Joy Readings

  • once again. thanks EltheMoth! I hope i can find my "joy" soon. 🙂

  • Thank you EltheMoth!!! 🙂


  • Dear EltheMoth.

    Thank you, it sounds like what I am going through right now. So I will keep my faith and ride the wave. Hopefully learning as I go.

    Thank You again and God Bless!

  • I would love to know what you get for me if you are taking more sitters ..thank you .

  • Hi El. 🙂

    I'd like to see what you pick up for me, if you're willing.

  • Thank you for the reading EltheMoth. I do enjoy the simple pleasures in life and it doesn't take too much to make me smile. Love to work in the garden, thats my passion. Maybe I'll find work helping people learn how to grow their own food . . .??? Thanks for taking the time to do a reading for me.

    Love and Blessings,


  • Hi EltheMoth,

    Can i have a joy reading if your still doing them, Yessenia,

    Thank you!

  • Hi EltheMoth

    I would love a joy reading. Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf

    Blessed Be

  • Will try and do these readings later tonight.

  • New page post!

  • Hello Hiighpriestess,

    Joy Spread

    What can Hiighpriestess do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    Nine of Wands

    Your inner-strength that helps you accomplish anything. When things are tough or stressful, you love pouring all that friction in your life into productive things. The results make you happy.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    XVI -- The Tower

    The truth. When most people get knocked out after a shocking revelation, you are still standing. Deep down inside you are happy. Your higher self was right, and you begin to trust yourself. It brings you a sense of pride, but also a new opportunity. A new step you know you have to take for life.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    XII -- The Hanged Man

    You may have the habit of pondering on things too much. Not quite the philosopher as you ask things from everything. You may over-analyze things that you end up not finding any answers but more questions. You ask who, what, where, when, how to everything. Learn to discriminate between what’s important and what is not.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    0 -- The Fool

    It seems like all that thinking does no good! You seem to disregard all thoughts and go headfirst. Your recklessness brings you problems, and sometimes, mistakes you can not make up. You may also become stubborn and resist trying new things.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    Eight of Coins

    Someone productive and innovative. It seems like you should be someone who really needs to put their heart and soul into things. Doing things robotically or without enthusiasm is no fun! You can make, and do, anything. It’s time to use your energy to make something great!

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    Queen of Wands

    Seems like the Universe has given you a spark or a passion to follow in your life. Take this inspiration, this motivation, and make your idea into a reality! You seem to have all the skill and energy to do so.

    Joy will be found when you get started on a project you have been thinking of. It seems like you may stay still, with a grouchy face, in one place. It seems like the Universe is bringing you something to smile as you can do something new. Don’t think about, just do it! It’s okay this time!

    Thank you for helping me practice!


    Will do the rest of the readings tomorrow.


  • Dear El, Thank you ever so much for your insightful reading. It was spot-on in every way and really touched me. I apologize for taking so long to respond—my father had died very suddenly earlier this year and the last few weeks have been busy with a delayed memorial service and moving with my mother to her remote home in another country for the summer. It was a challenge getting internet access set up here but I am back online at last. I promise to do your reading soon, just need to settle in and clear my energies first so as not to muddle the results! Grateful blessings, gd

  • Dear EI

    Here's the feedback to your reading:

    1.inner strength makes gives me courage to move forward and it is quite true that when things get tough I become even tougher and that itself gives me inner strength to fight and accomplish.

    2.this is also true that tower moments that bring certain kind of revelation bring inner peace of some kind that I seem to relish.

    3.yes I do ponder on situations a lot and get stuck in what,where,why etc to an extent sometimes that I end up getting headaches. You are right that I need to get rid of this habit and work on improving myself.

    4.yes there is a tendency to do things in hurry and I am aware of it because I have ended up doing a lot of mistakes because of falling pray to this tendency of mine.

    5.robotic and monotonous jobs bring boredom and I get tired of them very easily and this is very true that I want to pursue something passionately at this time and put my heart and soul into it..ah am so ready to do it now'!!!!!!!!

    6.exactly,have explained it already .... :))

    I am so glad to receive this reading. Thank you so much for taking time out to read for me .

  • Hello Kaymrial,

    What can Kaymrial do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    Ace of Swords

    You are proud of your intellect. You seem to get joy from using it, as in debating, writing, and playing the mediator. You are able to see both sides of a situation and use logic to find a proper solution.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    Four of Swords

    Spending time with your friends. You like to laugh and to talk until the dawn. In a group of your closest friends you feel you belong.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    XIII -- Death

    Accepting change. You may not like when your situation changes, so you try and keep everything the way it is-- no matter what. Avoiding change, or trying to stop it, can bring you problems. Recognize that you need to progress in your life and therefore, the Universe brings you new opportunities to do so.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    Queen of Cups.

