A little help please with a dream. Happy Memorial Day

  • Hello and Good afternoon and happy Memorial day

    I was wondering if somebody could help me with a dream I had. The first part of the dream I did something that I would not do. I had stole some money from a person I know and then I went back and took some money. And that person was in my house and we were talking and I was hiding the money. That is not something I would do. Then the second part of the dream I was in England with my sister in law. And we were having fun and then we got sepeartly ( I spelled it wrong). Then I was around some girls and then I believe some body hit us in the car we were in and then the police was talking about arresting us. And then one of us was crying and he just gave us a ticket. ANd I remember saying I can't believe I am getting a ticket in England and I have only been here for a couple of hours. And then there was this place and the lady in there was telling us that we should buy these kids shoes. That the twenty dollars we could go and buy them shoes. That does not make any sense to me can some body please help me. And I am not sure but i felt like I had left my body while I was dreaming about being in England


  • There's something that you are doing or have done that you know is wrong, yet you keep doing it or keep feeling bad about it. You know that, even if you remove yourself from the situation, you will still have to deal with your guilt wherever you go, and you worry that punishment will soon come. You know you must make something right and your subconscious is bothering you about it.

  • Hello Captain

    Thanks so much. I am not sure what it is I have done but I will have to

    sit down and think about what I have done. Nothing lately so it is something

    I have done in the past past. And yes it probably is on my conscious I try to

    treat people the way I would like to be treat so there is something.

    Thanks and happy holiday


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