Very lost, in dire need of help and guidance please!

  • Hi,

    This has been the hardest month of my life, I feel like I've been beaten down to the ground and every time I try to get up I get another blow. I realize that this might sound overly dramatic, but I can't describe it any other way. It's been one thing after another everyone in my family has health issues between all of us combined we have two to three doctors' appointments a day, and that not counting hospital stays. I'm emotionally exhausted and very scared.

    On top of that a guy I have been seeing for a year decided to break off the relationship when I need him the most. He's a good person, I could never say anything bad about him, and I'm grateful for the relationship we had. He became distant and cold in the past few weeks. But I'm very confused by what he was saying, he said that he has no time to put into relationship right now that he's very busy. At the same time however, he asked me if he could call me and come by to see me. To farther entangle things, I also have been helping him with his business and continue do so at this point, so we do have some contact.

    At this point I am very lost, there is so much that needs to be done that I don't know what to do first. I have millions of thoughts buzzing through my mind and I can't concentrate. If anyone be so kind as to help me identify a direction I should follow to get ahead in my financial situation so I would be in better position to help my family as well as my personal life. I realize that to get ahead you have to put yourself out there and make yourself seen, the reality of my situation at present does not allow for too much free time. I was wondering if it was possible to narrow my focus in a more manageable way?

    My DOB is 8/4/74

    Don't know if it's needed he's DOB is 5/20/77

    I will be eternally grateful for any help and guidance.

    Thank you in advance for your time and energy.

  • Hi Nightkat,

    I am someone that use to have many, many issues happening in the same time, i left my parents when i was 10 years old and i had to do all on my own.

    so i will try to help base on my experience and the best i can and i am sorry if i say something that you may not like.

    1. You said there is a health issue right now, what is it please?

    2. i feel even there is a health issue and other things going on the one that really hurt you inside is the one with that guy

    Seeing from the birthday this guy is Taurus right [ nearly a gemini]

    3. Listen, never mind what you face in life, try to find confidence on your ability to deal with those issues, there is a reason why you have them. Trust yourself that you got what it takes to deal with them, Dont be afraid of them,

    4. Regarding this guy or whatever guy, Listen to this, it's easy for anyone, any man to stay around when it's all good but it's in hard time that you really can see who are you friends and especially how much the man in your life want to be by your side.

    Some people only want to be around when it's all good or visit you in short while and goes away when they see you got issues

    Sometimes the love, care and attention you give to one is not appreciated and not given back

    forgive them for it and try to redirect your focus and energy on you as you may waste your energy right now in the wrong direction

    5. i was dating that taurus guy , he was fun and we were close but as soon i had an issue he will pull away from and will call me 1 week later or 2 week later talking about something else.

    he made many excuse why he could be there for me

    i loved him, therefore i wanted him to care for me, my problem etc.. and to show me support, the same goes for my friends but it's funny when you are really in need , you realise how many people are there for you

    sometimes no one is there and you got to be there for you,

    When your partner you supported and helped doesnt show care and understanding , it really hurt but you need to know you are never alone

    You are not alone, you never are

    so be strong, you see all your problems on top of you but they are not on top of you

    they are not problems but challenge that will bring the best of you, welcome them and be grateful for them and do not fear

    If this guy is not there for you then maybe you should start to think what you want from him, dont just agree in what he want from you when you are not getting what you need from him

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