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  • This is a topic for discussing Libra, among the most balanced and wise of signs. If you're a Libra, do you think of yourself as an expert at interpersonal relations or a cautious and clear thinker? Are you an artist or salesperson by trade? Maybe you work in customer service, and find your Libran traits coming in handy at work.

    Libra can also be a subtle but powerful Rising sign or Moon sign. If Libra is one of your other signs, how does it reveal itself?

    Or could it be that you're not a Libra at all, but you look up to their social grace and calm demeanor? If so, this is the place to get tips on living like a Libra!

  • I'm a Libra/Libra... and it can be rather powerful together. I can be an expert @ interpersonal relations but also a cautious & clear thinker. And I'm both... an artist AND a salesperson. I was an artist full time for 10 years but I needed to get out amongst people again, and so now I'm a salesperson. I love selling, AND I love being creative! 😄 We're also very chatty...

    For me, it's true about the "balancing" of the scales... and the calm demeanor. And there's always two sides to a coin... and we'll give you both! We LOVE being "IN LOVE"... and we feel lost if we don't have anyone/someone in our lives. Libras HATE not being in a relationship... I recently went through a long stretch of time without someone in my life and I can tell you it was pure TORTURE!!

    But what I want to know is... where are all the other Libras?! Come on... Let's hear from you!! 😄

  • I love being Libra , It is true for me that I like balance in my life . Plus I have to way each side of a everything in life . I 'am also a hairdresser . I love to do crafts . I too hate not having a person in my life , its been 4 yrs now . But I 'm cautious of who I let in my life . Because when I love it is deep and I must have the same in return . I'm not a spend thrift like some of the stuff I have read. And I can be home body not like some things thats say I am social . Guess I get enough at work .

  • I have the Sun and Mercury in Libra. While I definitely feel very much like a Libra, I'm a little more introverted than most other Libras I've known. I tend to be more of the "bookish Libra" than the "flirty Libra": I manifest the intellectual part of the sign more than the social part of the sign. Although I can be very caring and can enjoy having people over/hosting guests, I prefer very small groups of people that I really like and I don't really like large parties: I'd love to go to a very formal ball, though. I don't mind big parties if they're formal and everyone is dressed nicely, everyone has their best manners, and the setting is beautiful.

    I definitely am a romantic....but quietly. I'm not really proud of it; I get hurt quite a bit "in matters of the heart". I have Venus in Scorpio and I'm very loyal and sincere when it comes to love. I'm definitely sentimental (and this is heightened in me, as I have 4 planets in water signs, including a Cancer moon).

    I definitely have the attraction to beauty and elegance; beauty heals me. Anything that's lovely will almost always put me in a better mood. I speak French and whenever I either read or hear something in French, I feel better: to me French is elegant and lovely so anything French will usually make me happy.

    I love to love, but I'm also afraid of love: I'm afraid of unbalanced relationships that would cost me all of my personal freedom, so usually my "inner scales" go back and forth between wanting to love and be loved and being relieved to be free. I tend to be far more interested in the emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of love rather than the physical.

    Interestingly enough, some of my favorite signs for friends/other people are signs that I'm not traditionally compatible with...

  • In a lot of ways I am not a typical Libran, I hate gossip of any kind,I never read mags and I am not interested in who is doing what to who.

    I am not a spender I am a saver and I wont buy for the sake of buying. I never wear makeup it ruins your skin and I dont wear jewelry you might say what does she like. Well when I go out I dress elegant and I wear what I want not whats in vogue I look and feel good.

    I mix well with people and as a medium and healer I help people and have done for 50 yrs. I love nature and all thats in it , I have a great love for my dogs , we go to dog shows and have done really well and I also am a International Dog Judge , my life is full I dont need the emotional baggage that most people have and I just live a day to day life. Honesty is a must for me I know when someone is lying to me and I tell then so I do not put up with shallow people I can read them like a book.

  • I am also a Libra/Libra, and I am both an Artist and Businessman. I am not keen on playing the back roll as the sign depiction states. I easily influence others around me. I am stubborn, aggressive, and manipulative at times. I love woman, and am brutally honest.

