Meditation By: Ron Smotherman

  • Many people have trouble accepting what they're doing right here and right now, for they're always thinking about what they'd rather be doing, or what they hope they'll be doing soon, or what they wish they were doing. But are we really getting the most out of the lives that we have--right here and right now--if we're focused on something that isn't even real? How much does our current performance suffer if we keep our minds elsewhere? And what benefits from today's task may we never get because we don't do it as well as we can?

    We are where we are, and we need to do what we need to do right now, so why fight it by fleeing it in our minds? Why not embrace it? Why not keep our focus centered on the current moment so that we can give the most we can to it, and benefit more from it? That way, at least, we can accept our current situation and get the most from it.

    Accepting where we are right now does not by any means mean that we should resign ourselves to the way things are if we're not satisfied with them. But if we do want change, we have to realize that it's going to take time, effort, and patience to reach it, and we still have many current moments to deal with before our desired results become our realities. And what we get out of those current moments is up to us.

    Going with the flow and making the best of our current moment is one of the soundest and most effective approaches to life that there is. And it doesn't doom us to staying the same forever, either. It does allow us to get the most that each moment has to offer us and make our lives richer and fuller, all for the price of a bit of acceptance.

    Questions to consider:

    What does the present moment have to offer you?

    How much of your time do you spend focused on something other than your present task? Why?

    What does it mean to you to "go with the flow"?

    For further thought:

    Acceptance is observation of life and

    suspension of judgment about whether what

    is happening is good or bad, right or wrong.

    Ron Smotherman

  • I'm completely guilty of doing just what you stated, I live my entire life in the future, hoping, dreaming, thinking about what I want but the sad thing is, just as you state, I'm not really in the present, living my life, enjoying what I do have which is a lot. I'm too concerned about what I want to happen in the future, not enjoying or living the present. I'm in a rush to make it happen, and very disappointed when it's not happening soon enough.

    When you seriously think about it, it's all so very elementary, but I'm always to busy to really just relax, to accept, to appreciate what is here NOW.

    Thank you for making me think about this. Yes, starting this very moment, I'm going to just live this moment, enjoying where I'm at, appreciating what I presently have, maybe my life will finally start making sense to me, maybe I won't be so stressed, maybe I'll start relaxing.

  • Awwe Darling, I too feel the same, when i first read the Ron Smotherman Statement ~& I too sat in thought

    I can not complain with how my life turned around I am grateful fr all of my past experiences & life's lessons & new lessons to come ~~~

    ~~ Dear Love Fish, I am very Very Happy that this message has reached you ~ & has offered some guidance ~

    May you enjoy your life Day by Day.... To hope for good things is not a wrong thing to Do... ~ if you wish you can writedown your desires your Hopes your Dreams & keep them in a private box where you can keep them there until new changes start manifesting for you...

    this will be like a promise to yourself ~ Can't promise that anything will manifest Soon~

    but never give up ~~

    Angels loves us ~ they wish us well & to be prosperous in all we do ... makes sense .. right :):):)


  • Yes it does make sense. Your words are comforting, gentle and lovely. This AM when I got up, I once again reminded myself to live each moment to trust in myself that this is a good path to take. I felt good with this thought, knowing I should just enjoy today for whatever it brought, to not map out extending into the future. To take my time, to enjoy, appreciate, experience what is here now.

    I'll tell you I've been searching my whole life for direction, always living in a dream world of things to get come, instead of enjoying, appreciating what I already have. I like this, I like this a lot. Now today when I read things, even my horoscope told me to live in the present. Made me think of your posting.

    Thank you and Blessings To You.

  • We are one World Family Really ~ we are on our path of spiritual awakening ~ one by one will come to recognize the higher energies ( light source ))

    Happy to hear that my Message brought some insight & understanding~

    Our Angels love us all~ & they send to us our very own Earth Angels ~ especially when life hits us a curve ball Right ~ !!!!!!

  • I believe in angels, I believe in guides, actually just starting to learn about them. I've been on this spiritually adventure all my life, but so strong lately. Can you tell me about angels, I've read were some even know their personal angels names. I've tried to meditate to ask their names but I get nothing. I get all excited about the these matters. I'm just into peace, understanding, doing good for all right now in my life. We all need to help each other because we all need help. I wold appreciate any info. you have about angels.

  • Hello again,

    Angels i always have known that i was proteced by angels

    ~~ In my later years i wanted to learn more About Angels~ AA~ Ascended masters ~~& whatever angels info i could put my hands on~LOL

    I checked on ~~ & Sylvia Browne & Doreen Virtue came up...

