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  • Chevelleman71 I know the two of you work pretty well together because wind fans fire. Sag is fire and so is Aries. You both like to learn and so that's a great mix. You both are opinionated also. I like the match. I would like to find a nice Sag myself. Since I have Sag rising. Try going to every month. You get a reading for the month but also read your rising sign. You should always read both. And at the top of the page you can find out about your matches. That's on Love and Life I think. So Air signs and Fire signs could do well. Enjoy I love to learn also. No veging going on here.

  • Lolpet I get alone very well with Scorpio's myself but I contribute that to being born on the 18th of Oct. I am a home body like the Scorpio and where they could cut with a knife if cornered, I can cut you with my tongue. It can get real sharp if I am pushed to it. And even saying that I won't go for the jugular. But you know the old saying be careful what you ask for. But I try very hard to avoid giving my energy away now. That was another lesson I had to learn. When young I argued just for the sake of argument. Then a little older only when I knew I was right. Now it doesn't matter cause I won't give my energy to it. I don't have to. And you know that bothers some people more than me arguing with them. They don't understand why they don't get a rise anymore. I have evolved some. Being on the cusp makes a difference I think.

  • Libralair thank you NOW I get it LOL LOL I was born in Memphis Tenn (Shelby County) 10/21/63 at 8:44am this is what I got from the link you provided....this stuff is really interesting...

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Libra 27.29 Ascendant Scorpio 19.32

    Moon Sagittarius 11.54 II Sagittarius 19.26

    Mercury Libra 17.48 III Capricorn 22.45

    Venus Scorpio 11.23 IV Aquarius 27.36

    Mars Scorpio 27.04 V Pisces 29.48

    Jupiter Aries 12.42 R VI Aries 26.56

    Saturn Aquarius 16.27 VII Taurus 19.32

    Uranus Virgo 8.42 VIII Gemini 19.26

    Neptune Scorpio 14.45 IX Cancer 22.45

    Pluto Virgo 13.25 Midheaven Leo 27.36

    Lilith Scorpio 20.30 XI Virgo 29.48

    Asc node Cancer 14.25 XII Libra 26.56

  • Hi Libraslair, I totally agree with what you say. It takes a lot to rile me - I won't argue unless its something I truly believe in. Lifes too short to waste precious energy on petty rows. I also believe that age has brought me the wisdom to know what is important and what to let go.

    You are so right - sometimes not arguing with someone upsets them more than arguing with them would!

  • Thank you Lolpet. Its a hard time getting to this point but we don't grow if we don't go through our curves in the road.

  • Angelpig, wrote this on page 4 of this topic

    "I can also relate to what your saying. I dont know what it is about Libra but we were born to love and more romantic than us is hard to find. I have always thought that I was a needy person. Needy for love. Have never gotten enough in my opinion. I love with all my heart til sometimes it feels like its going to burst and I give all of myself usually forgetting that I also have needs. Children climb on my like i was a tree. Animals come to me and people all like me. But after giving so much of myself I have come to a point in my life that I have a need to put myself first especially since no one else has ever done that before.I feel like the men in my life have loved me second after themselves. About a year ago I met someone whom I felt an invisible tie to. Liked him right off the bat and we became very good friends until one day he told me that he loved me in a different way. this surprised me because I hadn't thought about him in a romantic way but loved him like a best friend who seemed to have very much in common with myself. I have an aries rising which makes me a handful sometimes I am impatient get easily wounded and sometimes jump to conclusions that make me angry. Not a bad angry but a wounded angry. Throughout all this time he has been the only person in my life to take what I dish out, be patient with me and most important never tells me what to do. I hate that I am very independent. Anyway only time will tell if he is my soulmate. What I like about him is that he is kind and gentle, generous meaning not selfish and devoted."

    it weird how much i have in common with you Libra's since im a sag male lol. i know im a sag/virgo/aries but i wanna see my planets you guys talk about all the time. i can do it on this website? does it cost KC's? and angelpig sounds alot like me, i to care about others than i do myself and tend to forget about the things i need and want in my life, im 21 now 22 on December 11th, and since ive been talking to this Libra girl for almost 2 months, just "friends" for right now. and she has made me realize that i need take charge and change things in my life if you are not happy about them. so i am looking for a job alot harder then i used too, (parents never cared cause i was always too busy helping them), AND im signing up for GED classes this coming monday, and getting my life back on track so i can move out and make something of myself, cause i know im a good person and have alot to offer.

