In need of a reading please!

  • I have been struggling a lot and just am in a lot of pain over the choices I have made in the recent years. I have been thinking about someone who I had gave up a lot for. I contacted him last week and He is seeing someone else. He has been on my mind so much lately. I want to know if is it really over between us or will he contact me ever again. His name is chase. Thank you so much!

  • I would greatly appreciate it if someone can give me a reading. I am really desperate for it! Thank you so much for your time.

  • Six of cups.

    Doesn't sound over to me.

  • Five of cups, someone is changing emotionally... six swords, that must be him...

    The Lovers...

    dating someone else? I think wherever he looks he sees you...

    seven of pentacles and ace of cups... pretty nice. Seven is sharing, something new in love.

    Knight of Pentacles... some strong focused pentacles too, so manifesting energies are strong with you and him, there is a real desire here to solidify what you two have had in the past. Sure there was a break in the relationship, that is normal and that is what you want.. a chance to connect in other ways, and maybe we never ever really leave one another, you know?

    And then, when everything is right... pieces fall into place that you could never in a million years guess... that must be the magic of love.

    The Magician card then turns up.

    nice is all I will say...

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to this for me!!! 7 of pent and ace of cups, is that for him and the person he is seeing? Can you tell me if he will contact me. We exchanged pretty mean texts with one another the last week:( Or when he will.

  • Hmm... let's see...

    Well, I just drew the Universe so that tells me that whatever is happening in this situation is very much a part of a lovely path that is going to go beautifully for you...

    Ace of Wands... that is like a 'new identity' so you are awakening into a new understanding of love.

    Four of Wands. That is another nice card here as we are talking about you and this person and the relationship you have shared.

    Page of Swords, looks like someone is taking a risk, reaching out to communicate, you, or him?

    Oh I think it is you. We have only been seeing wands so far and I was connecting them with you.

    Ten of Pentacles is ending and beginning in new way of something material/physical.

    THe Devil - boundaries and the games of playing with boundaries. Material boundaries.

    So you and him are going to have get together soon where you are going to talk about boundaries and understandings of the relationship is what I am getting.

    Strength card, so that is Primal Instincts. So this means that there are forces at work here between you and him that are quite out of both of your control. In other words...

    When the Universe has decided to bring two people together, you might as well start smiling now sagi55 cause it is not a matter of if... only when.

    love, astra

    p.s. as for the 7 pentacles and the ace, i am sure they are totally connected with you and him.

  • Thank you again so much!! I thought it was really over but I don't know. The texts we sent seemed really final especially since we haven't talked in 5 months. I am confused about reaching out to him again. I did that last week and it was really bad. He seemed like he didn't care at all. Should I text him and apologize or reach out at all? Could you tell me when he will contact me. I just feel after what we said he wouldn't contact me again especially since he said he is dating someone.

  • sagi55,

    Yeah, if he is not responding then I would let matters rest... quiet and waiting is important...

    I drew the Knight of Swords and the Emperor, so that seems to be the context for the situation with you and him right now. He as the Emperor, you are focusing on reaching out to him (txt) knight swords.

    High Priestess is someone very quiet and waiting, so that is your path right now it seems, wait.

    Then the Temperance card, which is "blending", something going on in the background sagi55 that you cannot see, and your part is to now to be at peace and let the Universe perform Her lovely work. 🙂


  • Then the Ace of Cups, so something nice in the works... shhh....

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