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  • I'm a Libra Sun and Mercury and alot of my outer plants are in Libra and I have alot of planets in my 7th house. I'd say I am very Libra like. On the outside I am very feminine-I love to shop for clothes, do my nails, wear makeup and paper myself with baths and lotions. I guess I am somewhat vain but I just like being a girly-girl. But I also love to use my intellectual side. I love love love to read, listen to debates and I love studing various subjects in school. I tend to get bored easily though.

    I guess relationships are important to me but truthfuly I really need my space and enjoy my own company alot but that probably explains my sagitarius venus.

    My friends always tell me I'm very nice ,kind, poliet, charming, witty, classy, charasmatic and have the ability to talk to people with ease. I am in sales and it's ok at least I get to always meet new people and that is fun for me.

    I feel like I am always trying to remain in balance in my life. The minute one part of my life goes awry or is out of balance I feel stressed and depressed. I feel like I have to always monitor things in my life to stay on track.

    I am a typical Libra I think. I have that indulgent Venus side to me yet also that Cardinal quailty (I am a self starter and like to initiate new projects) and that air element very thinking oriented and communitive.

  • I am impressed by your statements blackbutterfly and all of you Librans actually I am new today but very interested in Scorpios as I have been married to one for 35 yrs. And I can relate to you he is Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. I would like to understand more how I can hate him one day and feel undying love the next. Maybe thats how Librans balance out their lives.

  • cinchecan I wish you well. And welcome here. I am at the back of Libras sign and am influenced a little by the scorp but I really couldn't give you a lot of help. May be I can find someone who will help but she is about 12 hours ahead of me so I will go now and leave her a message to come and see if she can help you some. She is a Scorpio who is crazy about a Libra man so I hope she can help. Her name you will recognize as she was asking for her own answers. It's Flowsco.

  • Hi cinchecan, welcome to the forum I am the Scorpio female that LibrasLair was talking about. Before I am embark in explaining the Scorpio male I would like to know when do you feel this fluctuation of feelings for your husband.

    I had a relationship with a Scorpio myself so I am familiar with the emotional ping pong match that they can have you in.

  • Dear cinchecan, I have seen that you also wrote in another thread about Scorpio men cheating but I found your question wasn't completely that so I decided to answer your question here.

    It sounds like your Scorpio has traits of a Libra since his birthday is early in the Scorpio sign. In general Scorpios are not so outspoken but perhaps yours have learned to do this after some practice. But I might be jumping to conclusion that he does this mostly when he is dissatisfied with something and give the typical sneer that Scorpio are known to do. When we do it’s mostly we are not satisfied or impatient with whatever is going on at that particular moment and can be insensitive/very to the point. Unfortunately, most of the time this attitude is intentionally.

    For him to say all men are dogs says to me that he is not happy with himself for some reason and hides behind this facade of being a dog and so can get away with his attitude. Don’t buy it. Perhaps he is scared that what is bugging him can be discovered and he doesn’t want to deal with it. For Scorpio men the mask is very important and so they can keep your undying attention for being pitiful at that moment of period of time. And yes during this time they are very good liars. It’s a good thing that you know this and so you can’t be manipulated by him to get whatever he is after at that particular moment. But on the other hand because he knows you know...he also trust you as long you don’t uncover his mask/lye to others. For that period of time you’re his Bonny and he’s your Clyde. Step out of boundary and it’s over. We can hold a grudge for a very long time. It's unhealthy I know.

    Scorpio’s that are like this are the ones that haven’t faced past experiences that has been a negative experience. It could be from childhood or up to the adult time. It could be anything major or not. If you have the patient to figure that out can find the answer to allot of things that seems out of place at the moment. If you do figure it out the next question will be....will he accept your interference in that matter? It all depends on the understanding that you two share.

    He is fully aware what he has in you and that’s why he hasn’t walked away and wouldn’t want you to walk away so he painted the world ugly and that it couldn’t be better than what you have with him.

    I commend you being with a Scorpio for 35 years. We aren’t the easiest sign to live with especially the Scorpio’s that has emotional baggage. I hope that I have been of some help.

    If you got any more questions I will try my best to answer them.