    and this Libra girl im seeing sounds just like Angelpig also, like Dead on!! and the guy that angel is seeing sounds like me too lol. thats weird stuff me and my girl are in the same prediciment that they are, im being extremely patient with this girl. even though its sooo hard too, cause i like her that much, and i have even said that i loved her at one point. and she didnt respond the way i wanted but i realized it was just lust not love. BUT it didnt ruin my chances, i think it actually helped, and made her like me even more but still im gonna wait for her to make up her mind, and "just be friends for right now" (her words, not mine) lol

    in angelpigs post also talked about how animals follow you and come around you alot i go over to friends houses, and the animals just flock to me like im Dr. Dolittle LOL and OMG my nieces and nephews just love me to death, maybe cause im so much like a kid at heart? everyone knows im a video game player, and they tell me stuff about them playing games or something with such excitement and they NEED to show me it lol.

  • I am a Libran who appreciates. I tend to see the good side of most people and things as I love beauty. I am a Fashion Designer/ Stylist so I have a passion for all art. Nature is the most fulfilling art to me. My personality comes across as mild but people who know me know that Ive got the fire of life inside of me. (I describe myself as an Opal) I have drive and self-will and without constant motion I am miserable. Ive learned that time heals most so I Keep It Movin. I used to be a little unsure but have found a freedom with knowing who I truly am. I dont get my feathers ruffled much (and it takes a lot) but when I do WATCH OUT! I am sincere in what I believe in and dont have much of a problem voicing my opinion. The ultimate thing that I cant stand is injustice. I will not take anyone looking down on anyone. I am soft in the middle though and I tend to put others before me but am much smart about this now than in the past. I have found that some people take advantage when they see kindness as a weakness. I am truly an air sign as I am not ashamed about being a book worm. This is why I think an intelligent man is SOOO SEXY!!!

  • Yes that does sound just like a Libra.

  • Hey LibrasLair...

    You know your stuff!!! Thank you so much for responding...I have been in and out of the hospital for almost 4months so have completely lost track of everything!!!...and..I had trouble navigating back to this site....and am....slightly... (no enormously)computer illiterate!!! A lot you said made sense....although I'm not materialistic...HATE to shop..BUT...could call me a "hourder" because I hold onto things people give me as gifts (to me they are treasures because of who gave them to me)...know is a problem...amazing you pointed that out!!! Also I work beyond extremely job but between 60-65 hours a week...I HATE conflict...RUN for the hills from it!!!...My self-esteem was quite a problem BUT only after the familial on the mend!!! upbringing was not "stellar" never "broke" me...You gave me so much info....thank you...what a sweet person to let yourself out there to help a "complete" are truly a jewel!!! Again...thank you...


  • Oh my goodness I am so flattered you can't believe it. Honey I am just giving you all what I have learned in my life of well it will be 61 yrs. on Sunday. You do fit the description as do most of us depending I think on which end of the sign you are. I am not one to pack rat a lot but I too keep things that other people give to me. And a lot of us have self esteem issues. But hopefully sooner and not later you finally realize you are a good person and you no long need someone else to tell you. It took me a lot of years but I have arrived. So some are materialistic but keeping what was a gift to me doesn't mean that to me. So you need to learn to like yourself and enjoy your own company. Learn that you don't need someone else to make you happy because that has to come from within. And it will if you start to give to you what you have always given to others. Let you be number one for a change there isn't anything wrong with that. Because if you don't take care of you and feed yourself and your soul you can't be good for someone else and if you don't love yourself you won't feel worthy of receiving love either. You will come out of this its part of growing and I have faith in you. Thank you for the very kind words they are very very much appreciated. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • oiseau there are also those of us who hate to shop. Didn't you read all of the posts? You sound like an over achiever at work or there is a reason you don't want to go home at the end of work. I would like to do your Spiritual Path for you so you can see why you do the things you do. It will be anywhere from 19 to 22 pages. I need your name, date of birth, time of birth look at your birth cert. or ask your mom. and the place. If you will send the info to I will send it back to you e-mail address. It doesn't change from day to day like astrology because its where all the planets are at the time of birth. When you see negative things you don't like you can now change those to a positive because nothing is written in stone. Like you said your up bringing has a baring on who you are its true but that can be undone with time and understanding. Let me know if you want the report. And stop working so hard no body really appreciates it but they will get to where they expect it. And once I am taken for granted I am not happy but I did it myself. Ok off the soap box. And let me know why you have been in and out of the hospital. Working that many hours will lower your immune system and you will be prone to getting sick easier. So cut back way back. I' m done please take care of yourself.