  • I'm a Libra Sun with Capricorn rising, Moon in Taurus. Yes, I'm an earthy Libran, very thoughtful and fair minded and very much partnership oriented. The beauty of nature heals me intensely.

    My biggest issue has always been the strong Saturn/Capricorn influences supressing the light Libran air! With Saturn and Jupiter both ruled by Capricorn in my 12th house AND ruling my first house, it has been difficult to let the Libra out! On the outside I seem reserved and prickly at times, but when people get to know me they often say, wow, you are different than I thought you were! They see I'm gentle, sensitive, humorous and very helpful...usually the one they turn to when the going gets tough. I've always had to fight sadness, and low self esteem problems, though. Sigh...

    My Sag daughter has Libra rising, and she is a very popular high school cheerleader with many loyal friends. She is such a delightful young woman and I give Libra a lot of credit for her charms...she's also an honor roll student - again, brainy Libra!

    Libra adds beauty and kindness where ever it lands on a chart! Blessings.

  • I am a Libra/Pisces and my field is a Wedding Planner. This allows my inate creative self to be expressed. With a pisces moon, it allows me to be better at all things for I am a born empath. I love what I do because of the "job well done" along with a secure financial life. I have one daughter, an only child who is far more prophetic than I am. She just KNOWS and has the ability of Remote Viewing plus she is able to astrally project herself, as I do into other dimensions. I am not bragging but if anyone has questions I will do my best to answer them. That is why I am sharing this information in the first place. I am the type of Libra that I call "The Iron Hand in The Velvet Glove."

  • I Love being a Libra, but sometimes can become very annoyed with nothing infuriates me more. I find libra women when really intouch with the essence of who we are. tend to me some of the most creative, graceful and alluring women of all signs. I love beauty in all forms and connect well with nature, especially during the early fall and early spring. Dont like it to hot or to cold. Can any other libra relate to this? Libras are the most loyal and kind hearted people you will know. I am extroverted but love to take time to myself to reflect, heal, nurture myself. Tend not to like harsh enviorments, and pushy, loud and overly agressive people. Very calm natured and very good mediator as iI tend to see clearly both sides of any situation.

    Would Love to hear from other libras who tend to attract scorpios like magnets and what you think the attraction i find this sign to be very intense on our calm nature and dealing with them is like a roller coaster ride. and they are very secretive which in relationships we like to know and share openly. So would love to hear some feed back.

  • I also love so deep. Why is it nobody can see as deep as we see? And why is it that nobody can seem to love as deeply as we love. I feel so cheated in life. I want to find somebody that can love truely like I can. I am an artist, not a salesperson. I am shy, but I am bold if I am fighting for someone I love... or something I love.... something I have a passion about.

    Help!! I feel so lost in this world. Where is others that can love another as deeply as I can love them?

  • Wow! Who are you? I am the same person that you just described you are. I can read people like a book. I can see them from a distance and know who they are. I am also not a spender like they say I should be, instead I actually go as far away from malls and clothing stores as I can. Now, with that being said, I am almost 50, but men look at me like I am 20. I have learned that just because a man thinks I am beautiful, doesn't mean that he loves me. Men are so shallow, and I have yet to find one that can love as deeply as I can. Oh, you talked about makup... Me Too! I am either a non makeup wearer or I am a very simple makeup wearer. People don't understand me, but I just don't care about it like other people do. I don't know why.

    Funny you talk about being a healer. God has given me the gift of healing people also. I don't know why, because I don't think I'm a good prayer person, but I have found out one thing... All I have to do is start and if God wants someone healed, it will happen. I actually left a church because I was so overwhelmed by people coming to me for healing. I didn't feel that I was who people thought I was, so I quit going. Yes, I could heal and Yes I could tell what was wrong and see what I needed to do and then I would pray for that, but I am very very shy... so this was too hard on me.

    Wow, It's nice to have a Libra Forum... we are all more alike than we think we are...

  • You have my same name, and I am almost 50. You also decribed yourself as I would have described myself.

    It's nice to have a Libra forum, so we don't think there is something wrong with us. Instead, we see that we have gifts, talents, and something to offer others. We're not alone.... This forum proves that.

