in many profiles as a pastel, chiffon, diplomatic, "Doll that you could heft with one hand" to quote Linda Goodman.

    Grrrrr! I'm more into black, crimson, silver, Natural fiber clothing, leather, and I'm no diplomat. I've been forced to duke it out with the best of them. In short I'm not fluffy.

    I also hate my astrological forcasts! Why do the Scorps get all the ggod stuff?!? I've always felt short changed by the "Be sweet and do the best you can" advice. It makes my fangs punch the floor.

    Can someone exlain this to me???

  • Morning Lilith as a Libra I find that I am also not the true Libra. I find that my personality tends to lean more towards my asending sign which is Sag. You may want to see if you lean more to the personality of Aquarius. You may be surprised. I haven't tried to find out how my moon in Taurus effects me as yet. Its enough just to figure out the other two. lol

  • I know what you mean about stuff not exactly fitting right with the descriptions. I'm a libra sun pisces moon guy and the only balance in my life is nonchalance only because I can sense and absorb my atmosphere's mood, traits, and aura. I've been that way most of my life, so being that I understand more then I want to, I don't have a premiscuous mind for company.

    I'm not gregarious, but for some reason parties aren't right without me, (according to my friends.) I hate fighting because I love to fight too much. I'm not emotionally distant at all. I love fairness but most of the time don't really care because I'll cut you off a friendship before wanting to be diplomatic. I'm not indecisive at all. Everything I do is because of a quick resolution only I can execute. I hate pastel colors. Give me intense! I also don't use my looks to get what I want because even though people say I'm attractive, I don't consider myself "all that" or vindictive enough to use anything but my persuasion and facts to win. I'm not into sales. I'm artistic on a lot of avenues, but I'd rather do manual labor to keep my time moving. Oh, and none of my mannerisms are feminine!

    At least I'm a loyal friend to folks though. I think with the pisces moon, I always have a fire to strive instead of being dormant because my signs are so contradictory. Wonder if that has to do with my lack of relationships and motivation to be in one. Either that or my libra just gets bored easy. lol

  • Morning WindNSea. When I was much younger I would argue just for the sake of argument. And when I went to a party or a gathering of friends if I felt like it was dying I thought it was my place to liven things up. Now I didn't mind making a fool of myself as long as I was in control of the situation. But make me the center of attention and its not my idea, well then I am not comfortable and I may embarrass easily. Now I don't argue as quick because I don't want to give my energy to it. And I don't party now. And I like small gatherings. I could be a hermit very easily and then when I want people I will go and find them. And yes I get bored too. Might be our trait not sure. You might find you need more time to yourself also. To go into your own little world to reground.

  • I am a Libra/Libra. Boy! What a welcome to see people who think like me! My god I think I am weird sometimes but I am happy with myself. My ruling planet is Jupiter in Libra, Mercury in Libra, Moon on the cusp of Leo and Cancer. Venus in Virgo which tends to make me skeptical of Love but I am open to the right man if such a creature exits. I am such a deep thinker I have had ex-lovers tell me I am too intense. I can barely tolerate injustice - just barely. Katherine Hepburn is my role model.

    My question: has anyone else noticed a bit of...I won't say hostility...but a negative slant when reading astrology books about our sign?

    We get called Lazy Libra etc. and I am not at all sorry for saying this but it is unfair. 😄 And the men I DON'T get along with romantically are Gemini's, Aquarians, and my male counterparts. Friends yes. Romance no.

    I don't want to sound negative right away on the board I am just a little frustrated today when I encountered this and happened to have this forum show up on my horoscope and wanted to get other Libra's feedback before I judge unfairly.


  • "I also love so deep. Why is it nobody can see as deep as we see? And why is it that nobody can seem to love as deeply as we love. I feel so cheated in life. I want to find somebody that can love truely like I can. I am an artist, not a salesperson. I am shy, but I am bold if I am fighting for someone I love... or something I love.... something I have a passion about."

