Confessed I Miss My Cancer Man

  • So I confessed I miss him last night via text. He wants to know why. I tell him many reasons. He asks me what reasons. I tell him I miss his laugh, his kind heart, his kiss, etc (it got a little intimate after that). He says "Sounds like you have it bad"... I say I didn't want to tell you because I knew you would enjoy it too much." He says, "Silly, girl." ... Then he offers to hook up for sex if I want. I tell him no. I want his heart too... No reply. Sigh. No one frustrates me more, but I think I love the bastard. What do I do? Does he just want me for sex? I can't just be his sex partner. Advice, anyone? I know I can't make him love me, but I can't get him out of my head and my heart. I date other people and think about him. Help.

  • Mine is the same , I cant tell if he only enjoys the physical part or if there is real feelings for me , he is always ready and willing , but is closed off when it comes to talking about us

  • TT---I can understand. I still say make him come for you.....I know it's frustrating. In time you will see how things are, cause he will continue to ask about ****. Why because he know about your ex & your relationship with your ex, so asking or talking about ****, will be easy for him to ask. Yes he will be a sweet talker, why not..? He's not ready for a relationship. So you will have to be more patient the ever before.....Glad your going on dates 🙂


  • TW, what do I do? Wait?... Give up and try to just have a sexual relationship with him?.. How do I make him come to me when we never see each other anymore and he never calls. This is our first communication in 3 weeks. He's not seeing anyone or he wouldn't invite me for sex-I do know that, but the more I date the more I miss him. I'm healing and maturing, but the more I heal the more I long for him. I suck at waiting. lol... I still have heard nothing from him... Is he processing? Does he even care?... No one has EVER done to me what he does... EA, how do you have a sexual relationship without having him be totally yours? It's maddening to me! I refuse to let him have his cake and eat it too.

  • Cancer will never make the 1st move. You can plan dinners together, or a movie, maybe both. He can pick you up or met at the location. Thats how you make him come for you. I think he is processing, taking his time. Maybe waiting for the other TT to appear...LOL. girl if you got yourself together then just make a date. Surprise him pay for it, talk about other things then wanting a relationship with him. Let the evening play it's course. Whatever happens..? happens. But dont get clingy, the next day....Ugh we have a big issue with that..LOL...I know I suck to at

  • When I have asked him to do things he says 'thanks but no thanks' or he has other plans... Now, granted I haven't asked in over a month but we haven't really talked... I think I will call him today just to chat for a bit before he goes to work, with no mention of relationship. Short light talk and see where it goes from there I guess.

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