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  • Wow... it is an excellent site, I've just read some of the monthly forecasts, brilliant extensive info,

    I will go back and read it all again later...

    thanks for telling me about it!!

    much love and joy!!


  • I'm glad you found things that you didn't know. I enjoy finding new information all the time and that's why I tell people about that one. Enjoy!

  • Always did find myself an expert on relationships and the go to girl for advice. I am an artist and the sales person in me is what gets me through in life. being able to feel at ease around all walks of life it gives me the added advantage when it comes to conversations, most people open up very easily to me and that helps me counsel.

    I am a problem solver

    peace always

  • hi to all!

    i'm a Libra born September 25, 1977at 3:00pm. I always feel so different from anyone else and i don't understand why. 2 days ago i have enncountered this word "empath" and read how to determine if you are one of them, and honestly i can tell some signs are positive to me but i really don't know if i'm an empath or whatever.

    and also i'm currently involved with a long distance relationship with this calgary guy and not sure if i need to move on and just forget him because i can't really tell what is his real motives towards me.

    please can anyone give some advice or short reading perhaps. i will appreciate it a lot

    thanks 🙂

    nb: this is my e-mail addy

  • I'm a Libra born on 10-10-1984 with virgo rising and aries moon... it can be quite a confusing combination.

    Even though I'm introverted I love to be surrounded by close friends often, I love to communicate deeply.

    I work as a graphics designer, write from time to time and in general tend to generate ideas, often times I have all these ideas that I started but never finished, instead I moved on to greener pastures (and there's always a greener one just around the corner).

    I'm very emotionally observant with people... I'm not sure how much of an empath I am though; I often feel like I'm on a lookout not quite sure if what I'm observing is right or not so I have to observe more (though I sometimes jump to conclusions, these jumps are usually not set in stone). I'm can be very indecisive, it drives my Aquarian partner crazy, yet sometimes I leap with my creative ideas without thinking twice, feeling it will be just right.

    I love beauty (and find nature to be the most beautiful 'thing', am prone to keeping plants and aquariums, also other animal companions).

    I'm hugely analytical and can study a subject to death when it attracts my interest, and am also very argumentative... Though I'm more often than not soft and warm with people, I sugar coat a lot, especially when I have to bring potentially destructive news or information... then I tend to swim around it for quite a bit before delivering.

    I'm also quite flirtatious, my partner jokingly says I'm an adulator... and that's about all I can think of right now.

  • Well you sure sound like a Libra! You may want to take that empath quiz to see what you think then. It's on another thread that I left the information. For everyone who get strong mood effecting feelings is the thread under Psychic. Look for information there that I left. Then you can decide.

  • aNotion be proud that you accomplish so much! I have sun, saturn and Neptune in Libra and Mars, Venus and ascendant in Virgo, with a grand trine in air signs: Jupiter in Gemini on MidHeaven trine to Sun in Libra trine to Moon in Aquarius! I suspect that has something to do with my laziness, but not sure. You, like other Libras I see, seem to get things done. I also have tons of ideas but they just swirl around and never get any further than a lot of talk and some drawings, etc.. I have invention ideas all the time to fill some need I may have for a tool or product that doesn't seem to exist, then later, I see them brought to market by someone else. I have begun to think I am ADD. Maybe it is just a Libra thing, not completing projects. I can be thrown off course by the smallest things. I am also an artist and could really go somewhere with it if I could focus on it alone, but, I am more interested in ideas and understanding people. I am interested, it seems, in too many things to focus on one area. I feel I have accomplished nothing but could have done anything. Unemployed and still can't figure out which direction to go: more school (have a BA), paint? write? try for good but boring job with benefits? I think a lot and have come to the sad conclusion that "true love" or one "soul mate" are illusions. I believe in what I call "soul connections" and think I am very psychic at feeling those connections to people I may have known in a previous life. I see them idealized as all they can be and tend to become a little infatuated easily by seeing people this god-like way. Then, know them better and realize their human failings and true values are not what I need to feel happy in a relationship. Beginning to think no relationship will work for me. May be that I prefer the freedom of being alone. Thought I was a really good person, extremely empathic, kind, considerate..but, with a lot of self-reflection in past 3 years, realize I am in need of lots of work. I am very selfish, indulgent, comfort-loving, worst of all, very ego-driven. Don't know how people can be good listeners. Working on it.

  • Prairiesun knowing these traits you can do something about them. It is my belief your born under a sign to work through the negatives so you can be a better person. Procrastinating is a Libras trait but the degree that you carry it is up to you. It isn't a surprise that your more interested in someone else's problems and can tell or help them with theirs. It's how we keep from looking at our own and having to do something about it. Been there and done that. Hopefully you will do something about that. I don't know if your at the front of the sign but is sounds like it to me. Although I know of a few male and female that have the drive that you seem to say your lacking. So if you keep it up and don't put your talent to use then you will keep finding excuses for not growing. If your empathic maybe you would do well to talking to others like you. Try going to one of the sites and see if you get some insight from others. Like empath chat or empath community and there is one empath zone. You may find one that fits you better than another. Good luck and now that it's in the open you can stop with the excuses!