    It has to first with empathy in that you can put yourself in someone else's place. Secondly is that you can weigh out that we are here to love and be loved by one another. If you notice we are the only sign in the cycle with no animal attached to it's symbol - humans are animals too - so we tend to analyze our instincts and tendencies. Which means we find it merely a logical thing to give love and expect it in return. To others - and you must ask yourself what kind of others?? That is loving deeply. This should indicate to you that the SO who doesn't love as deeply is, in fact, selfish - provided you are not being a bit obsessional - which I don't think you are - You must remember that a little more than half of the people on the planet, when given a chance to do wrong and think no one is looking, will do wrong and think of themselves first. Most are basically good but the animal side of them that evolved over millions of years still exists and this makes them vicious and selfish. So if you are going to give love they will take.

    "Help!! I feel so lost in this world. Where is others that can love another as deeply as I can love them?"

    You are among them now. You just need to realize that you will have love chemistry with people you are not necessarily compatible with and have no chemistry with someone you'd be most compatible with.

    Start realizing that when you grieve after love you are grieving for that person because you know what they lost - you. You heal, move forward and await for Venus/Athena to put the one who will truly appreciate you for who you are a step closer to your path. Nothing leaves your life unless something better is coming along.

    All the best,

  • I am a libra sun and libra moon and I can definitely relate to what you are writing as far as not being able to find very many deep thinkers on the same level as I am. I am interestly sometimes flirty but sometimes shy and reserved. My advice is to realize that even though we are libras and we thrive on relationships, they don't necessarily need to be romantic relationships. I'm still waiting for a soulmate, but I'm not pressed for a relationship. It is so liberating to know that you can be there for yourself. I think a challenge for libras is to trust our selves in decisions. The more I work towards that the happier I become and then of course always keeping the balance. Hope that helps some.

  • Hi LibraLibraRising I know how you feel and I smile and sometimes laugh at these letters because its me. So its comforting to know your not all that different, really. Several years ago a friend of mine had a program on her computer that could do your Spiritual Path. Now its not like reading your daily horoscope. Your Spiritual Path has your birthday, time or birth, place of birth and your name that you use now. Your Spiritual Path never changes it the path you are on as long as your here. Now when I started to read it I got a better look of who I am not who I thought I was. I really understood why I do what I do. There were things that I didn't understand but after reading a year or two or more later I understand now what I didn't get before. I hadn't experienced those things so I couldn't relate to them. But as time goes by I see it clearer. Like for instance I just thought of myself as having common sense. But after reading what it said about me I sat back and I said this makes me sound like a computer nerd. Kind of like if its not logical I don't get it. So just about two years ago I bought the program my friend has and I do this for people too. This takes more than just your sun sign into consideration. It is the most accurate reading I have ever had on me. And it has your Natal Chart on the second page. So I know which planets affect my different houses. I don't know what the fixed and mutable ones are but I will figure that one out soon maybe. I hope this will help you to not take what they say about your or our sun sign so serious and you won't stress so much on it. I take the underdogs side and defend all the time. And as for injustice well don't get me started. There are two things that I can not excuse and thats a lier and a thief. So I am and have been most of my life a black and white point of view person. But I have been working on seeing the gray.

  • hi LibraLibra rising! I can also relate to what your saying. I dont know what it is about Libra but we were born to love and more romantic than us is hard to find. I have always thought that I was a needy person. Needy for love. Have never gotten enough in my opinion. I love with all my heart til sometimes it feels like its going to burst and I give all of myself usually forgetting that I also have needs. Children climb on my like i was a tree. Animals come to me and people all like me. But after giving so much of myself I have come to a point in my life that I have a need to put myself first especially since no one else has ever done that before.I feel like the men in my life have loved me second after themselves. About a year ago I met someone whom I felt an invisible tie to. Liked him right off the bat and we became very good friends until one day he told me that he loved me in a different way. this surprised me because I hadn't thought about him in a romantic way but loved him like a best friend who seemed to have very much in common with myself. I have an aries rising which makes me a handful sometimes I am impatient get easily wounded and sometimes jump to conclusions that make me angry. Not a bad angry but a wounded angry. Throughout all this time he has been the only person in my life to take what I dish out, be patient with me and most important never tells me what to do. I hate that I am very independent. Anyway only time will tell if he is my soulmate. What I like about him is that he is kind and gentle, generous meaning not selfish and devoted.He has changed me in many ways by example and I feel like I am a better person because of him. I suggest that you get a full horoscope reading. Mine told me that I like the flighty youger type of men, the kind that wont settle down or the older more conservative type. JT is the older more conservative type. But by understanding your own preferences it makes it easier to pick the guy that is right for you. Good Luck I am sure that one day you will find Mr. Right. I am 53 look like I am 40 and I think I found mine!

