The Gemini In Love with a Scorpio

  • Hi Guys,

    I just want to know how do you know if he is interested ? still.... we have been seeing each other for almost a year, the first half was surprise trips, we spent all our holidays together, he sent flowers to my job. just because not a special day. beautiful romantic dinners, the intimacy was extraordinary. then he would take these days off, with no communication. I was not the same after each one. its not easy for me to stay close to a person who is not consistent. Is he still interested ? we have not spoke for a week. I feel he cares, but what's the little vacations he takes from me about ? and why doesn't he understand me. I"m not a faucet, you can't just turn me off and on. please let me know.

  • Hi, From the way you describe his behavior, I think he could be juggling more than one relationship. I don't think he's really serious about either one. It sounds like he's trying to do a good job at covering but your intuition knows better. I had a boyfriend that was a Romeo. It didn't last because he was clearly romancing (trying) other women. In fact, he thought he was God's gift. Wasn't anywhere close. Guys like this usually lack. If I am right, if you stay, you'll eventually see. Eventually he'll probably find someone who will take all his time. I think a lot of these romeo types are looking for money--someone to help take care of them.

  • Hi Dalia.

    not true, he would not let me spend any money, and he was very offended when i would offer, the juggling more than one might be true, there were times we would spend a way from each other.

    but thanks for your in put. I would like to ask are you a physic ? I see you often. If nothing else time will tell. a decisi0n is near as to what to do next.

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  • Dalia I think in a way you may be right. I am a gemini woman, also seeing a scorpio. We have only been dating for about one month now. I don't find myself as attracted to him as he does me. I really like my space and hate to be constantly bothered and all he does is text&call me just about 24/7. I find it hard for me to let myself open up to him since he is so giving and wants to do anything to make me happy. I feel like he will end up being a complete ass after we go out for a while. Honestly, I'm not sure if I should end things with him because he might end up like this? You know... not calling for days or just seeming to drift away. I feel like scorpio's aren't as straight forward and truthful as they should be and they feel like they must make themselves seem so cool with little white lies. All the time I feel he tells me things like how much he likes me and wants to be with me just so he will always have my attention. I don't understand him at all really... So i'm in the same boat as you. Debating whether or not to leave this scorpioo!

  • Oh seems dealing with Scorpio is not easy for anyone..........

    You have to remember that they need ALOT of space.........most men do, and If he is a man and a Scorp....he needs even more space than most people, they use this time to analyze everything ....They play alot of GAMES...thats what Scorpio guys do. Sometimes just when they feel themselves starting to get really close to you...POOF, they are gone. If there is any inkling that they could possibly get hurt or have their life disrupted by a lover or a potential lover ...they bail. They dont want to be "affected" by you , they want to be the one who "affects" you. That way they have the control in the relationship...they feel less vulnerable that way.

    I dont know about him "juggling" multiple relationships....thats not typically a Scorpio trait.....thats just the way some people (me and women) are. But if you dont trust him then I think its pretty much a waste of time anyway...if you dont have trust it could be your instincts....listen to


    Its always best to go about your own business when he is not available...try to keep yourself occupied and dont contact him...Its up to you whether or not you want to play games with him too....sometimes thats the only way to get through to these guys....They will feed on your weakness....If he sees that what he is doing is bothering you....he will probably feel successful....if you show that your ok without him around, he might just see that his method is not getting through to you and its time for him to be REAL.

    Best of luck

    Best of luck!

  • Wow Silana,

    That was so clear the way you put that, since the last post I made on here, I started dating another Scorpio, I find them fascinating to talk with, I can't tell how much fun we have, but they seem to try to take advantage of my giving nature, they seem to feel, I'm a push over, I have to say they are slick, nothing was what it seemed to be, he's telling me the same thing he wants to be with me, but he is not as sincere as me, from the heart, so its hard to see if he is real. so I have to bring the evil twin to show him I can be just as deceiving and manipulative as he, I just don't like have to show that side, Or a person to get me to reduce my self to that level in a relationship, its different if you have to be that way with other people, but I don't know what to do really, Actions speak louder than words, i hope I'm not living a fantasy by seeing this guy, I hope he is real.. or what to do to see if he is the real deal... could you let me know. I like the way you explain things, I would really appreciate it.

