Breaking up is NOT hard to do

  • This year you may be revising the relationships in your life to ascertain which ones are good for you and which are not. You need to be objective about this and not sentimentalize it, or else you will be stuck with those people who keep dragging you down and holding you back. If you don't let false loyalty, guilt, fear, or unrealistic expectations stop you, you can find that breaking up with someone - a toxic friend, a family member, a boss, a co-worker, or a lover - does not have to be traumatic. You just have to be willing to make a change.

    Because if we want our politicians and governments to do things differently, if we want big corporations to change their ways, if we want pharmacy and food producers to clean up their act - it all starts with us. Not by pushing, forcing or threatening others into change, but leading the way ourselves - in how we think, focus, and act. This is your chance to 'walk the talk' of being the change you want to see, as you conjure up a 'dream breakup' for yourself. Change brings good things, and life can’t help but get better when you remember who you are and what you're here for, quite apart from the people around you.

    Instead of the typical hurt feelings, rejections, and resentments that arise when there’s a parting of the ways that wasn’t mutually agreed upon, this time you can have a dream breakup. It all starts with your willingness to choose it. You may not necessarily have a friend/boss/partner who is interested in co-creating this with you, but that doesn’t have to stop you from having the experience you want. Whatever you can imagine, you can have. All it requires is the willingness to focus on what you want. Which means not letting others dictate where your attention goes. It means not letting old stories and patterns repeat themselves. And not letting your companion's stormy feelings sway your desired peace of mind. It means not letting your ' mind gremlins' second guess conclusions the heart has already arrived at. It means being willing to do it differently, even when you're the only one choosing that.

    2012 carries the energy for the new ground many of us are covering this year.

    Whether it’s ...

    • navigating a challenging transition from one job to another line of work (for example, moving gracefully from a layoff to self employment), or

    • making new friends, moving, or creating a new lifestyle because we are not the people we once were and need new challenges, or

    • managing something unique with our physical health (like Wayne Dyer’s non-intervention approach to allowing his body to heal from cancer), or

    • embracing a new way of doing something that matters deeply to us (engaging volunteer work or activist projects without the traditional resistance)

    ... wherever we might find our chance to change, 2012 is giving us the opportunity to find ways of doing things differently, with the energy most befitting conscious creators - knowing it can be whatever we choose. We can lead the way for others on how to do life differently. More than ever it’s time for us to let go of what hasn’t worked, to be willing to release old habits and expectations, and allow ourselves to be more of who we really are.

    That means heavy doses of love, trust, allowing, and peace.

    Here’s to those of us willing to do things differently to the way we have always done them!

  • Thanks for the encouragement Capt change is a hard thing to do

  • Thank you Captain....I have saved this and will read it over and over again....great advice!

  • I have done that with one friendship, it was becoming totally one sided, in my gut certain things kept bugging me, always have to contact her, if i suggested go somewhere, in end had be where she was, it became bore and i just felt it was it. All i done was not contact or make arrangements and she not bothered, so it well and good. In the process i made a new friend, who is more out going ect .

  • That is the continuous cycle of life.

  • Thank you Captain for this lovely post.

    I've been very recently feeling a lot of changes within my self. As I write this I feel extremely excited for these changes that I'm ready to see manifest and this post hits the sptp for what's going on in my life.

    Im interested in getting your advice in regards to this change, and I will start a new post. I'll appreciate if you can share some more of your time with me.

    Bless be,


  • I also want to thank you for this very inspiring post.

  • The greatest relationship of your life - and the one you most have to be true to - is the one with yourself.

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