Yes, another Love Reading, but please help.

  • Hey, I know that there are many love readings and they get tiring. But if any of you could help me interpret these, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I did a reading asking who my coming love interest would be. I have actually never had a boyfriend, but I am already 24 and am wondering when/if it's ever going to happen. So here it goes:

    No reversals, go by elemental.

    Coming Love Interest Spread

    1 - Who is your coming love interest. Knave of Pentacles

    2 - His/her work, job. 7 of Wands

    3 - His/her quality. The Hierophant

    4 - His/her flaw. The star

    5 - His/her look (look on the card to see if there is any character on the card that could give you a clue about hair color per example, suits can give an indication (cups = blond, wands = red/auburn, coins = brown and swords = dark/black per example) and court cards can give a clue about the age as well).


    6 - What he/she will think of you the first time you will meet. Judgement

    7 - What you will think of him/her the first time you will meet. Knave of Swords

    8 - His/her feelings for you. The World

    9 - Your feelings for him/her.6 of Wands

    10 - The strength of your relationship. Strength

    11 - The weakness of your relationship. 5 of cups

    12 - Love potential in long term. 6 of cups

    So based on these cards can anyone tell my what type of a man he's going to be. He would be around my age since he's a knight. How could the star be a flaw? Maybe he's far away? Maybe he has to travel long distance a lot? Or something like that? Or maybe he's a superstar!!! Haha just kidding. And what does 6 of cups mean for the potential of the relationship?

    All in all does this look like it will be a good relationship whenever I meet this man?

  • Oh yes, and what would temperance mean for looks? That's very strange, and I couldn't imagine what he looks like based on that card.

  • Hi. My first impression of this reading is that there are too many questions!

    My second is that the cards from 8 to 12 are all positive and show a great relationship. The weakness being the five of cups is an interesting exception. I would guess that in a long term relationship it may mean looking back at how things were or how you had hoped that they would be with regret and not paying attention to the love that is. My usual feeling about this card is that it is regret after a relationship ends but all the others point to success and in the world, a long term love.

    The K of Pentacles I usually see as bright, alert, goal oriented, clear minded, friendly and articulate. If not young then still young looking and thinking. By that I mean slim and fit, fast moving and still thinking very much about the future and not dwelling on the past. He makes me think of men for whom a relationship is a part of there lives but not the most important part. He is someone who goes after and gets what he wants but is not really romantic. He can seem calm and reserved but has deep strong feelings.

    His job as the seven of wands.. the first thing that came to mind is someone working in public relations or the media.

    His quality as the hierophant. Unfortunately this in my experience is someone who is inflexible and uncompromising in relationships and will require you to do the obeying and live think and feel according to how he wants.

    His flaw: the star. Perhaps he wants to be the star and have everything centered around him. You would be his fan. The star is usually a positive card so this is a difficult one to see a negative in. Another way it could be a flaw is if he follows his star no matter what. ie, even if it takes him away from you.

    His or her look: Temperance. What do you think an angel looks like? Temperance appears as an angel in my deck. Even features, beautiful but maybe androgynous looking.

    This is what comes to mind for me looking at this spread. I hope that this helps. From a much older person on a simply advice level I would say that 24 is still very young. There is no perfect or best age to have your first boyfriend, but having your first relationship when you're more mature can be a very good thing. You may act more wisely and not get into bad situations too quickly with the wrong people. You may be saved a lot of pain by starting a little later than your friends. It could be a blessing.

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