  • typo: .... I found your question wasn't completely about that so.......

  • Wow the one sign I was not born under but describes me almost completely. I'm originally from the Taurus side of Venus hahaha but my lifestyle takes off from there.

    When younger I made friends easily but we moved a lot so I got used to change early on. Usually Taureans avoid change and get really emotional over it. Over the years I've adapted to it and often jumped from one thing to another. However now I find it hard to stick to my goals because I'm easily influenced by the world around me. And makin' decisions is hard too and usually need advice. My Cancer moon side helps me sense feelings, and I usually try to do the right thing no matter what. The one thing I do have in common with Taurus is my love for nature and the peace that calm air brings, but I think Librans like that too. Spring and especially Autumn is when I like to play outside 😄

    I have many Libran traits. I love art, music, and movies and often sing, dance, and act scenes. I'm also a guy who loves fashion and interior design stuff. I used to consider myself emo (likely my Cancerian side haha) , but I feel that way whenever I'm alone for too long and get down. I usually have to visualize both sides of an issue to make any opinion over it, and that answer may vary from one day to the next. Mixing in some practical Taurean trial and error helps me figure things out haha; that makes me somewhat of a risk taker too, which is rare Taurus. I also love to flirt and be cute when hangin' out with friends, and I was nicknamed "smiley" in class. However, I never dated but hope to find that special someone someday. I'm mostly a friendly nice guy. One thing I love is being a part of something greater than myself and cheering others on. It's life changing for everyone involved, and I love takin' the road not taken many times.

    The strangest thing is Libra is not one of my signs for any of the planets, moon, sun, or rising. It's just weird, but way interesting. I've been tryin' to learn more about myself lately, and one day I took a personality quiz. It said I was 88% Libran and 22% Taurean. Both signs are ruled by Venus but the one thing I lack is determination, which is the major difference of Taurus. Haha guess I was born on the Libran side of Venus lol and was raised Libran awww 😄

  • pizefron the whole time I was reading this I was saying yes you feel like a Libra because of the Venus in Taurus. And you got it. But you have a lot in common with Taurus and Libra than you think. They both are lazy or let me say can be unless it's something they want to do. They both love beauty and in all forms not just nature but the logic is coming from Libra and Cancer traits. And depending at which end of Libra a person is on is the determining factor for how much we like being alone. I am at the back of the sign and I could be a hermit very easily. The front part of the sign are more of a people person than I am. Taurus are very talented and all of the men I know are always trying to think up something new that everyone would need so they can make millions on, kind of like the Hola Hoop. Simple invention and lots of money. They are creative, talented and can do just about anything. It's a crime too because the people with all the natural talent let it go to waste when the rest of use can do the samethings but we have to work our arces off to do it well. Or not. I see why your confused but don't bother to keep questioning it just go on and live and stop letting that Cancer disect it to death. Let it go because sometimes oranges are just oranges. Peace and harmony

  • aww thanks LibrasLiar yes the Cancer has been eatin' at me the last 10 or so years; it was like a huge storm that clouded everything. Forgetting who I was then it really hurt cuz I turned inward and hated myself for my own problems instead of asking for help as we all should do. I've been blessed to have such close friends to help pull me outta those feelings. I used to think it was all bad. Actually it was a time of transition, a metamorphic reawakening of my inner being - or witnessing the other side of the mountain pass as I see it 🙂 I'm too at the back of my sign, May 18th. Two actors very special to me, Chris Lowell (or Piz) and Zac Efron, helped me see the real me; both are late Librans like me a late Taurean. I saw much of me in them, and that experience brought out so much positive energy in me I cried for hours and nearly fainted. At last the "emo age" is over haha really I called it that lol! I know my true self yay! Then I remembered October 1992 when I first became a Christian and was born again. I got all excited again knowin' that's where my Libran traits came from aww it's my favorite time of year too. It's been so great now livin' the Libran way. Thanks so much for writing back and helping me see that. May peace be with you too 😄

