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  • psydona my bday is 10-18-48 and I haven't had the best luck either. I have been by myself since 04 and one thing I have been told that I am suppose to learn while I am here this time is I need to learn to rely on myself instead of others. I don't mind being alone at all and taking care of myself. When you learn to like yourself you don't mind your own company at all. I have been with someone before in my life and still been alone. Now I wonder if I ever want to live with anyone at all. Just having someone to share like interest might be enough for me. That way I still can come and go and do what I want and don't have to answer to someone else. I like cooking when and if I want to. Watching what I want of tv and not worring about someone being rude and changing the channel to surf. Its really kind of nice.

  • I have lived on my own for 10 years before I ever got married...I dated different guys but I had my own place and I always was self reliant.

    I have always thought that I am here to learn but like I have mentioned my two marriages have SUCKED. They always get controlling, needy, demanding...UGH!

    I find I like time on my own, I don't currently sleep with my husband and I would love to have an endless list as to why I don't have to.

    I am trying to keep my courage up to go to an appt I made on Tues at the womens shelter with a counseller. I had to get my psychologist to help me phone to do it on Friday....I just have no energy right now.

  • Psydona first,

    "Anyone have any advice on how I can become not so obsessed with decision making and any tips on love life issues."

    Focus on your rising sign. Your moon sign is your subconscious. So your decision making has your conscious and subconscious at war with each other. Libra is the scales so you have consciously this weight against that weight and! Subconsciously you have this weight against that weight. Focus on the rising sign to balance those two sets of scales. Egads you poor thing I have never met a libra with a libra moon. You must be very frustrated focus on the energy of your rising sign. Please for your sake I hope your rising isn't a gemini rising or capricorn! That would be most difficult, if you did on TOP of two scales you'd have twins or a Goat/Fish! Goat/Fish are always caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Find your ascendent/rising sign to find you balance.

    Get thee to an astrologer! On the double! <neat pun=""></neat>

  • Liz,

    "I went to my therapist on Friday and we called the local women's shelter where I have an appt on Tues. "

    KEEP GOING TO THE THERAPIST. I cannot stress that enough. I may know a lot from experience but I am not a professional who has made the human mind my study. My 1st husband is a Geophysicist and he know EVERYTHING about groundwater and contaminants and how they move. I have often said to him your first love is you science. He is dysfunctional in life but when it comes to hydrogeology his is the man!

    GET THEE TO A PROFESSIONAL AND STAY THERE!!! Especially while you are about to begin as big transition. I lived by myself for 10 years as well. I think it is the magic number for a woman. Once we live with ourselves for 10 years it is hard jack for someone to tell us what to do.

    THINK Katherine Hepburn. You are going to be okay.

    Yes you will.

    You you can - okay it's a good slogan! That's why Obama used it. Yes you can. Yes we can. Yes anyone can if we put are minds to it.

    I used to have this sweet little apartment all by myself until this recess messed my world up. I will get my own place back.

    Good news. I am considering moving to Pittsburgh too. For the amount of rent. You can buy your own house and get your own place back and NEVER have to bow to anyone else again.

    Less of a cost of living and lots of museums and universities and nice people compared to DC. Lets keep in touch! When I get to Pittsburgh I'll let you know.

    BTW did you look at the botanical gardens there? Lovely.

  • Egads I have to go to sleep soon. My typing and grammar was not so good on that last post.


  • Scorpio sun, Taurus rising, Tarus moon, BUT after that it's a lot of Libra for me! I do actually at times get so po'd cox I know that's my weak spot-too much Libra mingling with my other wise really weird natal chart. I got like @ 9 planets, fixed. Then the airiness!! Yikes! Anyone else suffering due to Libra vibes? Sorry for rant but have felt this for a while...there's also a Lib " friend", still driving me and my hubby insane. Hubby Scorpio sun, too. Despite all said, I respect many " things Libran"!!!