  • Hi Gina617... seem to attract and be attracted to Scorps...just like me! Curse or blessing? Im not sure about that yet. I think Geminis can be a very good match for Scorpios actually. I also think Sag is a good match for them based on people i have known and myself.

    The way i see it is like this: Scorpio men seem to really take things slow most of the time, sometimes at the very beginnng they rush in with this intensity, then they kind of go off into their own worlds, and after that the intensity is still there, but not to the degree it was initially.

    It is very confusing, but i think they just catch theirself slippin.

    So how open is your communication with this new Scorp guy? You talk about being together so i will assume you have shared your feelings at least somewhat with eachother. So, if you both know you are into eachother, maybe you should be the one to pull the reigns a bit and not let things rush...i think if you dont do that he will end up doing it and you might end up feeling confused like the last one had you.

    If you dont feel he is being sincere..test him a bit, but do it very subtly...then analyze his behavior, his eyes, his body language...get some space and time to think through things, so you can come up with a logical explanation for his being a Gemini, i know you are good at this. The problem with Gem and Scorp seems to be that Gemini wants to always talk about everything, and Scorps just are not into that. They read you the same way I am telling you to do to him...they won't give much a way, so you gotta do what they do. They do this and usually think they got you all figured out.

    They are turned on when they realize they DON'T have you all figured out. Dont manipulate or play head games....well...i at least dont consider testing people to see their true feelings and keeping distance from someone to get space and time...i dont see that as games.

    If a scorp thinks something or someone may not be good for them, they will cut you off cold-turkey as much as it hurts them, thats why they are Scorpios (the arachnid that would rather sting itself than be killed by another) when you are together, be your sincere self....hold back on communicating your feelings about him and relationship stuff.....but other than that Scorps love to get into deep convos of all kinds.

    When you are not around him, chill out on the calls and texts and such and dont always be available to him. Let him know you are interested in him by your ACTIONS when you are together....and don't run to him everytime HE makes plans with you.

    I have dated a few Scorps and have alot of Scorp friends. I also have my veus in Scorpio, which is a challenge in itself.

    The guy I am seeing is a Scorpio, and boy are we parallel with our "games" which is so funny because its obvious to everyone how much we like & care for eachother and they just think we are playing games with one another...but its even harder for me to deal with because I am also a Sag and sometimes have an urge to be completely blunt...but with all my other signs playing a part that would never happen...i think if it did i would def ruin things....and i dont want to get hurt.

  • Remember....take it slowww....give yourself time to develope real feelings for him...which you can only do by getting to know him...and only when you truly know him and his ways...if you have real feelings..then you can let them be known. They seem scared off if they think they "got you" too soon. Dont show him that what he does upsets you cool as a cucumber.

    Also...his MOON SIGN plays a huge role in all of this....find out what it is. I am a gemini moon and so is my guy......neither of us deal with open displays of emotion very well especially the negative type. We tend to be very aloof...well...we seem to be, but we know whats going on...we just dont really react the same way some people do and lose it.

  • WOW Silana,

    You really did your thing, thinks a bunch, my Scorpio has a Gemini moon, but the other One has a Scorpio moon, They both have sweet ways but, my down fall, is my feeling sometime are worn on my sleeve, but as a Gemini i can flip like an pancake, I never can figure my self out more less have anyone else do it, I'm very sincere to what I believe, the best way for me to describe it is, if I love tomato soup, i will be loyal as long as it stays tomato soup the minute you put milk or vegetables or pasta I'm No longer loyal to it, so I say that to say that the minute a Scorpio changes up, I'm no longer interested and that's where the problems begins because they start thinking I'm a phony, but I'm not. they are not what it was they offered originally, I can be very cold and aloof, but they seem to be very sensitive, and sometimes like a lot of attention even if its negative. which I ignore. but for the most part its been an interesting journey with both, may the best man win... thanks again. you really cleared a lot up.