  • Hello my dear Libras out there ... I just found this forum and have read a few posts .. and will come back and read more. I would love to connect with other Libra women out there and share .. I am a Libra ... sun, moon, rising .... I was married to an Aries man for 27 yrs. and he left .. am 55, look 10 yrs. younger ... I am very very lonely ... and looking. Hate being alone and it isn't at all about finding myself ... or learning to stand on my own and be with myself. I am up to speed on all that stuff at this age (lol) .... I had a good marriage, we were best friends, but never the passion. We were good companions, worked together traveled, I have a 12 yr old child as well with him. I am independent, was brought up that way ... own my own business ... creative and artsy. I love to cook, garden, am very handy with tools and such. More then the ex was. I find Gemini men are very intelligent, as I require in a man because I am such a deep thinker and analyze everything to a fault. I long for that special attraction and have found it only 3 times and not kept it ... the last one was very painful .. he was a pieces/aries cusp man. He would just stare into my eyes, it was intense ... but things never developed. My recent boyfriend was Gemini ... and very intelligent, self made man .. opinionated but very gentle and generous and we would sometimes butt heads ... both very strong willed. We shared many common interests .. he was wise and warm .. good to my son ... but he had injured himself early on in our relationship ,and the short of it is that it really put a damper on our relationship. Now I am free to see others and who knows if it will ever work out for us ... we are rather long distance to begin with ... he is 100 miles away. I dated another Gemini too .. he was very smart and had a lot of interests and talents ... interesting that both were over 50 .. never married. I find they are commitment shy. Hope to be active on here ... would love to hear from others ....

  • 3timesL I just broke off conversations with yet another Gemini. I have met about 5 in the last 4 years and I break it off pretty quick with them. Never for the same reason. When I think we have a lot in common I am thrilled. But after meeting a couple of them in person I decide to end it. One who constantly was trying to engage in arguing. And I just don't want to do that anymore. Another that told me about all the things he told previous women how it was going to be. And he was a major packrat. To the point of hoarding. Thats fine if it were out of sight but there were only paths to walk and outside all kinds of broken down vehicles and machinery. Another one was just out of his marriage and when we talked on the phone there were 3 of us in our conversations. And I just ended it by telling him he needed more time to get over his last wife. That is just a sample of the ones I have met. I think other than them wanting to run my life we would get along. But I am older than you by 5 years and I am too old to be told anymore. I would rather be by myself than arguing with someone. I thought maybe a fire sign might be better. lol I am just kidding. My moon is in Taurus and ascending in Sag. This may or may not be a long process, finding someone. Maybe that's the problem they need to find me instead of me finding them.

  • Hello LibrasLair ... thank you for replying .. I have a feeling we could go on and on about our Gemini experiences! LOL .... I seem to be surrounded by them ... as I said I am raising a Gemini boy and I can see it developing, he is 12 .. he is either hugging me all over or hating me, he collects things, has the makings of a pack rat, either disorganized or very detail oriented, bright sharp mind, tends to want to place blame on someone or something and not see his part, he is smart, witty, multi - talented, and a drama prince who can argue and beg like no tomorrow!

