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  • Liblovey I am sorry but I just found this question. I don't get on here much at all anymore. But Pisces have to have time alone to reground in their make believe world. They are for the most part deep thinkers and don't understand the rest of us to be truthful. They can be very social but still that alone time. It doesn't have anything to do with you. They will do that no matter who they are with it is a necessity for their well being. They are talented and many are poets or writers in some form. Negative traits of them are impractical, Vague, timid and indecisive. Their conscious desire is identity. So if you want to wait you have free will. But I know I don't have the patience to be in a relationship with that water sign. Fire and air will do better because air fans the fire. So if you get alone with Aries, Leo or Sag you may find someone you will be better with. But I know Aquarius is a really good sign for us to and the are air also. Do what is in your best interest and what you think you want. Ask the universe for what you want but be sure that it is what is for your best interests. You can not change someone else. You feel for them for who they are so you change them and then they are the one you feel for. And you nor them will be happy.

  • LibrasLair, thanks for the reply. I understand what your saying he is very back & forth with his decision making, and I thought Libra was indecisive? I am biding my time & not making any firm or life altering changes until I see some concrete action from my BF. As he did ask me to marry him a few weeks back. I have also a time frame where the relationship is reassessed, so it will get sorted one way or the other. Peace

  • I am a Libra and find that I am also very lost without a partner in life. I just ended a relationship with a Scorpio who turned my life upside down. What a roller coaster! I now realize that I was supposed to meet him in order to change my life and be a better person, not just a wallflower anymore. And it worked! I have changed. But I need advice. I'm wondering if I should forget him and move on, or should I try to talk it out with him in order to move on? I'm not looking to get back with him but I'm really struggling with this. I figured I would have moved on by now. I'm trying to do what the universe wants me to do but I'm not getting a straight answer. My head says NO! End all contact. But my heart says, well, it might help. It's been a little over a month since the split. I just want to do what's best so I can officially move on. Any suggestions? Also, how is everyone weathering Saturn in our sign? I've certainly had some harsh lessons.

  • That's a good question sugar but I think your head most of the time is smarter than a heart. Someone comes into your life when they are suppose to and it doesn't mean that they will stay there. They come in many times to either help you work through something or you are there to help them work through one of their lessons. I'm sure if you think about what is the HEALTHIEST thing for you to do then you will have your answer. I am not one who needs someone in my life. I how ever at times would like someone to share experiences and good times with and it isn't a need kind of romance. I myself got real tired of being needed and just wanted to be wanted.

  • Lair, thanks for your reply. It's harder to face the truth and believe that it's better to let it go. Moving on from this relationship has been the hardest thing to do but slowly, and I mean slowly, I'm doing it. It's hard not to want someone in our lives when we're wired for partnerships. I can have fun on my own, and I can remain alone for extended periods of time however I feel most complete when I can share my life experiences with someone special. Honestly I don't think it's just Libras that feel this way, though. I'm definitely feeling the effects of Saturn. There have been some harsh lessons but I've managed to learn the lesson. Staying optimistic and seeing the big picture is my main focus. And perseverance will get me there. Good luck all Libra's and hold on tight!

  • I hear u on ther injustice thing! As a uncertified paralegal, i am determined to make a difference in the world. Its part of society to believe the ol' mighty dollar can get u out of anything -that is so wrong! Ive never had much but I am very big on morals and values, which significantly carries over into my personal relationships. It seems I cant find a man that cann handle a real woman. I get my happiness from other peoples pleasure, but for some reason that seems to freak them out. I can admit Im very co-dependant, but working on it-but thats such a part of who I am as a libra that I do not know any other way. I love being pasionate, equal, fair, and yet strong in my beliefs. Is there anyone out there thats still 100% REAL & TRUE, IF SO, HOLLER AT ME!!

  • My birthday's 10/15/85, so I'm a Libra Sun with Scorpio Rising and Moon. It's interesting. I'm not familiar with the significance of what it means to have Scorpio in my Moon and Rising, but I do know I don't feel like a typical Libra.

    I'm not a partier or social person, I don't have many friends (I'm very close to my family though). I'm not too hung up about clothes or makeup, I wear what appeals to me (usually something comfortable), and with makeup, I only put it on when the mood strikes (I think that I am who I am, and people can either take it or leave it). I'm also quite shy and reserved around people, generally, until I get used to them, after which I'm a chatty, quirky goof ball. I do notice I like being around people, laughing and joking... I'm definitely a Libra when it comes to decisions, though. It's horrbile, even down to the smallest thing (what's for dinner), I can find myself torn and at a loss for action. Definitely artistic, but I sometimes have a hard time being inspired or motivated.

    My Venus and Mars are both in Virgo, and it's tough sometimes. I'm very careful about things, especially when it comes to dating and whatnot. I can be quite insecure in this department, and almost never make a move... I have to know someone actually likes me before I feel I can put myself out there (not uncommon, I know, but it has hampered me a bit). But I also have no patience for games and would rather just get to the point and tell people what I think (and vice versa). I really care about people though, do a lot for them, almost to the point of being walked on sometimes... I've learned to speak up more as I've gotten older, though.

