The Week Ahead: Appreciate The Benefits

  • a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff

    "You will experience very deep psychic activity this spring, as new avenues of consciousness open between the inner and outer egos. The inner ego is working to fine-tune all of your senses so you are more comfortable with precognition and "knowing things" that the outer ego or rational mind has no way of discerning. When you maintain inner and outer balance, you emit greater vitality, with an electrifying force." - The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak.

    When the game of Earth began it was to be a paradise of choice, will, and freedom. From the very beginning of Earth spirits took the opportunity to live in this dynamic plane of existence for it was a unique and thrilling adventure. Of course, in those early days souls inhabited the Earth as ethereal beings without the physical dense bodies that we have now. As time progressed, as time does, souls needed to remain in vibrational harmony with an evolving Earth so we lowered our own vibrational status so as not to leave this interesting playground of paradise. The ironic part about all of this is that today we believe a higher vibration is better than a lower one. Yet in humanity's early evolution any advancement was actually accomplished by stepping down our vibration. So you see the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, isn't it?

    The positive and uplifting message in this is that we all know exactly how to innately raise our vibration during the current times of change and evolution. Get excited because there is a Remembrance dwelling within your biology that can master these cycles of change. We come from an Intelligence that knows how to reference and reactivate those forgotten pathways of advancement. You are far more resilient than you give yourself credit for. If the challenges of May's magnetic imprints have you feeling like you are living a myth of mutation, relax because as we travel this living path of ascension our every step, our every experience, radiates starbursts of heightened consciousness. We are the essential elements for the tapestry of Creation to return, thought by thought, to its expression of God power -- sentinels of harmonized awareness still enjoying the adventures of choice, will and freedom.

    So where are we now? We realize that we are shifting but not everyone remained awake during the planning session on the other side of the veil so things feel out-of-sorts, even disconnected at times. May has been a period of intense magnetic imprinting. These waves of magnetic resonance are allowing us to be more inter-dimensional. When they pulsate through our environment they affect our DNA, transforming our current configurations in order that we move into greater potential. We are developing the ability to live in a world that includes many dimensions of time and space. It is also these waves of energy that have been acting like a Mercury retrograde with electronics, giving humans headaches and skin rashes, vertigo and sleepless nights.

    Back in 1987 we had an event called the Harmonic Convergence. This has come to be known as the 11:11, the beginning of a great shift for Earth. It was a time of agreement with other aspects of ourselves (Higher) that a new order should take place. All of life was polled and the entire group decided to shift! Pretty cool, yet if that shifting process was going to work new types of energy would have to be delivered to the planet. A progression of activities and deliveries would have to occur for the grand event to be a success.

    Immediately after the Harmonic Convergence the magnetic grid that surrounds the planet began to shift. It will continue to occasionally shift and recalibrate until approximately 2012; establishing the foundation of a New era. Evidence of magnetic shifting has even been documented by geologists. Another ancient lineage of energy that would need to be activated came to us during the Venus Transit (6/07/04). Those in astrology circles know that same rare celestial phenomenon occurs again in a little over a week on June 5th. This organized and ordained delivery will once again reactivate the feminine balance on the planet. These Venusian transits happen in pairs of eight-year intervals that repeat every 121.5 years. Keep your awareness tuned for the global areas where this energy will stir up rebellious new ideas that challenge the doctrines of those in authority.

    The Harmonic Concordance was another consciousness-raising event that came in and was a bookend energy to the Convergence. May 15, 2006 presented several interesting astrological occurrences that related to the Harmonic Concordance. The astrological influences marked an "attunement" with the energies that were set in motion on the "birth date" of the Concordance. That day was also the traditional observation of the Pentecost that marks the traditional Christian feast commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, symbolic of the Love of Spirit. It was then that there appeared unto them "cloven tongues as of fire" and they became different and Spirit infused people who had experienced a renewal of Faith. That this Pentecost coincided with an astrological alignment which so closely mirrors its spiritual significance, seems very interesting. For this is truly a time in which we may choose to open to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to act on Its message and to do so as an expression of Unconditional Love.

    These big events along with smaller occurrences have been the catalyst and master transmitters of change to your DNA. They have been and will continue to be the kind of energetic organization that causes a consciousness shift for the collective purpose. Last week and continuing into this week, the radiation being generated from the magnetic grid is transferring master energy to your DNA and biological form. It's known as the principle of electrical inductance -- the name given when two magnetic fields interact with each other to create a shift in attributes. Through free choice you can be an aligned receiver and begin to create that which, until recently, was considered impossible for those on Earth.

    This month we have turned the biggest corner of the first decade of the 21st century and have been given entrance to the grandest occurrence in universal history thus far. Transformation, redemption and purification are stages we will have to traverse within fifth dimensional living. Remain heart-centered and soul-focused this week so that you can understand what is transpiring during these momentous times. Take care of Self first and others secondly because these powerful imprints are your strongest medicine for the Perfection you are seeking at this time. Intend and allow integration from the finest, subtlest levels of your Being down to your densest, slowest physical characteristics. When this clarion wisdom can pattern itself through all of you then you'll be a projector of Divine Alchemy and be able to show others how to achieve physical magnetic grounding.

    Functioning at full power with you all during this unfoldment,

    Rev. Angela


    As the Universe clicks along with all its cylinders going at top speed I remain at peace for I know an illumination of the One Heart is coursing its way into the field of Earthly experience. As part of this versatile energizing illumination I curiously follow Its lead and affirm my presentation of Spirit ascending quicker.

    Being a mega dose of Infinite Intelligence I glow with deep-seated alignment in this House of Light I call Earth. The patterns of positive transformation that are occurring allow Spirit to flow mastery through all that I am and my life happens in partnership with a Higher Power and Purpose. Being one with the constructive forces of the universe all of the planetary themes are easily harmonized in physical matter bringing about a New sensitivity and clairvoyance. I am surrounded by perfect understanding and am a comfort to those around me. I seek to trust what I cannot explain for it is a God ordained holistic healing. Health, happiness, a sense of extreme well-being are the E-mergence flowing from this newest imprinting of energy. I let go of all anxiety and resistance to this magnetic mystery and generously give myself love and kindness this week.

    Knowing I am standing on the balancing scales of vibratory equalization I give thanks for the joy and freedom that are about to be birthed. Completing Oneness in this place and time I give these words to the Law of Mind for realization today. With eagerness I await their arrival and so it is. Amen.

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