Am I going mad? Please help.

  • A friend of mine left my life about 3 weeks ago, his choice not mine, he has a girlfriend who was becoming increasingly annoyed about the very deep bond that we shared (nothing happened between us but easily could of), so we rightly went our separate ways.

    Although it has been a very sad time and I miss him, I have always had an almost overwhelmingly happy feeling when I've thought of him, until the last few days.

    I haven't been able to get him out of my head for the last 3 or so days, I have been having trouble sleeping and I feel just drained and exhausted. Then out of the blue I will have a very sexual (blush) feeling that lasts around 10 mins and then disappears completely. My hands have also been feeling really tingly.

    I just have this feeling is to do with him, am I going mad?

  • I don't know if you are insane or not. but the question I would pose to you would be this.. how would you feel if you were officially his girlfriend but he was spending time with another lady, and you saw they were developing a deep bond and it could go further. how would this make you feel? would you not want to step in and do your best to save your relationship?

    my overall feeling and a touch of common sense, is for you to accept that what you two had was friendship and that perhaps hanging around was not a good idea. unless you wanted that to happened.

    you seem rather lost and confused to me, and I understand you care about him. but if you really care about him and your self respect you would not want to get entangled in a three way. for him having a girlfriend is damn close to being committed.

    so it's best not to get involved where you are not really wanted.. unless you prefer drama.

    I'm sure if you really want to, you could find another guy and quickly.. you strike me to have a bubbling personality, and you would not have too much trouble finding another gent..

    blessings, Sunny

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