    The man I was dating .. I could see some of the same traits ... the blaming, .. most always me to blame for making him feel a certain way, he did take ownership and apologize however when I felt badly, he collected too ... but was neat in housekeeping and organized with his schedule, whatever he had he had several of or at least more then one ... cars, which were all nice classics .. he had 5 cats as well. He had a big heart but on the other side was insecure in many ways and liked to tell me what I should be doing with anything from buying groceries to tires or my phone service etc. I did like some of that but I have my way of doing things and he his and he sometimes made it seem like his way was the only way. The other fellow was your age ... he was an engineer and a messy pack-rat, he was very quiet and lacked initiative and I had to initiate things with him. Go figure!!!

    I don't know about you ... sounds like you are looking online .. that is probably my best chance because I live way out in a small town, of marrieds and families. I did meet this last bf online. You know I think there is something to be said for them finding us!

    All I know is that for me, as Libra, I get very lonely and depressed alone ... I like to do things with someone and am tired of being the only single mother at church, my son's school events, etc. Seeing all the families together breaks my heart and is like pouring salt in an open wound. I have a good friend who is a tarot reader and into astrology .. she said "Libras hate to go to the bathroom alone!" .... Hope we can talk more ... Take good care.

  • Oh 3timesL I am not lonely at all. And I am not depressed. Let me tell you I wish I was out in the country. Living in town is out of necessity. If I feel the need for people I go and look for them. Or call and talk on the phone. No I do enjoy my own company. I have worked through the other side of Libra in that way. Plus I am the 18th so I am naturally a home body being close to Scorpio. And I like guys a little younger than myself because they keep up with me better. You know about 7 or 8 years younger. And yes Plentyoffish is a free site and I haven't been contacted by the scamers there. You know the guys that are very good looking and are in their late 50's with a kid and they are widowed and raising the child. And they have been working in Uk and that's where I know its another scam. Watch out for those they are on Singlenet and Singleparent so just a warning. But I did better really when I wasn't looking. And they found me. And there weren't as many Geminis. LOL And also I find that Gemini sweep the dirt under the rug, Literally! Now I am not a clean freak but I don't like clutter unless its mine. Which means if I am working on a project like painting or making jewelry or tooling leather then I don't like to clean it up everytime I am done for the day. That's why I like having a room just for that. Then I can just go in and pick up where I left off. And not materialistic. Don't need new just as long as what I have is working. I am content. Good luck with your son it sounds like you are busy.

  • I am glad that you are not lonely and depressed alone Libraslair .. in reading all the posts on here I saw one that rang so true saying it was TORTURE being alone for an extended time. That would be me. LOL .... sigh........... I do enjoy my own company and time alone but I like it to be of my choice and not forced upon me day after day ....

    I am blessed to live where I do, just not the best place to meet and mingle when one is single.

    Actually I am on an island connected by a bridge ... we have woods in the center and beaches on the shores ... best of both worlds.

    I am a real people person, own a small store and people are in and out ... most strangers visiting in summer and fall ... but some locals stop in too. In reading posts I see many saying that people, animals, and children are drawn to them. I find that true.

    Oh my gosh ... I met that Gemini man who was my recent bf on Plenyoffish .. so it is a coincidence you mention it! I had not heard of those scams b4 ... I do as well like men to be younger ... yes .. they keep up with me better too and most of the ones my age look old enough to be my father!! lol .... I read somewhere on here a woman wrote she loved a man with long hair or ponytail ... YES ... I love long hair on men .... We are "into" hair in my house .. mine is very long curls, my son has long hair, my dog is a fluff ball, and one cat long haired Maine Coon.

    My message has mostly been in response to LibrasLair but to anyone else who may be reading .... I have enjoyed so much reading all the posts ... and feel good to know we all share so many of the same traits. Blessings to All you lovely Libras out there!

  • Long hair YES! Mine was long until chemo but its growing back just not fast enough. My son usually has long hair to when the job allows it. And I too have two long haired cats. Oh and the dog well she is chow-sheppard so her hair isn't short either. lol And curly hair here oh well we all can't be Geminis some of us have to be LIBRAS.

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