Dream of 2 of Pent + Justice

  • I had a dream that I pulled two tarot cards out, Justice and the 2 of Pentacles.

    Questions about my career choice (in acting) have been weighing heavily on me lately (not if I'll make it, but more of when and if someone will give me a chance to shine regardless of the fact that I'm not an A-list, "recognizable" name and allow me to step into a role that I'm right for - basically based on talent and being right for the part, and not focused on status or lack thereof), so I think maybe my dream is in reference to that. But what do you think the two cards are trying to tell me?

  • Bellothika,

    The 2 of Pentacles signifies a choice and something currently in the process of unfolding or in the beginning stages of it. The Justice card signifies fairness. I asked my guides and they said that you currently have a choice or decision to make. There is something unfolding around you but you have to make the decision to see it before it becomes available to you. If you make the right decision you will get a fair outcome. And yes it is about career choices which you have been worried about lately. So this is an opportunity for you...Good luck!


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