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    It seems to me throughout my life that I have not met many Libra born people .... back in school, I think I was the only kid with an Oct. birthday. I notice in my son's circle of friends when he was being invited to birthday parties that there would be one after another in the Spring months ... a few in summer, but never in Oct. I had a cousin born the day before me ... Oct 7 .. our mothers were in the hospital at the same time and we graduated in the same class in HS. Over the years I traveled a lot with my ex as he was with a major airline, he would take me on a mini vacation over my birthday frequently and we would be sitting around talking to other couples around the pool and many were celebrating an anniversary or on a honeymoon but no birthdays! Just wondering if anyone has noticed this???

  • Good Day LibrasLair ... We seem to be the only ones around here ... sorry to hear you have had chemo ... are you ok now??

    Seems us Libras have a love for long hair in common as well. My recent bf (the Gemini) did have pretty long hair ... to shoulders in front and longer in back ... he refused to wear a ponytail, said he would rather shave his head then wear a ponytail ... that was a big NO for him. I think a ponytail is very sexy on a guy.

  • Oh yes 3timesL I am good to go. I have been clear of cancer for 15 months now so I am looking forward to a long life. My doctor told me at the beginning of this month after getting the results of my scan that he would be watching me close right now. That if Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma comes back that it is between 12 and 18 months. He said you are already almost half way through that time. But I want to see you in 3 or 4 months. So I will seeing him again in June. Just to have my labs and if they look questionable he will order an other scan. But not to worry cause I am just too mean. He told me he was beginning to believe You know when I was growing up there weren't any Libras that I can remember around me other than my dad which is Sept. 25. But in the last 10 years I have met a lot. I have many friends now that are Libras. Its been fun comparing our simularitys, you have a great day. Peace and Harmony to you and yours.

  • Whew ..... Glad to hear you are clear and good to go LibrasLair ... and from knowing you so far, I don't think it is because you are too mean! ... Us Libras are not known for meanness ... lol ...

    Seems we are the only lurking Libras around here these days. I guess we can keep the ball rolling .....

    I will be back .. need to finish those tax papers! .... ugh .... Have a great day .. Blessings to you and yours ....

  • 3timesL Well thanks but I am real close to Scorpio so I do have my stinging moments. Are you irritable this week? Man I have no patience at all. Having trouble with my printer and on the phone twice yesterday with Techs. Two different problems but still. I am not electronically inclinded so when I don't understand I get frustrated. Well I have a doctors appt. he may turn me loose to go back to work. But my foot still hurts after walking all day on it and its not a cement floor. So we will see. Yea it does look like its just the two of us or else they have Later gater

  • 3timesL here is a site I look at every months when I remember it. So check this out for a monthly horoscope.

  • Ok question I am libra (10-21-63) is it me or are all Lirbras like me. I am too nice. I let people walk all over me. And if they tick me off I want say anything I let it go. Like last night, I called my boyfriend. I was joking around and said what you were not goin to call me me and he said he was busy in a smart ass tone. I didn't say word not one even though he hurt my feelings I didn't say a word. Are all libras like this? OR is it just me???

  • No we aren't all like that I can asure you. You have other signs that may come into play. Like what is in your moon or your ascending sign. Even the way you were brought up could have something to do with that. It doesn't all depend on your sun sign.

  • I have no idea what my sun sign can I go about finding out what my Sun sign is? I would like to know.

    I do know I do love deep and with all my heart. Sometimes I think thats what my problem is, I love with blinders and rose color glasses...maybe thats my problem. *BIG UGH

  • Well you could go to the home page at and to get your daily report you have to give your birthday. That will tell you. Or tell me and I will tell you what your sun sign is. Anyone on here would do that for you. Just ask.

  • Shihian ... I looked up your birth date and year in a book I have ... your sun is in Libra ... and your Venus and Mars are both in Scorpio ... I think you need your birth time to find the moon and rising .. and that info is not in the book I have. You could get a reading with that info right on this sight I believe. Anyone else ..?? correct me if I am wrong ...

    I can be very easy going but don't tend to let anyone walk on me ....

  • i am sorry I forgot you gave your birthday. I had a brain fart. I do that sometimes. Yes you need time and place also to do a natal chart.

  • Hi "L L" ( I've given you a nickname!) Thanks for the link to that horoscope .. I am going to look now ..... No, I have not been irritable, but SOMETHING is up because I could swear it felt like a full moon !!!! I think maybe impatient and I don't know out of sorts, loss of faith in a better furture ... but then again ... that is pretty normal lately LOL !!! I don't have much of a life right now.

    I have had foot trouble this week ... falling arches. Hope your foot is better ... what did you do to it?

  • YES I love Susan Miller's site .. kinda forgot about it ... my best friend here in town, a Tarot reader told me about it a while back and I haven't visited it in a while.... going back to read. So excited ... woo hooo !!! (doesn't take much to amuse me!)

  • 3timesL I have another two weeks off work to stretch everything and get it ready to be able to travel the Costco store. I work maintenance and I have to walk very fast to get to a spill and clean it up. I have stress fractures because chemo treatments cause brittle bones. I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2007. It was in two areas, above my waist and below. And it was 3rd stage. In behind organs. I had 8 treatments, every 28 days. Lost my hair and everything that goes along with treatments. But I have very good meds for the nausia. I was very sick with it after the first treatment. But my insurance decided that they would pay for the expensive med. I was a happy camper. Last treatment was 12/4/07. Cancer is gone and my scans are still good. Now I have to deal with the effects of the chemo. No big deal, life is good.

  • I was born Oct. 21, 1963 at 9:44 am in Memphis Tenn Shelby County ........

  • 3timesL you can find my email address on forum about cleansing cards.

  • Found it LL .... sent you a message ... : - )

  • Not only are Geminis commitment shy but if married are unfaithful. I have never met a faithful Gemini.


    Actually Virgo and Libra are the most populated signs, however that is only 1/12 the population so the perception is we are rare.

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