• Will I ever meet a nice man, Just tired of being alone.

  • Its up to you if you want to meet a nice guy

    live your life like this man is already in your life , so the universe will send him to you

    Loneliness is a great teacher that teach you about you, RUN from it when it comes then you may find someone but the lesson that you needed to learn will re appear later and it maybe be a painful one

    The man we are looking for is never too far you know, is just when we feel not good with ourself we dont realise that if we dont feel good with our own company, who can want to share our company if its not a good one?

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  • Marsc - It feels like as much as you want someone to appear in your life that you just don't believe it is possible or that it will actually happen or you have somehow deep down just given up. Sooooo, what is needed is a change in your thought patterns, attitude, etc. In short, a complete energy shift. Try to find a reiki healer or someone who does chakra balancing. You will probably need to clear out some gunk first, but then you will be ready for that new beginning you are longing for now.

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