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  • very true...thank you for the reminder

  • does anyone on here feel that Libra's become consumed by a lost love...I have been trying to get over someone for ten months, he has a girlfriend, has had for that period of time and yet he and I have had lunch a couple of times, spoken on the phone a few times etc. We were supposed to get together for another lunch in January but that never happened and even though we agreed I would get in touch with him (and I did) we talked in late January, I emailed and left a voice mail during the first week of Feb and I have heard nothing from him..I think I'm done..What do you think is up with his behaviour?

  • Hey talibra.

    I totally agree we can become consumed, although I'm not too sure if it isn't sometimes because we can't admit our judgement about these people could possibly be wrong. Therefore we can't give up on them. Or the rose-coloured glasses we wear to see our loved ones can distort the reality when we look back over our relationships and being the sentimental beings that Librans are, we make it appear better than it was?

    I have posted on several forums about myself and a Scorpio I have been seeing on and off for 6 years (more off than on!!!) He has taken me to hell and back but still, despite several close friends (and some new ones from these forums) urging me to let go, I can't seem to do it. It has now been a week since we last had contact, once again he has treated me badly but all it will take is an apology and I will be head over heels again. Sad, I know, but true!

    Do you think your man has been keeping you around in case the new relationship didn't work, or maybe he is trying to let you down gently so you can move on because he has? Maybe the girlfriend has discovered he is still seeing you and has caused him to cut you out of his life? There could be so many explanations.

    Men can often be such wimps and afraid to speak the truth, so leave the silence to allow you to come to your own conclusions. I don't think they realise we would rather know for certain than always wonder. They are just so rude!!!!

    I hope you eventually find something (or someone who deserves you) to take your mind off him, that you don't end up in the same position as me. Don't waste your time waiting for him. Life is too short. Let him go,and if you are really meant to be he will return to you.

    Wishing you much love, love and happiness in your future.xx

  • Yes we do get over a relationship faster than most signs especially if we find out we are being played or lied about. Then we get mad and that will usually kill the feelings pretty quick for me. When or if you find out your being strung along just in case, it's not that they necessarily want you as much as they need to have an open door in case. Especially if they are living together and have no place to go if they get thrown out. When you realize that you believed what you were being told and you fell for it you get mad and get over it much faster. They know what you want to hear cause they have been with you before. And if I find out that they lied about me that's it. No more broken heart. Men will usually only leave once they have another place to go to. Where a woman will leave whether they do or not if it gets to be too much.

  • LibrasLair, I will never (could've ever!) copy and paste without you! :-))

  • See how simple it is? I was so tickled when I learned how to do it too.

  • Hi All I'm new here, I've been reading through the posts and found some really amazing stuff, a lot of it is dead on. My stats Oct 6 1983 Sag rising, Libra sun, Libra moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury Virgo oh and Sag Jupiter. I'm not sure if this makes me an earthy Libra but I've been ready a lot on Virgo and sometimes I feel fit there too. I've read that the sun is your core and even though I feel earthy Libra is my core.

    LibrasLair I been reading your posts and I must say, Good Stuff. You mentioned a relationship you had with a Capricorn, well I had one of those too actually I'm not quite sure what it was everything was so unclear between us. His stats Dec 23 1982 I'm not sure the rising but Cap sun Aries Moon Venus Cap and Mars Aquarius. Very selfish young man and manipulative. I totally understand seeing things through rose glasses because no matter how awful he could be to me at times, I would always tell myself he has the potential to be a good person, even now typing this I'm asking myself why do I still think that he can be a good person weighing why he can and can't LOL. sad I know. I've been learning how to just let go and that when a person shows you who they are believe them.

