Confused aries :(

  • hello, I am wondering if my ex will ever come back to me. I have been feeling very confused for a long time. his dob is 4-9-1981 and mine is 3-27-1986. Thank you for any help 🙂

  • No it's not likely that he will return - the two of you just weren't right for each other. There was no close friendship or deep feelings involved in this socially inclined relationship. Your ex has a deep need to receive love and it is so insatiable and deep that it is unlikely that one person could give him enough to satisfy him. And you want total permanent commitment from a partner. This guy, with his desire for independence and freedom, would not have been able to give that commitment to you.

  • I cant stop thinking about him, im so miserable and i was told different by a few other psychics. I don't understand why. But thank you captain.

  • You are only thinking of him because there is no one else around and you are lonely. Once you meet a more compatible guy - and you will! - you will forget all about the ex.

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