Joy Readings

  • I am really sorry for skipping you, Blackladydiver

    Thank you so much for telling me!

    What can Illona do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Ace of Cups

    Love. You may be a person that is in love with love, but why not? Ever the romantic, thinking about love, being surrounded by the love of another brings you happiness.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Six of Cups

    Being in sync with an important other. You find peace, happiness and joy when you can spend all day with someone you get along with. You may also be a social butterfly, as you like to communicate, talk and share.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Ten of Wands

    To carry out projects. You may not be very ambitious and may dislike working too hard. It may be because you are used to people always being there to help you, but when there isn’t you choose not to do much. You work may suffer because of it. You must work to be more independent.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Page of Wands

    You’re not so inventive and creative with your projects. You may be a starter but not a finisher. You allow your mind to wander too much and forget about the work at hand.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Eight of Swords

    Freedom! Independence again comes out here as you may always wait on people to tell you what to do or wait to go. You have to follow your ambitions and not always think who’s going to come with you on your journey.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Five of Wands

    New opportunities. You may not be a competitive person, but right now the Universe is allowing you to pursue something you have always wanted to go into. The thing about it is that all the people involved are not there to be your friend, but your competition. It’s a good thing! What you are pursuing is something only you may like, so you have to go it alone. No matter! You can do it, and if you continue to moving forward, you will complete your task. You will be so proud of yourself.

    It’s time to go out to the world and do what it is you want! Don’t think about taking a person for company, you don’t need it. This is a journey you must do on your own. You beloveds are there for you-- lovingly waiting for you to follow your dreams. Joy comes from finally living out your dreams.

    Again, I am really sorry for skipping you, but thank you for reminding me and for helping me practice.



  • Hello Maria,

    I am good, how about you?

    What can Maria do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: XVI -- The Tower

    Finding answers. When you finally get your feet grounded and realize everything. The truth to you is beautiful, because you are finally released and your burdens fall away.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Seven of Coins

    Having a goal and completing it. You like to plan and to work your plan. While you are working you lose yourself, but when you snap back, you are usually happy with the results. Your reward is the hard work you have put into it, but you also don’t mind it when people recognize your hard work.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Nine of Cups

    Inner happiness. You may try to find happiness or gratification on the physical plane. You forget about yourself internally. In you mind, you are safe and truly happy. There is nothing to be afraid of. Know and love yourself on every level.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: X -- The Wheel

    You resist change. When bad things begin to happen, you don’t let it go. You wallow in self-pity and may prolong the pain or sadness that you are running under. The bad things that may happen in your life are lessons, not permanent circumstances. There is always a ray of sunshine and a new opportunity. Never forget that your future will always turn for the better.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: King of Wands

    A go-getter. The opportunities that come to you, you must take them! Be more confident in yourself. Your goals are not completely out of reach. You can accomplish so much with more strength, belief and will-power.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Five of Swords

    Acceptance. After so much you have come to realize what is real and what is not. You have come to realize what is truly important. The Universe is opening your eyes and giving you a new opportunity. A new journey to find yourself

    It seems like you are still in some inner conflict, but your true path is always in front of you. You simply need to step back and realize this. Joy will be found when you can finally move and continue on your way to a new beginning.

    Thank you for helping me practice!


  • Hello EltheMoth

    That is ok about you skipping me. Thank You so much. You know you hit it on the nose about somethings. Number 2 where must I work to find joy the ten of wands- I do start things and sometimes start something else. I am learning how to work independently. Even in school because before when I was doing my Bacholars I had a group to work with and now I am doing my masters i have to do it all on my own.

    Number 3 What you allow to block your joy: Page of Wands

    that really h it it on the nose. I do wander when I work on something and now I have to learn I have to focus.

    Number 4 Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Eight of Swords

    I understand now that everybody is not always wanting me to do what I should be doing.

    Number 5 I am going to school for forensic psychology and alot of my friends think I am crazy because of my age. But that is a passion and it is something that I need to do in life. And the other thing is that I want to do is write short stories for the kindle. That is something that I want to do so much and now I know I have to. Thanks so much for this

    I really needed to hear this.

  • BLD,

    If it is your passion, pursue it!

    I'm rooting for you!

