Joy Readings

  • Arieslass,

    Have people been warning you about him? Or do you just have doubts? Listen to your voice.

    The cards show that he simply doesn't trust you enough. Neither do you trust him. It may just be that you both have to take things slow. Right now, it's not a good time to get too involved with each other.

  • Sharon,

    Thank you for helping me practice.

    What can Sharon do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    II -- The High Priestess

    You love to be connected to the mysterious side of life. You have a strong link to the divine and to your spirituality. It is very important to you to have faith as it helps you out.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    Nine of Cups

    You like the little things in life. Maybe a simple flower or a butterfly fluttering about brings you genuine joy. You like seeing others laughing and enjoying yourself. You may be happy person, as you don’t need much to smile.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    XX -- Judgement

    Answering your higher calling. Perhaps you have been neglecting a part of yourself that has been calling out to you. You can not break away from old thoughts or traditions. You must be honest with yourself. Also, you may be a bit of a judgemental person and may jump to conclusions about people quite often. Don’t read a book by it’s cover.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    Seven of Swords

    You may always bring up the victim card. When something goes wrong, you may blame the world for its cruelty. You do not take responsibilities for your actions and seldom do you see what you have done wrong in a situation.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    Four of Coins

    You may need to be generous. You may hold on to people or property very strongly. What’s yours is yours and no one can get between. You may need to loosen your grip as this way of thinking may be bringing in more problems than they are worth. You have so much already and the little that comes in is because you can not stand to part with what you have.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    XV-- The Devil

    Your addictions or your obsessions are being brought in front of you. You now are very aware of what you have and what is affecting you after so many years. It is now an opportunity to change and to rid yourself of old habits.

    Joy comes to you when you enjoy the little things in life. The thing is that you may try and bottle everything up or horde whatever it is that brought you happiness. Instead of hiding it away, you should share it. What brought you joy, can bring joy to others. Here you can start a chain reaction and feel even more happiness, even more joy, enter your life.

    Hope it helps.


  • Hello TheTransformed,

    What can TT do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    XXII-- The Hanged Man

    Oh! You are a rare person that actually likes to sit down and relax! It seems like you are a philosopher and always think about things no other does. Losing yourself in a dream or in a question looks like heaven.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    Four of Swords

    Being able to be alone. You may be an introvert that needs alone time in order to recuperate strength and energy. You may be completely zen as you know how to relax. While in a meditative state you are happy.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    Queen of Cups

    You may be calm and laid back, but you are not connected to your emotions. Mental sharpness you may have, but emotionally, you have not worked that part of your brain. You must work to connect all sides of yourself, to get in touch with your emotions. You may also not speak up enough about what it is you want.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    III -- The Empress

    Is the philosopher quiet? All your ideas, and all your solutions in live seem to only one place of existence: your head. What you need to express you ideas, not block them. You may fear that people will talk you down.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    VII -- The Chariot

    Focus! You may have too many thoughts swirling in your mind that you can never hold anything long enough. It’s good to always be inspired, but it seems like you lose your thoughts to quickly-- thoughts that really have some potential. Try to write each one down. You need to make one a reality.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    XVI -- The Tower

    Change. It seems the way you have conducting your life is getting a complete make over. You may feel like it’s disrupting everything about you, and you are right! This is done in order for you to get another good look at life. You may always try to see things in a different number of ways, but you never really look at your life with such introspection.

    The Fool card also fell as I was shuffling. Tells me that perhaps what is best, or what you bring you joy right now, is to start a new journey or path. You are not as stuck or trapped as you think and can start over despite what you think you can or can not do at this point. Joy to you will come when you release doubts and fears and move on. You have so much ahead of you with your incredible mind.

    Thank you for helping me practice.


  • Thank you, El. I have lots and lots of tarot decks, I like the 1910 public domainn Rider Waite perhaps the best, but all of them are fascinating, especially if you ever lay the decks out in corresponding rows to see all the different pictures of the same story line....

    the cards are called Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Stephen Farmer, I like them - it's a little hard to feel they are telling a story, but people respond to them well, feel they are right on.

    That reading feels like who I used to be, lol, I'm a lot more cautious these days - heck, I couldn't even be the fool card, I'd be too busy looking at the drop off. Smile....

    I do get the be patient part, it's come up over and over and.....over for maybe 3 or 4 years now. That's a HUGE amount of patience for me. I love change, adventure and yes - new things, so I always hope that this time the reading's going to say go for it, go be here at this time at this place....and find all your happily ever afters.

    So, I guess I feel like Dorothy - if I can't find it in my own backyard I aint going to?? Over the Rainbow sounds so much more fun!