    I can post Some info material from Sylvia Browne ~ AMAZING Stuff she writes she has a book on Angels which explains their purpose & mission to help & guide us..


    xx Mille

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  • Hi Again,

    i found some literature / material on Angels ~~

    Angels are not a new fad~ they've been around for a long time ~

    even in the scripture they appear in the bible over three hundred times popping up in the most unlikely places and doing unexpected things.

    Here are a few of their Biblical roles ~~ Ladder Climbers~ wrestlers , lion tamers, weight lifters, birth announcers, recruiters, warriors, executioners, rescuers,and comforters....

    People were once afraid to talk about an angel experience for fear that others would consider them to be strange.Today people do speak more openly of personal experiences, especially spiritual experiences, On T.V. magazine articles books, and in newspapaers,

    Some think that angels are more active today, It may that Angels have more to do or are given more to do, & they may be preparing us for our next chapter of life & our spiritual history~~

    We may be hearing more about Angels today because of all the personal and world problem we are facing, When life is easy, people tend to becom complacent and self -sufficient> The more self- reliant we are, the less open we are to the supernatural ( god light Source)

    Perhaps the best explanation is that ours is a scientific age, In school many of us were taught that when we learned enough facts, we would be able to solve our problems and live happily ever after~~~ People have found science does not have all the answers for many of life's problems. While science is helping in many ways , it just isn't ~~~

    Humans are designed with a spiritual hunger, a sense of wonder; therefore, people havenecome increasingly open to the spiritual and are willing to accept the reality of angels.......

  • True Confessions~~~

    It was Philosopher Mortimer J. Adler

    who wrote that angels are more fascinating than science fiction and extraterrestial bengs...

    Truth is stranger thanfiction. Consider the following ~~~~

    Angels were very active in the bible, some of whose most exciting stories are about angels.

    Angelology :

    The study of Angels :

    It would be fantastic ~~ Thomas Aquianas A.D. 1215

    One of his most briiliant angel lectures given in the course of one week,

    His lectures were written down and became Summa Theologica, the most brilliant piece of speculation on the subject of angels ever written. Aquinas drew upon scripture and tradition, but because the sacred scriptures do not answer many questions about angels, he added his own conjectures. The modern reader recognizes that many of his answers were based on the culture and tradition of his time..

    In the old Testament the Hebrew word for Angel is Mal'akh In the New Testament thegreek word is Aggelos. both words mean messenger, one of the most frequent duties assigned to angels~~~

    Angels include





    morning stars





    heavenly bodies

    and miracles

    Many biblical scholars wou;d also include the four living creatures and the twenty four elders in Revelation 4:6 ~10

    Because the term for angel is the ordinary word used for any messenger, it is only when one read the word in context that we know if it refers to a human messenger or an angel ~~

    These angels are victorious against human armies.They also may do battle for a single individual.Sometimes the mere sight of a warrior angel is enough to frighten people and deter

    them from their intended evil acts. Waarior angels also do battle with evil angels....

    Angels where'er we go

    Attend our steps whate'er betide.

    With watchful care their charge defend,

    And Evil turn aside ~~~~

    Take courage , for although there is a spiritual struggle,

    good & evil are not evenly matched

    Given this spiritual warfare, what are the survival techniques?

    It's no accident that angels are usually invisible

    "Most often when they do appear, they resemble ordinary people, but it is true that sometimes people have seen the exquisite beauty and awesome power of the angel "appearing like lightening ~~~ clothes as white as snow ~~~ Angels typically do theirwor and disappear~ they don't wait to be thanked ~~

    Usually angels are unseen .This is not surprising, because angels are spirit beings

    minds without physical bodies ~ when angels do appear they take on a human form in order to do their work without frightening us ~~~~

    but there will always be differences of opinions about the angelic organization~~ until we get truth ~ The angelic hierarchy is completely different from bureaucracy we find here on earth

    angels work in perfect harmony to ministering spirits to mankind......

  • Wow, beautiful....I can't "Thank you" enough for all your research and giving me, also, sharing with all who will read all this information. You are so special to do this for total strangers, that took a lot of time to gather and write, it is appreciated greatly by me.

    Now Mille you have started me on two new adventures in my life...the first living each moment in appreciation, and second to learn and understand more about Angels. I believe you must be an Angel yourself.

    Thank you so much. I'm going to copy this so I can refer back to it for knowledge.

    You're Very Special!!!!!!!!!!


    am just like you LOVE FISH seeking truth & understanding ~ in my wlk & my spiritual journey i have come across many many people of all different beliefs & from them i was able to re-discover the woman that is me NOW ~~~

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to come here to share ANGELS.... 🙂

    they too are Very Happy we called out to them ~~~~ Feels so good RIGHT 🙂


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