Blmoon, an update

  • Blmoon,

    I posted for you a few weeks ago but haven’t heard a reply. I know that you get very busy and that sometimes the energy required in your home life takes a toll. I hope all is well and that you are just taking a well needed break.

    I have had to leave this situation with my Bipolar mate. He has become violent and his drug abuse is taking over his life. I have begged and pleaded for him to check himself into the hospital because I know that is where he needs to be. I just can’t do it anymore. I do love him but I cannot fix him or make him get help. I am separating myself from this. I have a protective order. I have refused all contact with him. I have however, reached out to some friends of his to see if they can implore him to seek help. I want him to be in treatment so that he can still be a father for his children. I know that he loves them very much but his behavior is so unpredictable right now and it is not good for me or the children. Do you think this will do it? Will he get the help that he needs?

    All I want is peace and happiness for me and our children. I want them so much to have the best life that they can have and to understand the importance of not letting people take advantage of a kind heart and a hard worker or not letting people cross the boundaries.

    I also want to tell you once again that you have been wonderful to me in offering all the good sound advice overtime. All that you offered has been right as I needed it.


  • I've been away---I'm not surprised at the turn as I believe I told you that if the mania escalated it would get violent. I feel for you because honestly our society has little room or empathy for mental illness--it is a disease that cannot be talked out of and he has no control over it and once they are manic they are not capable of knowing they are ill. It often takes an outside event to intervine. Either getting arrested or hurt. Eventualy if they get through the manic part without harming themselves or others and this can happen--they get lucky---what goes up must come down and the body can only sustain mania for so long then all the seritonin in the brain depletes and they crash hard and goe into a deep dark depression. Then they know something is wrong--go to a doctor and get treated for depression--but the doc doesn't see the manic side and that's why so many get misdiagnosed and antidepressents make bipolars worse. You need to just wait and protect yourself--be careful because manics can be dangerouse---I'm picking up that he is about to crash---that something will change soon. BLESSINGS!

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