Would appreciate a reading. Please :)

  • My boyfriend lives with me and my family, and right now he a local truck driver. but he isnt getting enough loads,not making good money. he and his friend have applied for a company that is over the road, they will be going to florida and back. He will probably get 30hours home a week. there is no guarantee that the one day will be on a weekend, and during the week ill be at work all day and school all evening, so i would then only see him at bedtime. its going suck but theres nothing i can do. I would like a reading that answers these questions: Will they get that job? If so, will my boyfriend like over the road driving? How will this effect our relationship? How will he respond about not seeing me much?

  • Hi vettech 78 just did a reading for you.

    Q1 : will they get the job?

    A1 : The card is Ten of pentacles. A definate positive card regarding the finance and sure stability a very positive outcome. MarriAge is another prospect for you.

    Q2 : Regarding road driving?

    A2 : The emperor. He seems to be strong headed and determined and very much in control of what he does.


    A3 : Three of pentacles. You will be understanding towards his work commitments. You will be his silent helping hand.

    Q4 : About not seeing you much?

    A4 : kNIGHT OF WANDS. He is a very strong headed person and know his his priorities like when its work its work and when its love its love. So dont worry much.

    Just an advice do not nag him much and there is very likely a change of residence or even some inheritance.

  • thank you for your reading. his boss was goinf to offer him an over the road job, but it seems like he full of hot air. as for a change of residence, my man does want to get his own place, but if he does i wont see him much.

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