  • I am a libra with aries rising. I see parts of myself in all of you. I was a florist then took art at the university and I love to paint and am very creative. Have my ups and downs which basically define me. When I am up I am the life of the party. People adore me and I never understand why. I am told I have a cute laugh that everyone misses when I am not around. When I am down I'm like a bear in hibernation and dont want to see a soul. I am extremely friendly and makes new friends everytime I am travelling which is often. I love the sun. I am now over 50 and just started using makeup and jewelry. My favorite color is aqua the nice sea color between green and blue. I am loyal. I am very understanding. I love people . To me there are many types of love which I feel for many but being in love is different ,I like the head over heels kind. I am a dreamer always looking to see if my true soulmate is out there. My mate is definitely not my soul mate but as I am so loyal I stick it out. I can spend money but am not a spendthrift, I usually think before I buy. Always pay my bills first if there is anything left over then I treat myself usually to something sexy. I am girlie girl. Health is important to me I work out regularly and eat properly. Am not promiscuous like a man to be my best friend before I try the waters. I am passionate. My venus is in scorpio. I have been stung by the stinger, now I make effort to steer clear of any scorpios especially with cold blue eyes.What attracts me to a man is his eyes and his charm ,looks and age arent important. My biggest weakness...long hair ponytail or braid...that in a man definitely attracts my attention.I am a ROMANTIC of the worst

  • As you can see from my name, I have five planets in Libra...Sun, Moon, Mercury and I couple I tend to forget. Venus, however, is in Scorpio, so all my Libran balance goes right out the window when I'm dealing with matters of love.

    As far as the other aspects of being a Libra go, well, I've largely trained myself out of indecisiveness, though it's like a limp...when I get tired or distracted, it comes back. I do love beauty and harmony, and part of my job is to make jewelry (which is always very balanced and symmetrical and ordered, even when it's wild and chaotic on the surface). I too can read others from a distance--not sure if that's a Libra thing or just a gift in general. In any case, it's nice to meet other Libras.

  • Well Libras I must tell you I am 60. And boy has this time around been a learning lesson. I have done a lot of things all my life also. They never scared me but they scared some people around me. I also thought all Libras were like me. Didn't lie for one thing but I was mistaken as I found out. That's the Pollyana side. I am at the back of the sign and I also don't fit the Libra profile completely. I usually am always in a tee shirt and jeans. Don't like to dress up and hate to shop for clothes. I laughingly tell people I don't shop till I am naked. I put on my makeup in the morning, I am blonde and have to draw my eyebrows on. I do my hair and in that respect I can be very vain. I don't carry a comb or makeup with me so what ever happens happens. With age I too am looking for a compatable person in my life but I really like being alone too. I have resently stopped looking for someone in the obvious signs for compatability and looked for Libra men. I think if you want someone with your qualities and deepth of love that's your guy. But we can be had to pin down. When I talk to them and see how much we are alike its almost scary. I find that being born on the 18th I have some Scop. traits in that I am the home body and there are other things where we are alike. I get along very well with Scorp. women. I have Sag. rising and so the I learning part of me come from that sign. I am as opionated as any healthy Sag. and sometimes have not tact. Not meaning to hurt anyone but sometimes I do. I could very easily be a hermit and when I need people I go out and find them. But I enjoy company and don't feel like I should send out an invite that you should feel like its ok to just drop by. I also have many men who think I am much younger than I am and they are really surprised when I say I am flattered but you are my sons age. And he is my youngest. I was never one to be sick a lot but all of a sudden I had cancer. When they told me I didn't fall apart I said well lets take care of this. When they told me it was curable I was good to go and felt like I was sick for a reason and that I had people that I had something to teach as well as learn some lessons on my own. I am clean now and doing well. I am also a healer. And I use stones alot. Give them to people and may not no at the time why I have to give that particular stone but I find out upon meeting and talking. I too think we are a great sign to be born in.

  • Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum, but not new to this site. I am very fascinated what everyone had to say about being a Libra. I am a Libra also. I am 45 years old & don't know much about astrology, but love to learn more. I am mostly a spiritual seeker, wanting nothing more then to obtain knowledge about God/Universe & of course myself & the people around me. Unfortunately, I am not sure who I am. I was born on October 14, 1964 in a not so stable unbringing, which I feel has a lot of weight of who we are later in life. My question would be which gives more pull? I can't necessarily say that I am balanced, having 3 teenage children, a husband & 2 dogs (joke). To me I feel one minute I am up, and the next down. I do love people, especially teenage children & a special love for animals, especially dogs. My husband is a Scorpio & like someone else posted, it's like a roller coaster ride. My son is a Taurus, my oldest daughter a Pisces, and my youngest another Scorpio. I do feel a need to have many people in my life, I am very social. I use to work in sales for 8 years, and now I am currently working with my husband at a family owned printing company, but it is not for me, after 11 years but for some time now I am just realizing this. I do know that I am a very jealous person when it comes to my husband, but not sure if this is due to my upbringing. All I know, life is very challenging for me. I am a avid book reader on spirituality, always strive to be a better person! I wish I had more to tell you, but at this point in my life, I am in a bit of a rut. What does looking through Rose Colored glases mean anyway. I have been told this many times in my life, especially most recently & that I wear my heart sleeve. I do also keep things inside until I explode. I have a hard time asking for help, or for anything & it seems that I am a very much a giver!

    Well that's my story - glad to share on this site with you!


  • Hi pennysense, i am also new to this forum, it sounds to me like you are all over the place.slow down a bit dont be jealous of or about your husband that is so much wasted energy....... i have 3 grown kids and 2 grandbaby's my husband travel's all over the world and never have i felt jealous. believe in yourself and everything else will fall right into place. i too had a very nasty childhood but i made up my mind very young i was not going to let that define the rest of my life cuz you know what i did not ask for that lifestyle,nor did you i'm sure this is a very late response but better late than never. Be Well


  • As a Libran sun, Scorpio rising and Capricorn moon, I may be a bit more intense than the traditional Libran. An astrologer friend once told me that Librans are over represented among generals, something that doesn't surprise me. Librans are charming, yes and diplomatic certainly. They are also very strategic in their thinking, a trait that attracts them to difficult situations. So Librans often find themselves born into wierd families or attract people who need "balancing". This is why a Libran at the top of her game is a great asset to any social situation.

    This is another view of Libra....I am curious if this resonates with anyone else!

  • This must have been a great day for firsts. Because today was my first post. I also had a disfunctual home life. The oldest of three. Second child, my sister had muscular dystrophy. A poster child at 4 when Jerry Lewis and Dean were still together. A father who drank only on the weekends but he was a Libra at the end of Virgo. Need I say more. A perfectionist for possible two reasons. Both mentioned. I two was jealous when I was younger. But with age and my last husband who I found out was unfaithful to me. After getting over some of the hurt I can to the conclusion that my friend that he is now with did me a favor because I don't want anyone who isn't faithful. But I think since I had low self-esteem and depended on other people to tell me I was a good person this was all things to be learned. I have evolved. I like people don't get me wrong but I don't tolerate rudness and I wasn't raised like that. I grew up In Calif. not far from LAX but I had very strict parents who raise me as if I were still living in Okla. I believe we come into this world under a sign because there are negative traits we need to work through. I have Taurus in my moon. So I just say what a combination. Libraslair

  • Yesterday was also my first posting. Again when I read the postings after mine I see similiarities. I am born October 16, 1955 and also had a nasty upbringing. I try not to think about the past but I have emotional scars. Mother was a hot tempered,domineering and manipulative scorpio and dad a sagittarious drinker.As the oldest of 5 have been a mom since age 4. On my 2nd marriage of 26 years with 6 kids total, had 2 with hubby 1+ 4 with hubby 2. Last summer found out mine had also strayed and am still dealing with the aftermath. Everyone thinks I am 40 and not 53. I cant stand a liar, I believe in telling the truth no matter the consequences. I have also been jealous but somehow after last summer it changed. I believe things happen for a reason and that life is only trying to teach me a lesson that I need to learn. I am more balanced now and live only one day at a time and think more about myself now instead of putting everyone else first. I know my future holds wonderful positive things for me. The lack of tact I have learned to control by always thinking carefully before I speak but when I was younger I had big problems with that.


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