  • Your welcome and I am glad you have found your true self. Cancer isn't a bad sign as they are kind for the most part but very opinionated and harsh at times. They will give your the shirt off their back and help as long as they see your trying to help yourself and are not making the same mistakes over and over. That's when you see the ugly side you hope that doesn't come back. They are for the most part insomniacs too which you can take your life in your hands if you wake them too early after they were up all night watching tv. My birthday is the 18th so I get it and my moon is in Taurus. But I have Sag rising and not a bad thing either. Peace and harmony

  • oh wow another 18th that's awesome we share the same date of our birth months and you having Taurean traits that's cool. Thanks for explaining the positive Cancer traits I need to focus on them more. That may be why I relate so much with Zac Efron; he shares the same bday as you. Pizzy's bday is 10-17 like my best friend from high school on 5-17. In 1992 my second bday was also on 10-18, Sunday, like my original Taurean bday too. I learned Librans are constantly seeking the other half of themselves in either a spouse, partner, or friend(s). I learned much about myself from others, and many help me feel whole within my heart; this must be where my Libran traits come from haha aww thank you I get it now 😄 Last night I learned my rising sign is actually Libra not Leo lol the birth time was put in wrong hahaha how funny and cute 🙂

  • Remember your rising sign is the face you show the world. That's even more of a reason that you feel that your a Libra.

  • aww that's too cute and so true it's been like extreme makeover: libra edition hahahaha

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks I'll check that out; you been so helpful. My lifestyle is 1/2 2nd and 7th house but the rising Libra is becoming more dominant now. Peace and harmony back to ya thanks 🙂

  • ok you's a question for you. I am attracted to a libra that I have been seeing for a year..he's perfect until he gets depressed and then secludes himself and I don't hear from him for awhile.... now he wants to be only friends because he's afraid he can't contribute enough to the relationship..I am so confused! Will he come around again or do I forget him now that I really care about him.....Then I meet two more libras. As I can tell, since I have not dated them, just talked a couple of times, that they are extremely extremely wanting passion, a relationship and we've only talked a couple of times! They almost scare me in writing poems, asking to take me on trips....... I am a capricorn girl- dec. 31.. please help me to understand you guys and how to take it.

  • I was married to a Cap and it wouldn't be too fair to tell you what I think just going by my experience of 16 yrs. But he was self-centered and selfish. He would get upset if our kids got sick and I had to buy medicine for them cause it took away from his toys. Very egotistical also. And wanted to take chances that were financially risky. He lost a pay check one time on a shell game and everyone knows that's a major con game. No him we didn't have money for anything and we had and 18 month old. No you don't want my opinion. I don't know what his rising sign was and his up bringing shouldn't have had anything to do with his selfish ways either. Don't know where the behavior stemmed from. And he didn't pay any child support either. I read one time the worse parents for an Aries child would be us, Caps and Libras. She always wanted to be daddy's girl but it never happened. But the sun rose and sat on our son.

  • I could be wrong but perhaps he has some Taurus and/or Cancer in him? I have both along with Libra, and I think all 3 signs describe may your friend. Cancer people sometimes shut themselves off from others and so do Taureans if they feel pressured in anyway. I heard Librans may feel that way too since they are really strong at finding someone but after they get to know them, they get confused on what the next step is? Positively, all three signs are generally very sweet and great at caring/loving others. Libras have that need to test the waters until they feel right, and Taureans like to take their time, so in respect both these signs can take a while to commit toward a serious relationship. Cancer folks may be somewhat shy too but have a lot of love to give if they feel right towards the person. This is how I feel but I've never dated - mostly because of the reasons you explained above. I was simply afraid to date before but have been thinking of it more lately. My best guess is to give him a little more time if you can to be sure. I do know Librans regret decisions they make in a hurry. I fell into that trap so many times lol and never learn from it.

  • Thank you for the feedback...time it is 🙂 As for a cap, I am not that description at all. I have an aries daughter in fact and we are close. If anything I just don't depend on anyone else. I try to be the best parent, work full time, go to school full time ect and that includes trying to be the best friend or partner. I try to make them feel the best they can since life can be short. Maybe that is part of the problem..the libra likes to take the time and the cap, when makes up their mind, gives it all. I will have to find out the rest of our charts.

    Have a great day!

  • krisa64 there is much more to take into consideration than just a sun sign. It isn't that cut and dry.

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