There is someone named Captain on here? Awesome! Can I have some help please?

  • I had no idea there were psychics here, let alone one with the username Captain. I have always loved that nickname.

    I'm sure you get a lot of people asking for readings and whatnot, but if you have time, would you please help me out?

    First of all, I have this person I am in love with. I have know him for about 2 years ... but over the computer. I wanted to meet with him and try a real relationship, but he kept cancelling the meetings. I know it's because of his busy career, but, I know it's cause of other things too. It breaks my heart every time I can't see him.

    My question is, will we ever meet? He def. has the resources to meet me and so. And how will our relationship turn out, friendship or otherwise. Also if you have an idea, could you tell me why you think he's cancelling the meetings? I can give you birthdates and everything but those details have to be sent in a private note or something.

    This is eating away at me, and I really need to know if I should just give up, knowing we will never meet, or be able to keep hope open that we will. Thank you so much.

  • There is no personal messaging system on this forum so you would have to give me your birthdates in a post here.

    But my general impression is that you don't really know this guy, that he is just leading you on because it feeds his ego, and that online romances are usually full of more fantasy than reality. You are not in love, just infatuated with what you think you know about him - a lot of it is complete falsehoods. The fact that he keeps putting off meeting you should have aroused your suspicions, He has no intention of meeting with you face-to-face. He just gets off on being a player and leading you - and other women - on.

  • Thank you for your insight.

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