    Enjoy your readings, and hey, if you don't have an affinity for the cards, life is too short for less than a fab tarot deck!

    Have you seen the Tarot of Dreams deck - very beautiful, very surreal....

    Take care and thank you bunches!

  • Hi El

    Im okay.

    As usually you hit the spot. Yes my real happiness its to know the answers that Im constantly looking for even if it hurts. Im truly happy when I work on something, because Im busy and that keeps my mind off my worries. I still don’t know what the universe wants from me and maybe that’s why Im not accepting the chance but Im seizing the opportunities, when they show up (laughs)

    You are getting pretty good with this deck,, what can I say?? you are trully gifted 🙂

    Thanks El you are the best.


  • Thanks EltheMoth for your reading;

    You have my personality DOWN PAT!! LOLOLOL.

    I am going to reread what you said and digest this information.

    Thank You for the time and energy that you put into helping us on this board!

  • Hello EltheMoth!!!

    Thank you so kindly for the reading; Blessings galore from on High to you!!

    The reading was great!! I was able to intuitively work with it very well! It was loaded with Major Arcana cards which makes me wonder what's up with that, lol???? I sense, and your admonishing is that I need to be doing something next, but I am so unsure of what that is EltheMoth 😞

    I am truly in a transformation stage of life in so many ways; my life has been turned upside down the last 3 years or so; I am in the middle of a divorce (24yrs married/29 together) with a very hard-hearted man that does not want to resolve financially fair toward me 😞 And I am truly unsure where my life will take me. I have a reconnected, after 30yrs, soul-mate waiting in the "wings" as well (DOD: July-8-54); and I have service-oriented passions galore that I do not have a clue of how to manifest; I would need to retrain, but uncertain of the financial means to pursue or the timing 😞 Oh what to do, what to do?!

    Light and Love surround you always 🙂


  • Jlina,

    I posted your reading here:

    And about this joy reading, it seems like maybe you have become someone that is not true to yourself. Maybe you are trying to be too "grown up" but in reality having a youthful, almost child like side makes people happy beyond belief.

    I never figured that you were a card collector. I find it hard to connect with things or to even have an attraction to things, so unless I feel "it" I don't get things.

  • Thank you, Maria.

    I think at the end of the day, you are at the right path. It seems that at the beginning of the morning you may have doubt, but by the time it's time to sleep you usually have answers that are needed.

    You told me about your new-found abilities, and I think that is what you should be working on for now. I say this because you have been putting it to the side, and now it's the perfect time to realize who you are and what you have.

    By the end of this year, I think you will have come so far, and have figured out what is truly you want to do.

  • Thank you so much for the lovely reading. 🙂

  • TT,

    I'm not so sure about the Major Arcana. What I have read about it is that the Major Arcana tells the story of the Fool. His/Her every step of their journey. Seeing as the majority of your cards were Major Arcana cards, tell me that perhaps that is your path so far. It's the things that you have gone through and the things that you must go through.

    At the End, you seem to come back to original Fool. Though to me it is unfair to call the Fool a fool. It's a hopeful card to me. Anyways, to me the cards show what you must go through in order to end your journey, rest, then head out again.

    It seems like right now you are stuck in one place.

    You want to connect with your soul-mate once again, but what is stopping you? Sorry to sound like I'm naggy or pushy, but these are rare occurrences to meet with them! 30 years is enough time!

    Go with what you want. Follow your passions.

    Have you done some research of how much money you will need?

    Are there some loans out there you can get?

    Right now, since things are still buzzing around, right down what it is you want to do. What it is that brings you happiness.

    I think right now it's time to plan out your life a bit. But put a limit! Say, by the end of this month, you will stop all planning and begin to work on your plan. July can be a new beginning for you.

  • Dear ElheMoth,

    Can you please do one for me, Julie, as I could use a little joy after today. Thank You.

  • Hello Julie,

    I will do your Joy reading tomorrow.



  • Hello EltheMoth!

    You are a jewel! Thank you for the encouragement and additional insight 🙂 I am likely my own biggest obstacle right now; what is holding me 'back'?? In my mind it is the pending divorce being resolved and all of the financial challenges this broken marriage has left me (us) with! His one bad choice/action after another and it's impacts on me and my future; I just feel like I need to get that wrapped up before I can move forward; my soul-mate, who is 10 yrs my senior, lives 700 mile away; while my life and un-fulfilling, but handsomely paid job is here; my plan/desire is to move someplace 'central' to both of our hometowns, but it is all about timing and 'season' for now and I must be able to provide for myself financially. I do feel so restrained. I will follow your advice EltheMoth and devise a plan and follow it, little by little.