  • Happy Birthday Libraslair,

    I know it's a day early, you've touched and helped many like me. Thanks and enjoy your special day. I hope everyone who see's this extends their best wishes also. Your a great Friend..Steve

  • Thanks again Steve I got your mail this morning, very sweet of you to remember. You have a busy life taking care of your Libra and its nice to hear from you. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • Ask for it. We are close to the Law of Love....ask for this person.

    Exactly how you want them. Feel the love they are giving you and vice versa.

    List all the good qualities you want them to have.

    You are an artist,visualize yourself in a beautiful relationship.

    Know that you deserve it.

    Put it out there & it will happen.

    I got the man I asked for with some additional qualities that I didnt even think of..

    ...which are perfect for me!

    We have been together for over 10yrs...hes a Taurus I`m not sure if

    were even supposed to be compatible..? Who cares!?

    He sometimes tells me I love him too much ..ha...ha.. it may seem that way...

    but not everyone has to love as intensely as us...that bull has his own way.

    wishing Love to you

  • I had a Taurus but he is with a so called friend now and still married to me. LOL Its ok there is a method to my madness and soon I will get the divorce but I needed to be married to him 10 yrs. to get his ss. Its been 12 yrs. now so when I can I will take care of it. We were more like roommates anyway by the time he said he wanted out. But he was an over the road truck driver and was like a sailor in that instead of one in every port he had one at every truck stop.LOL The time was over and he was a good teacher at the time. He had many abilities that I didn't and I learned and opened up much more with him to help. But it obviously ran its course and it doesn't mean that I wasn't crushed but I got over the hurt once I heard that he was telling lies about me. I healed much faster than I think I would have otherwise. But Libra's can move on I think a little faster than some. I haven't seen or heard from him for over 3 years and that's fine with me. macygrey did you use this name because you like her so well or are you the real macy grey? You caught my eye earlier I guess because I really like her and she is a one of a kind. Liked what you had to say thank you. Peace and harmony

  • dont lose or lost you will find it

  • can anyone help me?? i am a scorpio woman in love with a libra man... I went to a psychic last week who told me he loves me too... is not cheating on me... but he is not honest with me. she said he will ask me to marry him but i will say no... this man makes me crazy.. only tells me things if I ask him direct questions. he does not have a steady income ... that i know of.... he says he is starting his own business... his car broke down... is going to school to be a dr.. he is an rn now. i have met two of his kids.. the older two who live near me.. he has four. I have talked to one sister months ago... libra and i get along but we dont.. one thing the psychic said before i left was... i can change him... because he is in love with me.. she said not to take his crap... we were out of time and someone else was on the way in while I was headed out when she said this... I dont know what she meant.... there is so much crap!!! everything i read about libra men say they need a woman who understands him... i am trying very hard... help me!!!

  • I wish I could help you but as you know there are differences in men and women. Sometimes we are hard to get a commitment from. Some harder than others. I used to think that because I don't lie that all Libras are like me but I was sadly mistaken. Is he born at the front of the sign? They do like to party and well you have heard the saying so many women so little time? And you have seen the tv shows about how when they are training in the hospitals they are doing it in all the closets and other places. Who knows maybe he still wants to play but doesn't want to loose you either. I don't mean this in a bad way but Scorpios don't exactly show all of their cards either. They keep a lot to themselves. I am on the cusp and have many for friends and they aren't as open book about their lives as I am. He may have Scorpio rising do you know what's in his natal chart? I understand that our rising is the face that we show the world. I probably wasn't much help. Wish you luck but if you have no trust you may want to think about this relationship. If you can't trust your partner you have no marriage. Too many red flags would tell me to go the other direction. Peace and harmony

  • I am a true Libra and LOVE it. I love the balance that keeps me centered, beautiful surroundings, nature, senerity. I have always attracted people that has problems or concerns for my advice. For years I could not understand it until one day I read a article on astrology and my birth sign. It all came together and I finally found out why I was this person that I am. I am a counslor, volunteer for needy causes, designer. One thing I do not have now and I want it be complete is a love relationship. I lost my husband to death 3 years ago and without the LOVE of a mate I feel lost and sad alot. My life is not in balance and I have got to correct that to be in harmony again.

  • I know what you mean. But all in good time I keep thinking. Not really looking. Feel that they come into your life when they are suppose to. Found that if I really go out looking, what I find isn't a lasting relationship. So I wait.

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