Emperor as Outcome?

  • Hi to anyone reading! I am trying to understand a spread I did for myself (mistake number one, but I'm trying to get better at reversals). I asked what I should do about a situation referring a guy at work. It's a little passive, I know, but I was just curious. I got some fairly conflicting cards... or maybe I didn't. Not sure how they mesh. Anybody want to help me out?

    1. Ten of Cups (r) -- took as me feeling a bit of out of sorts in my life. i'm moving, i just broke up with someone, etc.

    2. Three of Pentacles (r) -- sort of feeling mundane and not like a team-player. not maximizing my potential/living up to what i should be doing in grad school (versus my part time job that's slowly taking over my life)

    3. Eight of Wands -- i'm the only one who can fix this stuff; i am looking for a way out and maybe just going fast without thinking it out fully.

    4. Judgement -- i'm moving away from this feeling of needing to know everything, feeling like i get my way, everything is right

    5. King of Pentacles -- i'm sort of feeling like this guy might be the kind of man i want; i do like security and stability. out of all the kings, i tend to draw him the most when it comes to men i am attracted to versus who influence me.

    6. the Fool -- no clue here. i'm on some crazy journey. a fresh start. just going wherever the breeze takes me (which is true, sort of) or that i am trying to be more spontaneous and let things just go how they go.

    7. High Priestess (r) -- i am confused; i can't hear my inner voice because of tension, being tired, lots of stress, and i just can't see the forest for the trees to save my life

    8. Seven of Swords (r) -- moving out of a fog, something becoming clear that was originally deceptive or immersed in confusion (although i have no idea what this is -- but since it's outside environment, could it refer to him?)

    9. Eight of Wands -- a real fear of repeating the same mistakes, of putting myself in the same situations where i get hurt. unavailable men. men who aren't as ambitious. not learning and growing spiritually, emotionally, or moving on from old flubs.

    10. Emperor -- I honest to God have no idea. I need to make a decision? I need to set ground rules? I tried to pull a clarifying card and got the Two of Wands, which can mean stepping out of your comfort zone (which is where this guy exists, wholeheartedly), so... yeah. Any ideas? Help!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey ed007

    May I take a shot at this? As I don't personally use reversals, (while I know many do!) I can only provide my interpretation as I would have seen things. How does that sound?


    Your present situation is 10 of cups, which means one emotional path has reached its maturity (or and end) and another is starting anew. This is a good sign for you.

    Crossing, 3 of pentacles. This seems to simply be setting the environment, (I am connecting the dots here from what you have already told me) so it makes sense to look at that crossing card as saying something more about the situation. The office.

    There next four cards,

    Eight of wands, judgement, King of Pentacles and The Fool seems to all add up to this person - together it looks like a phase change for you, and he may be connected to that is what is happening. Eight of wands are rapid, organizing energies as pertaining to the story of your life. So that is like being whisked off to your next setting (judgment is change of phase awakening energy). the Fool is trust energy connected to everything, so that is the foundation of the whole matter for you right now, trust.


    High priestess - you are stepping into a new realm, there is a lot more mystery... it is quiet

    Seven swords, mystical dream thoughts, so a lot of day dreaming, and thinking about something

    Eight of Wands - wow, this card is repeating so that emphasizes that sense of the story of your (love) life being really articulated, created, organized into the picture that is in your heart.

    The Emperor as an outcome? Hmm, well we see the King of Pentacles transforming into the Emperor, so that can only mean that you as the High Priestess are transforming now into the Empress.

    So, your advice? Keep doing what you are doing. Its working. Amazingly well. Nurturing is the empress. She is a good listener and very empathetic, has a love of the earth, nature, life is important to her. So this must be a part of your work environment.

    So the outcome on this path is you become more of a nurturing expression and that balances this man out. So yeah, something happening here with you and him, as long as that is your desire...

    I am a hopeless romantic, so I may be leading you to take a chance there... 🙂

    My nature is to chase true love no matter what... it is the prize of life, a crown we long for... a real, honest to god, close, bonding, merging relationship... what else is there?

  • Hi ed - how ya doing?

    I see the 3 of pentacles crossing you as the work situation. The King of Pentacles above you is the man you are thinking about and the fact that he is in the suit of pentacles is another indication that he is related to your work. The 8 of Wands can indicate an infatuation or a rush of physical energy. It seems you are physically attracted here, but it is also a slight caution to slow down a bit and not get too carried away too quickly. Judgment in your recent past is the break-up you mentioned which is also indicated by you as the 10 of cups reversed. The fact that Judgment is upright is an indicator that you did the right thing- made the right choice. 10 of Cups indicates completion on an emotional level and reversed indicates that you are a bit unhappy even though you know it was the right thing to do. The Fool in your near future is indicating a new beginning, yes, but also I feel another caution to not get too carried away and throw caution to the wind - watch your step! The High Priestess is goddess energy. This is a woman who is connected to her inner being and femininity and in touch with her intuition. She also represents the female version of the Pope -- celibacy! The fact that she is reversed comes through as not paying attention to your inner wisdom as well as not wanting to be single or in resistance to it -- wanting that new man and the physical attraction to be consummated 🙂 The 7 of Swords can be about moving from one place to another, a new job, travel, and/or self-defeating behavior. This is your environment, so which makes the most sense to you? It is coming through to me as both the new job and your life feeling very unsettled right now and that caution is needed so as not to repeat any past mistakes or undo yourself in some way. This is repeated for me in the 8 of Swords as this is a caution of self-restraint and not repeating habitual behavior. The Emperor can be a person - a significant man in your life or just the need to master the influence of that energy in your life. In this situation, he could represent work/a boss. So it could represent him - Is this person actually your boss or a superior in some way? Or it could represent you...the Emperor has authority and control over his own domain. He is confident, logical/reasonable, and uses his mental faculties to control his emotions. So in that sense, it is another caution about getting involved with this man.