    Please send positive energy and prayer my way for an expedient and financially favorable resolution of my divorce in the very near future?! 🙂 Thank you again,



  • Hi EltheMoth,

    May I have a joy reading please? appreciate and thanks in advance!

  • Hello Sporty,

    I hope today has been a better day for you.

    What can Julie do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    XVII -- The Star

    Your faith brings you happiness. Whatever bad is happening you know there is a light that is at your back. It’s not that you are a complete optimist, it’s that you know that you are loved by the Universe.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    Two of Swords

    You have trust in the Universe and it’s guiding force. You make your decisions based on this guidance and when you do you feel that you are doing right. You breathe easy. When a choice is easy is when you are happiest.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    X -- The Wheel

    No one likes it when things turn sour after a sweet period. It’s not that you are being punished, it’s that these things in life are needed. Happiness would not be found if we did not have some difficulties in life. No matter what, fate turns and brings us what we need. Happiness, laughter, joy, will be yours once again.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    King of Wands

    Does your temper get in your way? It seems like sometimes you act in a rash way because of your moods. You may let your impulses rule you that you find some things hard to do. When you are under such mood is when things start turning out bad. It’s that you attracting things because of how you feel.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    Five of Swords

    Stand back a little. When someone tells you to turn back or ask for directions, you don’t. You know what your doing, even if you don’t; you know which turn to take, even if you don’t. Your pride may get away, but you need to learn some humility. You need to accept that you may not have all the answers and accept things as they are.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    Queen of Swords

    Lessons! Your intuition may be getting a new adrenaline shot. You are seeing things in new light. You seem more rational, your mind is not spinning, but it’s absorbing more information. All this that you are consuming is the information that has been swirling around you for so long. You may have simply swat it away. Now it’s finally time that you learn new things that you have avoided.

    You may feel that you don't have time to learn so many things now, especially from your past, but it's time. Joy will be found when you have finally put your hands down after trying to keep your doors shut and letting the Universe's lessons come in. After all you will become a stronger person.

    Hope it helps.


  • TT,

    You have my prayers and my support!

    I will ask Archangel Michael to help you as well as my Angels.

    Keep fighting, keep pushing ahead until you get what you want!

    Hugs and love to you,


  • Hello Pinkrose,

    What can Pinkrose do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you:

    Four of Coins

    I think that you may be a kind of MacGyver as you make things out of seemingly nothing. You are happiest when you get things you like and what you want.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest:

    Knight of Swords

    When you are able to show of your skill. You exude with confidence and you are usually trying to get everything done. You put your ideas into action, and when you are done, you are so proud of yourself. You are happiest when you can express your creativity.

    2: Where must you work to find joy:

    Nine of Cups

    Oh? Are you a bit of a hoarder? You seem to like acquiring new things, but the problem is that you always want more. You may feel like you don’t have enough. You do! You may be simply trying to fill a need by getting more things. Think about what you need rather than what you want.

    3: What you allow to block your joy:

    Four of Cups

    You may be a bit unappreciative. You may always depend on your friends, family, and lovers to give you reassurance. You are discontent with who you are and what you have. Realize that you need to love yourself and accept yourself. The things that you have do not make you.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy:

    Seven of Coins

    Rewards. What you get may not always be in a physical form. When you do a good job, when you begin to work on a goal close to your heart, you get the rewards for you work. You begin to get recognition, honor, and pride. You must believe in yourself by believing that you can do so much.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time:

    XX -- Judgment

    You have probably had an epiphany as of late? You have made a realization after going through a dark period. Everyone around you has been honest with you, and now it is time for you to be honest with yourself. It is a new opportunity for you to walk a new path in your life. It is a time for change, and once you accept this change, life will flow better.

    You seem to find joy in what you have, but your things don’t completely give you the happiness that you want. You feel something missing, you often think about it as you sit alone and wander how life would be different if you were to do things different. I think joy will come to you once you act on your true desires and wishes. Come on out! The world is waiting for you!

    Thank you for helping me practice!


  • Thanks EltheMoth!

    You are right! Im always doubting myself and etc. And I simply have prob following my true desires as I simply have too many worries and need tons of assurance. Forever relying on my friends to assist me in decision making. Always need my decision to be accepted by others before I have the confdent to proceed with it. And most of times I have strong emotional struggle as what I truly want might not be "agreeable" by others.

    The judgement card is suggesting me to choose over what I want or follow what is "right"?

  • Pinkrose,

    Yes, I think so. Perhaps you choose short-term rewards without seeing the "whole picture." You may ignore what it is you need because you try to hold on to everything you already have.

    Following what is "right" is a little bit more complicated. Right now, what is "right" is not the easiest path to follow because who is to say what is truly right for you?

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