  • Can anyone explain the different aspects of a horoscope to me? I just know that being born on 9/29/65 I am a Libra. But would really like to learn more. Also, I'm very interested in a Virgo 9/18/67. Is this a good match or am I crazy? Thanks for any and all help!

  • SexyLibra38- As you well know, and all Libras should be proud of, its our keen sense of fair play and justice. Keeping such in mind, one must realize there can be no greater joy in life, than making another living being happy and fulfilled. If unfortunately you have shared the company of those who cannot grasp what you so willingly and graciously offer, from the very bottom of your existence, then they do not deserve your company, your effort, your passion and your great natural generosity.

    In life it is very difficult to come across those who we can share and feel total happiness with. It is most difficult, but the search must continue....

    YES, YES..., very much so, I am 100% of all you are saying. But can you really live up to or do you even want such an encounter. It could be somewhat overwhelming, not too many people can really recognize or even live the dream of complete and total happiness. Can most people really enjoy,

    getting respect, in order to give it in return, can most really be best friends with their lover, or do they need someone else to confide in, when they should be confiding in that someone who really wants to be closer to you, than anyone else. Sounds stiffling, does it not? but really that is truly, what is required for a real honest and the most profound love affair. I personally would love to meet someone who would feel that way about me, and I feel that way about them, as well. But it must be borne, from the heart, without any other considerations. This has to be the main attracting factor from which lasting love emerges to create a life of eternal bliss.

    I would like to hear from you, SexyLibra38...

  • I would agree that all the zodiacs cause an Injustice. I agree that each zodiac sign has a theme that holds true. Sag being blunt or opinionated with words. Libra being flirty and talkative. My friend is a sag and he is the moist faithfull loyal oerson I have met but acording to his sign he is the "uncoimmited" I do not think it is fair to jusge anyone by a sign, Then each oerson has a rising, ascedent and so really we are not just a zodiac.We are all of the signs characters some higher and lower in presence of persona. I feel the only fair way to determine a person is to get to know them and respect them, I as well choose not to be in a relationship until I meet one persopn who hoilds self happiness and security. I do not flirt and its been 3.5 years since I have had a relationship and its not torture. I am libra but to ones that it is torture thats common psych 101- emotional dependency. All signs all people want a true love, thats common sense. Whomever handles singlehood like and adult holds emotional independence and will be capable of a real divine union. Selfles love is what creates a Divine Union. My brother is a Taurous and he travels alot and is very open minded to spiritual and mystical ideas and knowledge. He is pretty flexable in conversation and activities. I would not lable him stubborn.

  • You should try a Gemini...they are our very best matches and we can understand their duality like no other sign. Geminis love as deeply as we do, they just don't show it to everyone, so they appear passionless. A Libra can get inside a Gem like no one else and the rewards are deep indeed.

  • No......deep love taqkes depth within a person. I met a Sag who is so deep....remember zodiacs doi not make up a person! Then there is acedent sign, rising sun sign, really its every person hbas a unique numerology or astro is going to say for all.....I met a gGemini shallow as heck at 41 she was the most decietfull and selfish lover to my friend. It was terrible. Its basic psychology that determines the healthyness. depth of love and maturity.

  • Synchronistic events, the life cycle that each individual is in, the level of self love and solitude creates deprth within a person to then love deep, the level of happiness and dignity one leads a life first as a single, personal upbringing and personal voids a person had as a child will effect the needs of others and so on......ALL HUMANS are capable of deep love but they must not look into ambiguous, shallow, non proven, surficial things in life because they are not deep. Deep introspection, isolation, cont4emplation , self love, self sacrifice, being lone....maturity...those things will then develop the depth of love one can give. Mind body Spirit synchrony.

