AstraAngel, can I have an updated reading please...need help!!

  • Hi Astra, Things are still so dire with me....I have been trying to let go of the worries and not panic, but now I am having to move and am starting amount of meditating is helping!! Do you mind doing an updated reading on my life, (finances especially), love, if I am moving back cross country, any job prospects??

    I so appreciate it if you have time.....

    DOB 10/16/56



  • Hi Leslie

    Yes lets take a look, I am sure whatever you are experiencing will soon open out into something a lot nicer.

    I started with a 5 card spread just to kinda see where you are at according to the cards...

    I'll just give you the short version, there is a door opening for you (or should soon) related to finances and that turns into a 9 pentacles situation so you are doing fine materially before you know it.

    Your heart is weighing something out, 5 of swords. And I think it might be a communication issue connected with a three of cups something or other you seem to be reaching for. Some nice situation.

    There is a 2 of swords beneath all of this, so an "agreement" of some sort is in the background. Could be connected to the emotional situation you are (perhaps) changing your mind about, communicating about.

    How does that sound? I drew another card and wasn't sure what to do with it, I ended up laying it in the center of this, like a "crossing card" in the Celtic cross, and that is the Chariot which i like to think means rapid changes. So that energy is present so these two areas could expect some rapid developments! Wow, what do you think about that? Exciting I'll bet... 🙂

    Then the next card was the Lovers... wow... hey Leslie, I don't know all the details of whatever you are contending with however it can't stay around much longer cause you have some amazing changes, developments, surprises, and unexpected twists coming... materially a lot... most importantly in love.

    The Queen of Wands, that is you.

    So you see? After everything, you are a lovely Queen very confident and quite sure of herself.

    Oh the Ace of Swords too, so all of this sounds like it has the Universe's blessing to me... I see only wonderful things arising for you...


    You asked whether or not you are moving across the country?

    King of Wands so that sounds like a yes to me. Are you feeling like that is the way to go?

    Job prospects, Page of Wands, so that is "risking in your identity" so I immediately thought of a career / path change. Considering working at something you haven't done in a while, however it is something you love to do. Ace of Pentacles just turned up, so yeah, a NEW material path for you. I am hearing a work you love to do, maybe something you once did that you bring back and it could be developed across the country should your path take you there.

    Six of Cups then also, so that is a nice sign that we are on the right path. That could be a love situation turning around, someone from you past and something new maybe emotionally after some changes. Six of Swords... whoever it is, its nice... like, really nice... like, late at night nice if you catch my drift. You know... watching late night monster movies together of course.

    Okay Leslie... hope you get something from that! 🙂


  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for the uplifting reading...I can only pray things turn out as the cards say!! My life has been smashed apart this year and though I have been feeling like things will start happening, they just keep getting worse! The move across country (my little hometown) is only because I am not making things work here in California, not because I want to go is so I am not homeless:) I would rather stay here if I can!! The guy from the past, we were amazing together, but he turned out to be so dishonest. Is this the one you are seeing? (he is in California also, but I haven't seen him in a year and a half)

    Thank you, thank you....many blessings!

  • You know, I looked at this question. Is it your guy from the past or someone else, and the answer is actually both. I am honest, I drew some really strong "purposed" cards with your guy from past, attached to the queen of pentacles (must be you). And also the universe and the moon. So I was thinking okay this sounds like he is coming back into your life...

    and then i also drew the 10 of cups, king pentacles and the 3 of swords (which is such a romantic card) and I am thinking its both of these people. Then the 9 cups turned over as if to say yes to all that. Both gentlemen in your life. Can you handle that? Would you prefer the one over the other? DISHONEST? How could he have been dishonest, he made a few careless errors with his math, happens to any of us! So you two are hooking back up. Unless you say no... then we can pause that...

    There is someone new though too... a real mystery person I am not seeing much... oooh... Judgment card, wow o wow... that sounds pretty nice to me. If I were a girl I think I would be thinking right about now that sounds nice to me. Intensity is a word that comes to mind. How does that sound? Something intense might be perfect for you right now. Take you mind off of all of the debris that seems to keep washing up.

    So you feel like life has smashed you, hey we could share war stories haha... "hey did I ever tell you about the time this girl..." and we could go back and forth. What gives out lives meaning, these painful experiences. That's the only thing I can figure. It creates a context for us to build on. Hopefully what we build next is solidly anchored in love, the real thing. True connection and solid, dependable relationships. I do not understand relationship problems. Makes no sense. I wish them all away!!! The problems, not the relationships haha...

    Your situation reminds me a lot of my own, I can relate to everything you are saying including the move back home, a relationship "back there" a couple years give or take... and then something "happens" and it is no more. And then your material life goes ka-blooey too, and you are like in limbo land trying to make sense of it all... a lot of that is "the Tower" energy I think. Things we thought so dependable... could be anything we "thought" would always be true or be there for us. Could be a belief, a relationship, marriage, religion, you name it. Whatever it is starts to break apart and that causes a crisis in our lives - and from there we learn and become happier! That is my theory anyway still testing this hahahaha.......

    We think we can escape though. Move back home. Go here, searching, trying everything to break the log jam of whatever seems to be affecting our lives. In ways that don't seem so great on the surface.

    So yeah I can hear some of my life in what you are sharing.

    Five of Cups. SO emotional adjustments must be at the heart of a lot of this. Developing some sort of emotional resilience I guess. I dunno. I can tell in my own life that the extreme emotional responses I have experienced to these situations has calmed down a lot for me. Somehow by the grace of the Universe or whatever. Angels help me I am sure.

    Five of pentacles. So another 5, that means a lot of change energy going on with you right now Leslie. You are in the thick of it probably with an old path fading and something new coming in which you may not quite see yet.

    Then the three of cups means celebration and plans at some point all of a sudden after slogging through the 5's... so this means an abrupt change for the better soon.

    Then the eight of pentacles, solid income, a good security pattern, everything working well materially and financially. So that is a very nice pattern a very happy cup the 3, and the 8 pentacles which all spell great things for you.

    7 of wands, so that is divine self-identity imagination. So that is a very beautiful "who shall I be?" energy, in the mix. So deep down you are already preparing for the nice things to come by trying on different roles, imagining yourself in different ways or modes. You can be anyone! yay! That is all fun 7 wands energies they are a blast so you will have fun with that.

    So yeah two cups... that is all coming for you, a love that balances you and everything working well. Aty least it is a harmonious emotional life.

    Ace wands - and a new role for you too... could be a life situation change that involves a new job, new relationship, a new home and family for you, something... maybe a surprise? Who know... it will be wonderful for you... and that leads to the Death card which simply means personal transformation of great magnitude, it is all-consuming.

    I can relate to what you are saying though.. so do you still feel a connection with this guy from your past? Smile when you think of him? If he is still a beautiful presence memory for you, then you are in a relationship with him... do you still feel something for him?


  • Hi Astra,

    I do, I do, I still feel something for him...crazy after all the harm he has done to me, but it is what it is! I can be alright without him though....I wish he could transform and be what i need him to be however!! I do still feel a connection with him...I do smile when I think of him....that will never, ever end....

    Thank you so very much for the uplifting reading...I will keep you posted!! I contacted him tonight after being out and feeling overwhelming emotion for him....he doesn't deserve it but we will see where it takes us. We love who we love, right??

    Many, many are a gift!


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