Anyone a Scorpio expert?

  • Is there anyone here who is a Scorpio expert? Got this Scorpio boy who is a mystery to me but there is something there with this one.

    As previously posted, there is an age gap between us, but there is definately something there, the staring is still constant with him, I'm just a little bit unsure on where or what to do next with this man.

    Make a move, wait for him to make a move to make sure the signals are right and not wrong.

    Any advise on this with Mr Scorpio...

  • The age difference is not a big deal anymore. If you put emphasis on that he will too. You can give him signals like stare back, be witty, etc. Do not make a move, things need to flow with a Scorpio accidentally. He is an observer and he will be able to tell if you scheme just relax and enjoy the friendship. He is perfectly capable, younger or not, of figuring out the rest!

  • OK we work together and he has made it perfectly clear that he "doesn't date at work" yet every day he walks by me and calls me "my lady"...I took my child to work recently, my little one is all but 5 and he engaged in coversation with him like it was 2nd nature.

    To me it's either he was trying to make a good impression with me or he actually took time out with a 5yr old and wanted to know about Dora the Explorer and all that jazz.

    He did make an off the hand comment about one of the cartoons my little one watches and it went "I'll come over and watch them with you little dude"....then stared me down...kinda threw me sideways to be honest.

    I'm not an agest in any ways.....I just can't get a reading on this dude...what so ever.

  • Hi Libramummy I know a lot of scorpios and they just love kids, if he liked your son he really does and its not because of you he liked him. he will not date at work because when they put their mind into something they stick to it, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't like you, he probably does and he is trying to figure out who you are, so take your time and let him come to you, if you got your eye on him send him subtil signs for him to have sure that something is going on. I think that by saying he wanted to watch cartoons with your son he gave the 1st step and was waiting on your reaction. But be aware of something, he will not treat you as a lover at work in fact when around a lot of people he will try to ignore you, at least until his certain that he want a real relationship with you. You better have certain of his feelings for you, because for you he will be the perfect man because the way he is going to talk and react with your son.

    Scorpios usually are very honest, independent, very affectionate, they love to be pampered, they are care takers and awesome lovers, but of course that all depends of the ascendant sign, the way they were raised and taught. My advice is look for THECAPTAIN shes great with signs but give her your DOBS.

    have a nice weekend.

  • Same problem here. I dated a scorpio for years and i never figured him out, i think they have a double side life but i agree with the comment above and he probably takes his time to know better about you. Just let it go naturally, don´t let illusions confuse you and be patient. It´s like a slow forever waiting but it may be worth.

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