Not sure what to do? I need help..with Scorpio..

  • Hey guys, My story is real long but I'll make it SHORT: This Scorpio dude was hitting on me, invited me all the time, was initianting pretty much everything and I didnt mind. Anyway he made me fall for him big time... Well tbh he didnt even have to do all that coz I really liked him from the "second sight" lol Anyway what happened is he was keep giving me hints he likes me but he never actually SAID anytihng, which was frustrating so I did tell him I like him and its hard for me to be just friends with him.. He said:"You imaging things and im not confortable of you writing this to me" and I didnt reply but thought to myself: How the hell did I imagine when everythime we met he was all over me and totally showing it obvious he likes me bad" so I got pissed and Deleted the guy off everything.... literally And I am not sure why in the hell he added me back after MONTHS had passsed on a social network>??? Becoz HE KNOWS I dont wanna him as a friend.. I made it nice and clear. Anyway ever since he did he doesnt say anything and I dont say anything Coz I dont wanna get hurt anymore... SO i'm thinking of deleting the guy coz Im sick and tired of his games! Its crazy but he isnt a bad guy so why he plays one? What should I do now its so hard for me to delete him.... oh geez I wish he knew how i feel...

  • I feel he wanted a physical connection, not an emotional one.

  • Thanks for reply TheCaptain, but maybe you couls help me.... Its been so hard on me.. and I know he is not stupid then why did he ReAdded me?? I dont get it... for whta?!

  • Becoz the thing is we are FAR AWAY APPART now Im in another country..... but still...

  • He likes to be wanted by women - it strokes his ego.

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