  • Hi all! My sun is cancer and my rising is libra. I have to say that im more an introverted Libra then an outgoing one. I do tend to be a flirt. Im not very good with starting conversations with strangers, rather its easier for me if they come to talk to me..... i love nature, everything in it and out of it.

    I read earlier about libras that dont put on too much makeup and jewelry.... im the same exact way! I just put on a little eyeliner and lipgloss and im ready to go!! I dont even worry about my hair that much.

    I believe that since my sun is cancer and my moon also in cancer i tend to be moody, extremly!

    My idea of a happy life is either owning a farm or living close to the woods or a waterfall. I never seem to understand that..... Can anyone else relate??

  • I have discovered that when I love, I love very deeply, I don't give my heart away easily, but sometimes you find yourself loving someone who gives you love and takes it away. I am a Libra with Leo in my first house, it has a very powerful influence on me as well I have Saggitarius in Venus..

    I don't handle breakups very well, I over analyze ever detail and it takes forever to get over it...

    I'm told I give great advice to others but I can't help myself at all.

    Anyone got an answer for me, about me.

  • Hi! I am a pisces born 20th of february 1982 (ascendant gemini-moon and venus in capricorn) in love with a libra born on the 25th of september 1979. His moon is in scorpio. That's all I know of his birth chart and he was interested in me and everything but suddenly changed his mind out of the blue and ended it. So now I'm just trying to understand Libras and how they think.

  • Not sure if it's a common thread between Libras but. I also can give much better advice to to others while

    not following or adhering to the best common sense advice for myself. Perhaps it just much easier

    to well.. See the forest through the trees; when on the outside looking in.

    Passion, loyalty & a possibly askew sense of fairness sometimes tend to cloud our judgement when emotionaly inolved.

    Although I DO NOT give my heart away easily. When the times comes... No matter how hard I try. I can't help

    it . The gates : No matter how well protected & locked. Open & the emotion & passion flow through

    overwhelming me. Although I've been the 1st to leave in every relationship. I still Take much time

    in healing . I also share the sentiment however maybe disillusioned that No one can love as passionatly

    or deeply as Libras. Hell... I'm Not even amatuer status in the whole astrology gig. But Hope it makes sense or even lends some constructive insight.

  • Hello Midnytesyndicate long time no talk. I agree with not being able to see the forest for the trees. And we are very good listeners but sometimes we don't make up our mind when we should. And we stay in situations until we feel we have done everything we can to make it work. We are more fair the the other person than to ourselves and then resent that in ourselves. But that's nothing new to most of us unless you have something else in your chart to make it different. My father's birthday is the 25th of Sept. and I think he is influenced very much by Virgo. He is controling, and a perfectionist. Your entitled to an opinion as long as it is his. Jealous of anyone who gets more attention than himself. Yet he loves his family as long as you idolize him. I don't think or act exactly like him but we do have somethings in common. I like to be away from town out in a rural setting and I need to be around water. I recharge when there is water nearby. As far as makeup: eyebrow pencil so you can see my eyebrows and mascara. Blonde hair is hard to see without help. And if I need some color I use a little blush. That's it. I prefer long hair because its less maintenance. Up off my neck in the heat and I am good to go. But then I am at the back of the sign so I don't worry about clothes and being dressed perfectly. Jeans and a tee. That's me. And even Sylvia Browne says she couldn't pick good partners and I think its because when its us we don't listen to our head our hearts run us. Until we get older and have learned a few lessons. Then we can stand back and say I am not going to change to be what someone else wants me to be anymore. I won't loose my idenity anymore I like me now and don't need someone to tell me I am a good person. I deserve as good as I give!

  • Good Morning: I was just replying to the thread but umm..... Ok ????

  • I was born on the 25th of September in 1991. ^_^

    Ahhh what to saaay- I take pride in being a Libra. But its not easy! When it comes to needing money, I've already spent it.

    I can't be confrontational in fear of other people's feelings.

