Please Help- Love reading

  • Can someone please tell me the compatibility between me and this man? What would a relationship be like between me and him? This is really important to me. We have known eachother for a while, and I want to know what will happen with this.

    My birthdate: March 14, 1988

    His birthdate: September 1, 1989

  • According to your astrological profiles, there is a strong mental connection here between you which can make a relationship seem irresistible. Unfortunately you two are very different emotionally and you won't find the deep love connection you desire here with your pragmatic very critical friend. The purpose of this relationship is to help you both hone your communication skills - nothing more.

    Kittystar, when you feel out of balance or out of control, you search for a partner who will stabilize, direct, and anchor you, but this way you will only attract control freaks who want to tell you what to do every minute of the day. This friend of yours is like that. Instead, try to stabilize yourself by becoming more realistic and less dreamy, by becoming aware of the difference between fact and fantasy, especially in romance. Nobody else can make you whole. Only when you are stable yourself will you attract someone equally stable and right for you.

  • Thank you, that's very interesting, and very helpful. So he would be good as just a friend then? It's true he doesn't seem to want the same things as me. It feels as if he doesn't feel the same way or care for the emotional connection like I do.

    And we come once again back to my need to stabilize myself. In his and our astrology chart we had a grand trine, and we had a lot of good aspects. But it we had some negative aspects that had to do with miscommunication. But our charts talked about the control, sexual compatibility, and all that. We had some really positive aspects, more good ones than bad ones.

    But however, what you say seems more true to what's been going on. So, thank you.

    I have another friend, and he is just a friend, but he is married to someone else. I am not pursuing him romantically of course! Him and I are just friends. He is married to another man. But I feel as if I have a special connection to him. I want us to stay friends and for him to stay in my life. For a last reading could you please tell me more about his and my relationship together? His friendship is very important to me.

    Me again: March 14, 1988

    Him: June 15, 1985

  • Actually this one can be difficult for friendship. It can often be argumentative and hurtful, with some friction and conflict likely. There is often a relationship triangle present here, and intense rivalry and competition can result, often with one person feeling excluded. Mutually caring attitudes and a good deal of objectivity would have to be in place for this triangle to work.

    But your relationship with your friend can also be very productive as a working team, bringing two individual dreamers or seekers together to create something practical yet daring and ingenious. Moreover, your combined creative and inspirational qualities can generate a never-ending supply of original ideas for you to put into action, manufacture, present, produce or sell. Your friend's wit and adventurous spirit and your imagination and talent for fantasy can be grounded in a professional project, and any competitiveness or struggle that might be present in a friendship will be limited while working together towards a tangible goal. The only problem is that, while you are both flexible as individuals, together you can be as immovable as a mountain.

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