  • Im glad I could help you!...these guys can be very confusing..i know because i am dealing with one! Takes alot of patience....hope i am up for th e"ride".lol.

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  • Hey guys...been a while.

    Im very glad you benefited from my advice in some way. I am actually taking my own advice and it has been working!

    I wish I did that with everything in my life...things would be perfect! lol.

    You probably saw my posts of confusion not too long ago. Well now me and my scorp have been doing great...we see eachother a few times a week....we are still taking it real slow, but I feel he knows best in that matter since I tend to rush into things.

    I read 2 articles that really made me understand and I am going to post them on here for you guys to read. My guy still does the pulling away thing and sometimes keeps his distance, even if its just with the phone, so when that happens i will even re-read the article to kinda help through the racing thoughts and anxiety i get.

    Him and I still have the communication barrier when it comes to verbal expression of emotions and plans about the relationship. Which I just feel its not the right time to bring it up. We both know whats up on an intuitive level and we will get there slowly....I feel I am dealing with an "extra special case" here as well haha....because he has 2 other major influences that make hime emotionally reserved and cautious (capricorn)...So I am slowly showing him how to let go .

    All i can say is I adore him...and everytime we are together I understand why I deal with his cooky ways. : )

  • Here is one of the articles i found which really seemed to narrow it down:

    I wrote something similar in a previous post but I'll repeat it here. Scorpio men are scared to death of falling in love because they like to be in control of their emotions. Falling for you means they have no control. I don't know if you could tell right now that he is "in love" with you but I definitely think he is "falling" for you. To deal with this threat to his loss of control over his emotions, he purposefully pulls away and tries to act he complete reverse of how he feels. This happened exactly how you described in my relationship with a scorp man and so I have heard from other people I know dating scorp men. You will need to accept that things will be confusing and somewhat twisted when you date a scorpio man or else you will go insane. Part of his pulling away is also a test. He knows what he's told you ("He tells me he loves me and even said he thinks I'm his soulmate") but he wants to test how you feel about him so he pulls away. If you feel like you can handle this hot/cold game they subconsciously play, then figure out ways you can deal with it because now you know what to expect. The only way I stuck it out for years was to just tune them out whenever they talked about their emotions. Of course, it's wonderful to hear someone telling you that you are important to them, but when dating a scorpio man, it's not safe to listen to it because then you have to deal with figuring it out when they give you more mixed messages. I think it is best to really try to see them as a friend and avoid labels and discussing emotional stuff for a long time. They need time to figure out their feelings so just enjoy spending time with them. I don't think you should go to the same place where you think he may be hanging out (even if it's where you would normally go without him). You need to drop out of his sight completely while he is pulling this hot/cold crap. He's doing this on purpose because the only way to face his feelings is to be away from you and miss you. He wants to miss you... so let him. It's also giving him something to chase. If you drop out of his radar for a few days or a week or so, then he'll start to wonder what you are up to. Scorpio men like mysteriousness. I'm sure you can find another place to hang out where he won't be. If you're anywhere near him, it will only make it harder to deal with this confusion he's placed you in. You need to take back the control and let him be out of sight, out of mind. Don't worry, he'll call you eventually.

  • Hi Silana and Kedjoran

    well, so far you are so on point, never let them know your weaknesses and/ or your deep feelings, also, be detached at times and not available. One day they will stop, and hopefully its in time for you to enjoy the fruit of the relationship. save some of what you have to offer, don't give it all at One time. have some friends you can hang out with. and just enjoy life, there is so much out.

  • Cool Gina.... You are totally right in everything you said!

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