  • Hello Eilyk,

    What can Elaine do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Knight of Wands

    Going out and doing what you want. Passion and energy are all yours. You are happy when you can burst like a bright star and move anywhere.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: III -- The Empress

    You love to create. You may also have a green thumb, but to able to be out and about in nature makes you happy.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: XIV -- Temperance

    Finding balance. You may like doing things by yourself and for yourself. People are important if you life (though you may not like it), so you need find some sort of compromise or harmony with the people around you. You can still have time for yourself.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Five of Swords

    Fighting. Everyone around you may be out to get you or that they may be competing with you. You enjoy a good fight, but perhaps you go out and pick a fight on purpose. You may also do this with your closest friends and family, so you may always feel ostracized and misunderstood.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: King of Wands

    Someone who doesn’t care what others have to say. Even though you may seem to not care much for others, internally you hear their words-- they do hurt. You can not change who you are. You are a strong person and that strength, energy and power are your greatest assets.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: X -- The Wheel

    A fortunate time. It seems like the tide is turning and you are entering a better time. Keep moving forward and following your inner voice. The transformation and the change is for your own good. Opportunities are popping up so reach out and take them!

    What a wild one you are! You remind me of the Greek Goddess Artemis. Right now, you are entering a good time. Joy comes to you when you keep walking your path. Whatever blocks and restrictions from others that you have been getting are only there to slow you down for you to catch up with the world around you. Now, it seems like you have learned, and can go on your merry way.

    Thank you for helping me practice!


  • Phew!

    Sorry if I took too long with the readings.

    But thank each and every one of you for helping me.

    If anyone would like one in the future, don't hesitate to ask!

    Hugs, love, peace, prosperity, happiness, and joy for everyone,


  • Hello EltheMoth,

    Thank you for the reading. How would you like to practice more and give me a reading concerning my present love relationship?

    Thanks so much

  • Arieslost,

    With these cards?

    Ok, I'll make a new thread and post your reading there.

  • What's your question?

  • Hi El,

    Just a follow/clarification on your joy reading below:

    2: Where must you work to find joy: VI -- The Lovers

    You have problems making important choices. Rarely do you trust your own intuition when it is calling out to you. This may be apparent in the way you choose your lovers. You like to be helpful and loving to all, but some people you need to be careful of.

    Does this somehow relate to this gem guy I like whom I need to be careful of? What do you sense about him? Just curious..

    Thanks again,


  • Arieslass,

    I'm going to use my trusty Moon Oracle cards to answer you question.

    Does this somehow relate to this gem guy I like whom I need to be careful of?

    Not entirely. It's generally about all you come in contact with. With him, it just may be that you don't know him well enough.

    What do you sense about him?

    He may not be the best guy for you. You seem very loving, and that you need a lot of affection in return. He may give it to you, but not as much as you would like.

    I think the split personality for him comes out as sometimes he is charming, and then at times, he completely disappears or seems to be avoiding you.. A fluctuation that could hurt your confidence.

    Have people been warning you about him?

    I got the Fall card and in the picture it shows people telling the girl about to fall to watch out.

    You will always meet new people as you continue on with or without him, but you should listen more to your instinct rather then your emotions.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hello,

    You may do as you wish. My question is really concerning my present relationship. Am I on a good path andwhere am I headed.

  • How are you 🙂 I would love to have a Joy reading as well!

    My D.O.B. is April 21,1973: Basically I was wondering if you see me reconnecting with an old friend I use to date back in 2009. Also I have applied for a job as a Staffing Coordinator; do you see me getting this job?

    Thank You 😉

  • What can StandingTall do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Three of Coins

    You like progress and this includes working with others to accomplish goals. You do your best when you are working with others. You are happy when you can bounce around ideas and get things done.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: 0 -- The Fool

    You like to begin new things. A change of view, a little fun to your routine here and there makes you happy. You definitely are not a person to do the same thing every single day. You are young at heart.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Knight of Cups

    You may not have discernment between iron balloons and actual balloons. You chase dreams, or opportunities that are not practical. You are very dreamy, and have a vivid imagination. Learn to reel it in a little.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: IX -- The Hermit

    You may not like to be alone-- at all. You may also not like to heed advice. When you do get it you may think about it for a minute, disregard it and go on with whatever you plan at the moment. Being a little grounded, having a bit more patient, and thinking through your plans will help you.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Nine of Coins

    Planning your plan, and working your plan. You may not get much done because you’re always moving about and not getting much done. You have such creativity, and if it gets further than you thinking and talking about it -- to be able to work your idea-- you will make something wonderful. Truly you will be proud because you can create things that unimaginable.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: XV -- The Devil

    You may have recently the problems that are around. This may be especially true when it comes to your vices. You may have noticed the unhealthy foods you are eating or the type of toxic people you are around. This is the opportunity to release yourself from these things. You can now change your life and make better choices for yourself.

