Any insigth will be welcome from tarot readers

  • Hi everyone

    I would appreciate any insight and help that you can give me on this. I do tarot readings for friends and I go mainly by my intuition and usually I’m not wrong, but lately I’ve been reading a lot about tarot because I want to learn more, and so far everybody says that we have to have a ritual to do readings and that we should use inverse cards (that I’m doing and it’s more insightful), and that we have to choose the cards, I do not choose the cards I just picked up what the spirits give to me, what I do is I do the question and keep the question in my mind while shuffling the deck, I cut the deck put it together and pull the cards from the top of the deck. And I only use 22 cards the major arcanes of the Marseilles deck but Im thinking on buying a new deck because sometimes I need more information. And I still have problems with the Devil and Hirophant card.

    I am doing wrong? What should I do?

    thank you

  • Hey mariapisces

    Everything you are doing sounds great to me. I honestly don't think there is any right or wrong way with the Tarot, whatever you choose to do there will be exactly right.

    What "problem" are you having with those two cards?

  • Hi Astra

    Thank you for your replying, the problem with the Devil card is that for me regarding to a love question when associated with the lovers and the sun cards it means that the person really loves and feels passion and lust not the other way around that the books talk about it, the books identify this card as an adiction,betrayal, a false feeling. But relating to health or other questions it tells me that a person have an adiction that have to let go. The hierophant is confusing because for me it represents all that we believe, all that was taught or someone in our life that follows the law, the religious path, but when it comes to love questions it confuses me, especially if the card falls under the feelings.

    I already read so many different interpretations of the cards that are starting to confuse me a lot.

    I think I will just stick with my first feeling.


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