    I can't make a decision of ANYTHING. Theres either always a battle between my head and my heart, or a battle between ALLLLL of the possibilities.

    I am very impatient, BUT everything MUST be balanced for me or I get physically sick. Its ridiculous. In a relationship I always fear that every little aspect of my life will not be in balance, and this worries me very much. A balance between physical, emotional, spiritual... I even want to make sure I'll have 'space'. I don't know if this is relevant, but I worry easily. And when I worry, I'll find something thats NOT balanced and I'll freak out- I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

    I am an artist. ^^ Not enough experience to become a sales person yet XD but I've always wanted to be an artist. I draw/paint, and I'm a musical theater actress.

    I absolutely LOVE beautiful, expensive, elegant things and I sometimes feel that I 'need' them.

    I'm currently in a battle between spirituality and religion, because I can't make up my mind of what I 'believe'. 😕 And I can't be in the present/now because of my worry. XD; Can someone help me with that?

  • EDIT: I also adore attention. DX;

  • Ok I need some advice here. I am a Libra (102163) dating a Pisces (31160) I have never met anyone like him. Don't get me wrong I knew how I felt about him before we met. I just can't handle his mood swings . I poste about 2 mths ago in ref to my Pisces man.

    Ok to make a long story short, with the way we both work, we can only see each other one day a wk. I have been helping my mother spring clean. I was hoping we would be finisned by Friday evening but we weren't. We didn't get finished till late Friday night.

    Now hes all upset with me. He will not take my phone calls. He will not reply to my IM's or emails. Hes avoiding me. He states that I don't put him first etc. That I put my friends family and even my dogs (I am dog breeder and show my dogs) first. THAT he should come first. I don't have time for him. I live at home. And I am looking for a better job that I do now. But at least I have one. I could be like most out there that don't have one. I am divorced. I have a 25 yr old son but he lives in Tx . He went back after he Grad from High School.

    So, how do I handle this Pisces man? Do I let things flow and let him get over his mad spell? Or what? I have never met a man like him. NEVER!! I do care about him a lot he means the world to me, but I am just having a hard time dealing with how he can be at times.



  • OK... LOL I went throught the same thing but I'm a male & she had the same mood swings.

    Now. the difference bing umm... Hers were extreme and Other issues were in play i'm thinkin.

    But In general...You do have to let them have time & space to recompose... I'm a very impatient person

    yet learned to just let the Pisces; sort it out....They will come back around.

    I told her many times.. No one has ever made me angrier or frustrated the Hell out of me like she did.

    Hope this adds some insight.... Not sure if it's also a common thread among Pisces but; Jealousy

    over the littlest things with regard to others seemed very evident.

  • Wow, can't believe we Libras are so much the same!

    We love too deeply.

    I keep choosing and drawing the wrong women to me, I know this is something I have to work on before pursuing another relationship.

    Why is it so hard to let go of these past relationships?

    If I've been intimate with someone, the idea that I can't be friends with them after we break up is very sad to me.

    Is this hard for other librans? Just me?

  • Ok let me just tell you that we are born under a sign to work threw all the negatives of it. When you learn that those no longer are a problem then you will be much more happy. And in balance too I may say. These are the life lessons of the Librans.

  • LOL well he finally called me day before yesterday...acting like nothing happen or is/was wrong. Thats the thing HE WILL NOT TALK ABOUT WHAT HAPPEN. When we have our little disagreements, he will not talk about them. How can we take care of the problem if he want open up and talk to me about it????? I thought Libras were bad about hold things in and letting things roll off there backs but this man OMG. Hes joking around acting like his old self like not a thing happen last Friday. I know I do walk on egg shells around him, I never know what I will say or both that will fire him up. Other than that we get along great. I love being around him. I feel very safe with him. I can talk to him and thats what is so great HE will listen to me. EVERY word I say he will listen. I just can't handle the MOOD SWINGS LOL


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