    You are such a lively person, but you seem to be so lively that you may jumping and bouncing all over a room! It seems like Joy will be found when you finally figure out how to control that energy and sit down, take a breather from all that moving. You need sleep after all! You are creative and have a beautiful imagination, it’s time to use it, but first a 50 pound boulder tied to your back so you can get things done.

    Thank you for helping me practice, both here and my other thread!



  • Hi, EltheMoth! It is very giving of you to do this thread. I hope you like the new cards and I got some oracle cards recently too - Earth Magic. Different than Tarot, but still very cool.

    If you're caught up I'd love a reading. Right now I stay home to work at helping my boyfriend doing accounting, etc., but I am conflicted about getting a "real" job and having my own cash, etc. Should I just enjoy things the way they are? Plus, if I were gone all the time, it'd be much harder to keep up with his billing and payroll. I find it hard to put all my eggs in one basket - his, lol. Any advice would be great....

    Thank you and blessings be,


  • ElthMoth, That was really good and thank you,

    I do get the feel although some is like residual from the person i was in past

    Im tired of doing everything all by myself, like to have friends to have new adventure's with, i think if i get the right balance, i will enjoy the time more when i do do things by-myself.

    I used to think that i didn't show enough interest in other people (i know well) lives, but i would never stick my nose in, i make the effort to show im interested in their life.

    Im aware of how strong my mind can be, and how i was mis-understood, i very aware how to express my thoughts and my tone, so this dont happen.

    All new and exiting fresh new look and life, still got stones to overturn


  • Dear ElthMoth,

    I'd appreciate a joy reading if you have time. My DOB is 11/26/62. Basically, I'm at a crossroads in my life and would like any insight you might give.

    Thanks so much,


  • Hello ElthMoth!

    If you are still doing Joy readings, may I please? 😉 Thank you!

    Light and Love,


  • Hello Jlina,

    Your cards sound wonderful. They are oracle cards? Are they your first cards?

    To be honest, I’m not liking the cards so much. I don’t like the Rider-waite style for some reason. But they are light and have wonderful illustrations that keeps me wanting to know them more.

    What can Jlina do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: King of Cups

    Joy for you is when you are able to communicate your emotions and what you are thinking. You may think that the power of communication, talking, can fix almost anything. You are happiest when you can fix anything-- when you play the mediator.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Two of Wands

    When things run smoothly. You are one that likes to use their energy to do new things. You like using your creativity to add a boost to your projects. You are happiest when you use all sides of your mind and everything turns out fantastic.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Knight of Coins

    Patience and foresight. You may start out things, but may not always be patient to work all sides of the project. You may be a bit short sighted and don’t think things through. You may finish your project but you find that you have many mistakes in the end because of poor planning. It may also take you twice as long to finish. Learn that the shortcuts you think will help finish your work may actually double your work.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Knight of Cups

    You jump into things without even thinking. You have instant gut reactions, but it’s usually your emotions that are twisting in your gut rather than your intuition. You are passionate, and you allow your uninhibited passions to take over.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: 0 -- The Fool

    Using your energy wisely. You are young and energetic, but it seems like you need to project all your energy wisely. It can’t be let go in every part of your life (like when you need to do something seriously) but when you are out on a new adventure and planning something new.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: XIII -- Death

    A new beginning. It seems like a new manifestation of yourself is growing. Things in your life may not be going as well as you like, but there needs to be a little chaos before we find complete peace.

    I remember you once telling me that you like doing new things-- getting a change of scenery. The Universe is now giving you a new beginning. Enjoy!

    I’m only doing Joy readings and readings related to the Joy reading here. I’ll start a new thread and answer your questions there, okay?


  • Hi El,

    thanks for the clarification re: the gem guy. He definitely has his own moments of isolation from me and that hurts me, but still I'm trying to understand him and give him the space he needs. Right now, he is at that stage :(. Maybe I should just forget him. So, you got me curious again.. re: the fall card.. why should I watch out for him? Does he not have good intention towards me?

    Thanks, Arieslass

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