    I am getting that there is a rush of physical attraction here, but the need to understand the necessity of taking things a bit more slowly here. Take the time to just talk to him and get to know him outside of the physical attraction. And if he is your boss, I personally would advise against it unless you really don't care much about the job.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hey Watergirl! I'm doing well. I can't thank you enough for your previous advice on starting with reversals. In an attempt to curb my need to control like, you know, everything -- I absolutely refused to read myself. I just focused on working with others, and holy crap, it's been amazing. The messages come through ten times louder than I ever could have thought. It was like taking an energy shot straight to the gut. So, I said, well hey, maybe I can read myself... and of course not. I think I get all panicky that I'm going to try to color the message with my own bias and that dams up everything. But! You were so instrumental in getting me to leave that loser and do this (both of which was excellent advice 🙂 ) so I can't thank you enough.

    Your interpretations are pretty spot on. He works in a different section of the business, but he is a manager there. And he's a Capricorn. The physical vibes are strong, to be sure, and we went to lunch with a co-worker a few days ago, and we talked. The level of similar interests, even career paths (we're both in graduate school on the side for the same degree) was almost overwhelming. He was putting out feelers about me, I know, but he does have a girlfriend currently. I have DEEP, DEEP rooted rules about never flirting or pursuing a man with a partner, so I feel like maybe that's why the HP is reversed (although the physical thing makes sense 😉 ) because this is the first time in my life where I've been in a position that I would never act on, but still... actually entertained in thought. That made me feel a little scuzzy. That's why I framed the question the way I did; it was more for me to find out what I needed to do in order to not comprise a fundamental aspect of my character. The 7 reversed... I think it is upheaval like you said. I have a nasty tendency to choose unavailable men, and I am really working on not being unhealthy anymore, so I don't want to get all into this, but I will say the attraction was surprisingly strong on several levels. But the g/f thing had me slam on brakes and pull back, so the caution signs were pretty much what I was feeling too. I get a sense that I just need to watch this unfold and act normal, but my fear is if I continue to be friendly -- and I mean like, totally celibate, just pals friendly -- I'll grow attached and make a mistake, you know? So this was helpful. I still don't know what the Emperor means exactly. I don't think he'll leave her ever, so maybe it just means hold my ground? Idk 😞

  • Thanks so much for your interpretation, Astral! I love to see how people interpret cards and how their intuition works. I'm conflicted if this is what I want or not -- but not emotionally, more morally. He has a girlfriend at the moment, and I would feel awful if he left her for me or something, because I have CARDINAL rules about never pursuing a man with a partner. Ever. It's the same to me as breathing. So, I'm sort of conflicted and upset with myself for even thinking of him in a romantic light. I do know that I'm just going to keep being myself and holding my ground. I very much love life and nature (I'm a Leo Sun/Sag Moon) and we work at a company that's fundamental mission statement involves creativity and bohemian ideals, free spirits sort of thing. I'm super interested in how the KoP turns into the Emperor though. I get the card number progression with HP and Empress, but not entirely seeing the correlation between the other two.

  • Hey girl 🙂 Glad to hear you are doing well and developing your gift!

    With regard to the Emperor, honestly, to me it came through as "keep it professional." The thing about the Emperor is it is not a very emotional or love related card. It's about mastery over your domain. When related to a person, upright he is benevolent yet strong and rules with logic and reason rather than just through emotion. Reversed, he is controlling, demanding and egotistical.

    However, the most telling card is always position 9 for me (this is the "advice" position in my spreads). You put that it was 8 of Wands, but you also had 8 of Wands as position 3 - it was 8 of Swords for position 9, no? This was a "restrain yourself!" card 🙂

    You already know the answer. You have your principals and do indeed want to stick with them. You are just fighting the attraction. Therefore, I would (at least for now) keep your distance. Maybe the initial attraction energy will wane. Or maybe this other relationship will play out and then it will open the door for the two of you. You definitely don't want him leaving her for you. He needs to leave her because WITHOUT you he realizes that the relationship is no longer what he wants.

    Take care,


  • Haha, it was totally the 8 of Swords. Me = super goofball. And yeah, my inner voice is like, no. But it's a weird no. I can't explain it. And yes, restraint is important and something I've finally learned. Not physical, cause God knows I can be a nun like no other when the time calls, but emotional. Not getting carried away. Not putting my eggs in baskets without reason. I like the 9th position as advice. I always did fear/hope... but I think I might switch that up and see how it goes. You've been nothing but great. If there's anything I can help you with, please let me know! Also, any tips on how you read yourself better or clear your energy for it??? You seem so grounded; I have a sneaking suspicion this answer will be "it comes with practice and time." 🙂

  • Sorry - haven't been on the forum all week due to my work schedule. How are things going on the work front? With regard to reading for yourself -- you really can't! I pull cards for myself for daily guidance, but really when I need specific help on something I go to someone else. Grounding and clearing takes effort and practice and you will notice that many readers do not do so. However, some people are just looking for either what they want to hear or just to hear something that makes them feel good in the moment so they are normally the ones that gravitate to them. It's all good - we hear the messages when we are ready for them I guess. But I personally do not want to waste my time and energy on fluff 🙂

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