    You may bottle up your emotions to the point where you don’t show them at all. You usually keep quiet and don’t speak up, or speak out. When your emotions swell up, or when you don’t know what to do, you tend to be confused and just stop everything.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    III -- The Empress.

    Someone who is nurturing. It seems like you need to encourage yourself to grow emotionally. Your mind may be the greatest there is, but you have left your emotional side to dry up and hang in your subconscious. Even if emotions seem hideous and illogical, they are a part of you. A very important part you. What you feel is yours and you should never hide yourself.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    Five of Wands

    I think that the Universe is giving you a little test

    It seems that it’s putting some annoying people or circumstances in your way. I think it’s the way the Universe is trying to test if you will finally say something. It’s time to speak up. This part of you must come out! Don’t fight it!

    If there is a point where you feel you are being taken advantage of or that someone is stepping all over you, speak up! Joy will be found when you explore your true feelings and when you let your mind express them.

    Thank you for helping me practice!


  • Sharon,

    I say that your idea is great!

    You can start a community garden!

    I hope you explore your ideas.

    Take care!

  • Hello LalaChavez,

    What can Yessenia do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    X -- The Wheel

    You love it when you feel lucky. When the Universe seems to be in your favor and opening your path forward you are happy.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    Ace of Wands

    You find joy in moving ahead. Inside you are an eternal optimist, and always feel ready and excited to go on a new adventure.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    Eight of Wands

    You may be ready for a new adventure, but you seem to stop yourself before you can do anything. It may be that there are always delays or you put excuses. After a while, you just give up. You must work on doing something new and taking a chance.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    Three of Coins

    You don’t use your talents. You may be always be wandering looking for something to do for the moment or to entertain yourself with. You neglect yourself-- the side of you that seems to not be explored. I think that you know what your talents are, it’s just that you may not like them so much.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    XI -- Justice

    Someone honest and fair. You may have never had the opportunity to show case your talents, but now it’s time to do so. You have to be the one that encourages yourself if others don’t.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    XIII -- Death

    The Universe seems to be giving you a new opportunity. It’s a new door. You may not know what’s behind it, but you must open it and go through it. For too long you have been living in fear, now it’s time to smile and live beautiful happy filled days.

    Joy will come to you will come once you begin to take a chance. A new opportunity is at your door and you must take it. It will finally let you express yourself and use your abilities --your talents. They are some of the most important parts of you.

    Thank you for helping me practice.


  • Hello Amused,

    What can Amused do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    Queen of Cups

    You are happy when you connect to your higher self or your intuition. It brings inspiration, and may even be your muse. When you let your emotions and mind run free, you are happy.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    Eight of Swords

    You like figuring things out. This may be especially true when you are afraid. The chains that bind you to your fear are what you like to break apart. Finding answers and overcoming things is when you are able to see the bright light of a joyous new day.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    King of Cups

    You may be emotional, but you tend to hold back those emotions. You are emotionally distant at times. You may even go so far as to being a bit cruel in order to hide your hurt or fear. You don’t need to let just anyone in, but you should be fair and treat everyone with respect.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    XV -- The Devil

    In the illustration of the card, there is a little imp smiling while looking down. He is looking at a puppet as he controlling it and making it dance for his enjoyment.

    I feel that this may have to do a lot with you. You seem to manipulate people or control them in order for you to control how they approach you. Those that want to get to know you may find it hard by how you treat them.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    Seven of Swords

    You must learn to stop running. What you have done in your past is catching up to you. You must face whatever it is and take responsibility for what has happened.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    Seven of Cups

    The Universe seems to be bringing you many new opportunities. You have new choices to make. It’s time for you to choose one. Choose what is best for you-- the one that helps you progress in life.

    Joy will be found when you finally decide to stop avoiding your past. In a sense, you are still living in it as you keep running to avoid it, but you also avoid new opportunities. It’s time of instead taking one step forward three steps back, you take that one step forward and continue on.

    Thank you for helping me practice.


  • Hello GD,

    My condolences for you and your family.

    Seems like things are getting back on track for you. That's great!

    Don't worry about the reading. If you can't do it, it's fine.

    Make yourself comfortable first.

    Thank you for the feedback.

    It helps a lot.

  • No problem Hiighpriestess.

    Thank you for the feedback~

  • EltheMoth

    You are right regarding holding back or revealing my emotions at times due to fear of being hurt. I do trust my intuition & definitely try to figure out people & events. Currently I'm trying to understand what happened to my relationship w BF

    3 I dont recall ever being aware of manipulating anyone. If anything I guard my most deep feelings but am open & warm to everyone.

    4 After a lot of thought the only thing in my past I regret is recently my Bf stopped seeing me 7 I regret not telling how I feel about him. My mind went blank, I said no hurtful things but held back saying my love for him

    lots to think about .....thank you for your reading

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