  • SweetMadness83 so you get it. I will tell you that I have found that Caps born before Jan. are different than the ones after the New Year. At least that is what I have experience with. Funny but all I can remember of the Dec. Caps is that I believe they were all females. And they really love to sleep. Now I don't mean just sleep in in the morning but they can go to sleep early evening and sleep for more than 8 hours if you don't wake them. I think you will be better off if you just try to find something good that you learned from this experience and I don't care how small it is just find something. And then move on. This relationship may have been learning from each other and maybe one learned while the other wasn't going to get it. Since you say this young man I feel he was younger than yourself. Which is all well an good but when they act like a spoiled kid then it won't work with me. I prefer younger but not to the point that I am moved into the position of teaching more than I think I should have to. Responsibility I don't want to teach and sometimes people are just too self-centered to think of anyone but themselves. So chalk it up to experience and move past the testing of your limits. You have some of that child like personality with Sag as your rising sign. I know cause that is me also. Your still very young and you have a lot to experience and there is no hurry to settle so don't. Wait till you get what you deserve. Remember if your having problems in your life it is you that should change and then what comes to you will be different than what has come before. We have our little negatives to work on and that is enough to keep us busy without trying to fix others. Much luck your a gifted young woman so listen to your gut or guides which ever you wish to call it. They or it will never lie to you.

  • LibrasLair he's actually a year older than me but acts like he's 5, maybe its his Aries moon idk LOL.

  • Oh it could be a lot of things really but both signs want things their way. Oh men ya know?

  • Hmm i love being a libra i think its the best =D though im not a very social libra but i am very good at reading people so i guess its just because im such a serious person i like meaningful conversations and not so good t smalltalk hmm i love egyt als my bday is oct 6th so for m 21st i got a tattoo of an egyptian anke turned into a libra sign with 6 purple stars because is also my life number and fav number 😄

  • You are so different from other Libras. Many of us don't like crowds and really don't mind being alone. You were more than likely in Egypt in another life and that's why your drawn to such things. You will find as time goes on that there are other things you attracted to for the very same reason. And Libras have plenty of their own not so pleasant faults. Not as perfect as they wish they were. We love to learn so anytime we can find someone who can teach up something we love to listen so we can enjoy all of the information we receive. You not different your the same as many of us.

  • I LOVE the tattoo

    Hello everyone! I hope you have room for another Libra person =). I was born 9/2/92 and I have asc Libra with Venus in Libra (11th house). Sun in Virgo and moon Scorpio tends to make my life interesting. I don't know about you guys but I tend to attract everyone on a superficial level yet nothing ever develops past that.

    How do your relationships with others work for you?

  • Angelic did you make a mistake? 9/2/92 I a Virgo. As your rising sign is the face you show the public or the world you will have some traits but with Virgo Sun sign you can't consider yourself a Libra sorry I disagree.

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  • Yes it is true I do have sun in Virgo. But I do not see how that can instantly out weight the ASC with its ruler planet in its own sign. I also find myself much more attuned to the Libra sign than that of Virgo. I never thought of that perspective and I thank you for it. Seems I already am part of the conversation now =).

    The ASC is supposed to be the tunnel that takes in everything from the outside world and lets out our response in turn to the outside forces. The ASC shows the world who we are and it allows us to deal with problems using the tricks that the ASC gives us. I find the ASC more important than the sun sign alone.

  • Yes I think that is what I said isn't it? But you still have strong sun sign traits. Being a loner isn't a Sag trait yet it is my ascending sign.

  • And on one Spiritual Path report it has my moon as Taurus and on the same report ran again years later it has my moon as Aries And there was also a change in my midheaven was Virgo and on the later one it is now Cancer. So I have always stayed Sun Libra and Ascending Sag. As a Virgo we sometimes act the same way. I have many Virgo friends and we think a like on almost all things. That's the ones on the front of Virgo on the 5th and one on the 12th and another on the 18 of Sept. An my birthday is the 18th of Oct. So now can you explain that one? I can't.

  • It seems that I fail to understand some parts of your question but I'll work with what I can comprehend.

    As time moves on, the ranges of the signs slightly alter, for example: In 1999 if you were born in the afternoon of April 20th you would have been considered a Taurus. But for 2000 in order to have a sun sign in Taurus you needed to be born on the afternoon of the 19th.

    I do not know why, but I do know that the ranges change from time to time.

    Reference: "Do it yourself Astrology" - Lyn Birkbeck

    Also, now that I think about it. When it comes to Sun, Moon and ASC you must realize that all mash into one conflux of personality traits (as the rest of the chart fuses tougher to make The only reason we can even look at them broken apart is to understand the split parts, but that does not explain the entire created structure. The Virgo in this trio is then outweighed by the ASC for, at least in my char, the ASC's planet is in its own sign giving it strength. So the Virgo traits are used to fuel the Libra qualities. IE, the Virgo modesty is used to supply the Libra grace.

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