  • dear libraslair,

    i believe you know flowsco. she and i have conversed for quite a while on this forum( not this thread), i would like to keep in contact with her. she said to me that you had her contact details and i was wondering if you could please let me know so i can contact her again away from this forum.


    stranger/ adventure

  • Stranger2 check page 25 on here Mar. or May 29th. And you will get what you want from me. I was given the ok just a few minutes ago. And she was on her way to bed after her B-12 shot gave her a headache. I hope that you look on here soon when you see I have been on. Ok take care.

  • thanks libraslair, i just sent you an email

  • Hi Libraslair and thanks for the encouragement and tips. You are right, I always feel better when I begin to at least do something. To anyone out there who finds it difficult to focus, like I do, I find eating carbs (starches, sugars, flour products, etc) makes it so much worse! One night, after indulging in lots of carbs, I laid in bed feeling like I was back in the 70's, tripping or something! My head was swimming, zillions of thoughts and images flying around, no focus at all. I shudder to think of all the children I used to see, when substitute teaching, grabbing a breakfast of donuts before school! Thanks again!

  • Libraslair, I forgot to add to my reply that I am at the very end of Libra, Oct. 18! Still have lots of Virgo, though and Virgo ascendant. Makes me picky, another reason I hesitate to begin things, waiting until I think I have enough time and energy to do it the way I want to do it, which never happens! Sometimes I feel that my life was planned as a very fast, "lets experience as much as possible in as many areas as possible" kind of existence so as to get the most out of this last incarnation, if it is the last as a well-known psychic told me it was. It seems a good explanation! I am a jack of all trades and seem to dabble in everything and every kind of situation and relationship. The good thing is, after all my life experience, I truly believe that all people are equal, just at different levels in their own personal life plans, and I cannot judge anyone, I do not have the right. I am no better than anyone else. We all just need to pull together and support each other. I like knowing this so much better than the silly, judgemental way I grew up. Love and sunny days to everyone!

  • Greetings to all

    I am new to this site, but I already think it is great. I am a Libran born 10/10/60 female. I think I have a lot of Libra traits, However I am no pushover. I am told I am exceptionally gorgeous, but I think it is wasted as I do not take advantage of this gift, so I am told. I receive hostility from other females but I do not let it affect my life I tend to work in management positions, . I can be an expert at interpersonal relations but also a cautious & clear thinker. I love Pisces, I have good intuition & I use it. talk to me

    Loving this forum, wishing you peace.

  • prairiesun I didn't know you were here till a friend let me know. Ummmmmmmmmmm I hate to burst your bubble my birthday is the 18th also. Too funny. I also agree with a lot of my female Virgo female friends. The men Ugh don't go there. They depress me. They just chew stuff till you can't handle it any longer. And I feel exhausted and have to get away from them. What some people don't realize is that some traits are a learned ones. The perfectionist of the Virgo can be learned from childhood. My dad is Sept. 25th and he is a lot like a Virgo so negative you just want to scream. I also have some traits of Scorpio and don't be surprised if you do to. As for carbs I don't eat sugar unless it's in something like my powdered cream. Not one for a lot of sweets as an adult but I have certain things that I stay away from because of a weakness. And since I had cancer I don't do sugar anything. I eat sugar free pop cicles even. And tell everyone no sugar cancer loves it. Eat almonds as a preventive. I eat 10 a day of raw ones but I believe Edgar Cayce said 3 will take care of keeping it away. Check on it eat them because they heal or prevent many diseases.

  • Liblovey I have to be so careful around Pisces because they take everything to heart and I play and joke all the time and if they haven't worked through that one little wearing their hearts on their sleeve thing then they take me too serious. Don't like to walk on eggs. And you aren't much different than most Libra's. We are good teachers and leaders. No surprise and most aren't into the dressing up and the makeup thing. And yes we are youthful too.

  • what does it mean to be libra/libra? I want to find out how to tellthanks

  • linda926 I take it your birthday is Sept. 26th. Well who ever is referring to them self this way may mean that their sun is in Libra and their ascending is in Libra. I wouldn't want to make a fool of myself to assume. Cause they may be using their sun and moon instead. I will tell you that at the time they are born that's where the planets are at the time and place of your birth. Also it is said that you ascending or rising sign is the face you show the world. We have traces of all the planets in our natal chart.

  • Hi Libraslair thanks for your response, yes I find my fish to be very sensitive to every thing and he is easily hurt, however he will dish it straight back. I am finding that I feel strange emotions around him, and I am forever trying work out whose feelings they are, as he denies everything. My fish says he wants us to marry and I mus.t be patient with him, I am trying, but I think he is still hurting, so I am giving him a lot of space. Any advice

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