  • Oh it's been a while since I have been on here but I see that I need to possibly explain something.Kaymrial this is for your post in May. Your ascending sign is the face you show the world and you will have traits of other planets in your natal chart. They all play a part in who your are and how you act. But you also have to take into consideration how a person is raised because we have learned traits and if they are on the cusp. There are two signs that I can have a relationship with that is lets say easier for me than others. Now I have some Virgo things going on as well as Scorps traits. One I am the 18th of the month and getting close to the cusp. The Virgo I think could have to do with my up bringing. My father is Sept. 25th and he does have many traits of the Virgo. Nit picking, perfectionist, over thinks things and I do have many Virgo friends cause I think somewhat like they do. Now on the other hand the Scorp who can sting you very badly physically I will and can cut with my tongue. And to others who think because they don't like to party and dress up and has to be with a partner all the time we aren't all like that. I find that most of us who are at the back of the sign are just the opposite of the front of the sign and it is the one that they usually talk about all the time. But you have much more going on in your natal chart that make up who you are and why you do what you do. Life experience if you pay attention and take the time to look at the different signs and what that sign does can tell you who you can work well with, who you are drawn to or drawn to you. What you can tolerate in a sign to be with as your partner. I have a lot of Gemini's who like me but that is a sign I can only be friends with. I have much in common as they like to learn just like I do but a lot of them are pack rats some even could turn out to be a hoarder. Some are gamblers too. Those things I can't deal with. Virgo is a one because they are negative with the over thinking and finicky fault finders. They aren't perfect so where do they get off pointing the finger all the time. They say air and fire sign do well together. Well Aries and Leo is a no also for me. I think I have been around too long too so that I have seen too many and they really have fallen into the things I don't want to deal with. Aries want to be the boss and they are always going to do something but hey don't hold your breath waiting for it cause they are so busy running around that they just didn't have time. And Leo well they are so busy being the center of attention that sometimes they will get around to you when they want to. Oh and what is theirs is theirs and what's yours is theirs. So lets see we have Pisces who unless they worked through a lot is taking everything that is said to heart and get their feelings hurt when no one even realized that what was said would hurt anyone. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and when we realize we have hurt them we feel really bad cause we had no idea that something said innocently was going to hurt anyone. So because I don't beat around the bush I stay away from them just to be on the safe side. There are others that I don't do well with but I do well with Aquarius and Sag. So an air and a fire. Been with many and know a lot but these were really compatible with me but I also have Sag rising. Good luck and try to stay balanced it is the hardest thing for me to do and I am a lot older than many of you. Remember life experience and hindsight are your very best teachers. Love and light.

  • I really don't mean to sound like I'm whinging here, really is difficult being a Libra. I'm good at everything I attempt, and as such cannot pin down a career that fulfills me completely, so I find I'm drifting into many areas all the time. My rise is Cancer and Moon is in Scorpio, Pisces Midheaven...I have a lot intuitive and healing abilities. I'm also creative and very good at research and analyticial skills. I'm not a typical Libra, in that I'm really not big into partying and tend to over isolate myself. I think I do this because I really pick up on people's energies. On the other hand, because I isolate myself so much, I can be prone to bouts of depression. I think I'm just hypersensitive at times. Ah well.

    It's been enjoyable reading other Libra's traits on this site. I think I need to get out more :-).

    This is a topic for discussing Libra, among the most balanced and wise of signs. If you're a Libra, do you think of yourself as an expert at interpersonal relations or a cautious and clear thinker? Are you an artist or salesperson by trade? Maybe you work in customer service, and find your Libran traits coming in handy at work.

    Libra can also be a subtle but powerful Rising sign or Moon sign. If Libra is one of your other signs, how does it reveal itself?

    Or could it be that you're not a Libra at all, but you look up to their social grace and calm demeanor? If so, this is the place to get tips on living like a Libra!

  • Hi, there, I think it's difficult for Libra's in regards to love, because, based on the years of astro research I've done...our lesson is about partnership. This doesn't only necessarily mean that we need to master being a good partner, but to me, it means being the best person I can be, loving myself completely, and function quite well without a partner in order to be able to bring all that I am to completing a partnership.

    I too have felt that I love too deeply. My husband, who is on Aries/Taurus cusp April 20, doesn't seem to care as much about moral definitions as I do. I'm constantly trying to get him to step into my shoes, or having to present scenario examples disguised as something another couple is going through (but it's really us) in order for him to emotionally "get" what I'm feeling and why I'm so seemingly moral or judgmental, or standing firm in something. At times, I think Libra's, or at least myself (in the past) are in love with falling in love, and we give it everything we've got! Then, if our partner doesn't match our enthusiasm, we may be too quick to let them go, or place an assignation on them, when really, they just need time to catch up to us. That sounds condescending, and I don't mean to be, but we are pretty quick on the uptake. Especially Libra women (no offense Libra men, but we women are circumfrencial thinkers). I think if you find someone you are deeply in love with, and feel they don't meet your level of emotion in that area, try asking them what love means to them. You might find you're on the same page, you just express it differently.

  • A lot of what you read about Libras says they are in love with love it's self. Or the thought of it. But many times we can chock someone with the extent of our love. Holding too tight. But I read and now I can't remember for sure if it was just meant for me or all Libras that I came in as a Libra so I would learn to live and depend on myself to take care of me rather than have someone take care of me. I am extremely independent and have had times when I was younger that I wanted someone much more than now. So been there done that and I think I do miss having someone to share different activities with as I like to share the same interests. But to have someone who thinks I need to wait on them, cook, wash, clean and report to. Not anymore. Content living alone.

  • I am new to this whole internet forum thing. So please forgive me if I have posted incorrectly. I have a question pertaining to Libra males. I met a man who says he is Libra 1 with Cancer moon. I have no idea what this means. Can someone please clarify? His birth date is 9/30/72. Thanks for your help.

  • I am a Libra women but I am unlucky with finding Mr. Right can anyone do a reading or give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it, as I am beginning to thinks its my fault I can't find anyone???

  • My husband is a Libra. However, after doing just a little reading about them, He just doesn't fit the description at all. I don't understand it.

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