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  • Hello Gracefuldaisies,

    Thank you so much for your kind offer.

    I don't have anything to ask, so I guess whatever your cards have to tell me will be fine.

    Thank you. 🙂

    What can GD do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Two of Cups

    Feeling connected to another. Honesty, communication, and unity. You love to be one with another or even a project. When you feel a true connection or a special feeling like no other you are then happy.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: VII--The Chariot

    When everything is balanced and when you can move forward without a delay. When you feel that your direction is right, you focus is unflinching and you like finishing what you have started.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Five of Wands

    You may not be much of a competitive person. At times you may let people take your opportunities. A little bit of healthy competition is alright.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: King of Cups

    You are a kind and caring person, but sometimes you may be emotional distant. There has been some injustice done here to you, making you a bit careful to who you really let in. You are truly sensitive and choose to keep many people at arms length.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Queen of Cups

    Reflection of yourself. You seem to be hiding yourself. You are a loving, intuitive person that needs to express themselves. You may have more love in heart than you allow yourself to show. Give it tor yourself first.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Nine of Swords

    In the card, there is a young prince sitting on a tree. There are three creatures snarling at him feeding his fear, but on top, there are three hearts. The message from the Universe is to look up. You may not be aware of it, but there are people there willing to accept you, and love you, with open arms. Your fear is keeping you away from them.

    Three of the cards were water cards, so emotions run deep with you. There is also a lot of fear and worry of who might be next to hurt you. You really are a strong and willful person, but you feed your doubt and end up as far away from those that you would like to get close to. People are there for you, and this time you can smile and enjoy their company. When you love yourself, they will love you too.


  • Hi El, can I have a joy reading too if possible? Thanks..

  • Hello,

    El, can I have a joy reading too if possible? Thanks..

  • Hello Anna,

    Thank you for helping me practice!

    What can Anna do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Nine of Wands (Reversed)

    When you have nothing to worry about. Freedom from responsibility. Maybe just having ample time to relax and enjoy what you do.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: XI--Justice

    When things turn in your favor. You find joy when things move along at a wonderful pace. They are especially appreciated when you feel you have earned some peace and justice from the work you have done.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: XII--The Hanged Man

    Changing certain patterns of your life. Maybe you are the philosopher that always thinks, waits, and sits. Yet, the philosopher has a burning house. Instead of thinking "how did the fire start?" Get out of the fire!

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Three of Wands

    Not being able to work out your plans. You may like to sit and think, but at times, you may not always plan things out that much. You like using your time for yourself, and if something is not progressing that way you like, you are prone to abandon it. This may be especially true when you get a creative block.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: XIV--Temperance

    A very balanced person. One who, like you, enjoys their own time, but they also know when to put their nose to the grindstone. This card tells me that you need to learn the full extent of your talents and emotions in order for you to grow.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Eight of Coins

    Have you been making things or selling things? This is the opportunity for you to grow lies. When you are successful here, you can show your work with pride. Pride because you have accomplished something: a lot of hard work, focus and the extent of you skills.

    It will be a motivator for you to continue working.

    Joy comes from working out your mind, body and soul. When you find a balance here, you will be at your utmost happiest and fulfilled. You may work one part of yourself for a long time. You may be a creative thinker, but there are other important things to do. The Universe shows that there is work to be done before taking a break. At the end of the day, joy should come to you once you have taken a step towards real progress.


  • Yes, Arieslass!

    Everyone and Anyone is welcome to get a reading.

    Tomorrow I will continue them!

  • Hello Effie,

    I am doing good, how are you?

    What can Effie do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Ten of Wands

    When you have things to do. The more things you have scheduled the better. There are no idle hands with you, if you can help it!

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Six of Cups (Reversed)

    Thinking about the good ol' days. When you let your mind wander into the past. How you wish things could be as beautiful and as happy as they once were.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Two of Coins

    Need for flexibility. All that time keeping busy is keeping you from enjoying the finer things in life. You need to balance work life with family life, and family life with your own time away to have for yourself.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Five of Swords

    You don't allow things to change. You are scared what change might bring, as you are afraid that everything will collapse. You also feel that everyone will be against you.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: King of Wands

    I'm going to quote what the pamphlet has written because it really explains everything.

    "Let yourself be inspired by the king's innovation and bold creativity by seizing the day and making the most of opportunities. Go forth with confidence as you command your efforts toward your goals. Be not concerned about what others think; make a splash, and lead the way!"

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Four of Swords

    If things are slowing down, it is because the Universe is giving you chance to be by yourself. You need some time recuperate and to recharge your energies. A little time alone, a little rest will do you good.

    You seem like a very dutiful person, an ideal worker. Yet, you are a human being not a worker bot! Right now, it's a good time to do things for yourself. A walk in the morning may be good for you to have some time to yourself. Even five minutes to sit down and meditate will help right now. Hey, you deserve a little vacation!

    Thank you for helping me practice!


  • Hello RubyRedLips,

    Thank you! I was feeling mighty happy myself. Still am!

    What can Mary do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Six of Coins

    Do you love receiving gifts? You may also enjoy getting gifts. Sometimes it is the little things that count, but either way so long as it's a gift of the day it is loved by you.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Seven of Wands (Reversed)

    You may enjoy hearing and seeing the bravery of others, but you don't enjoy doing that yourself. You may enjoy quarreling though and you may like playing 'devil's advocate.'

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Queen of Coins

    Suspicious and paranoid, you may not be so sensitive to other people. You may like giving people things, but you mostly do it to see if they will return the favor. You may like to test people in order to see their worthiness.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: V--The Hieropant

    You often don't follow rules and end up in more trouble. Like the common tale of not following a manuel, you like doing things on your own. You also may not like authority figures and any one in a position of being a teacher or in the "system" you have an immediate dislike. You don't like people telling you what to do.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Three of Swords

    The card shows a heart with three swords. It's meaning is that it times mend what is broken. Even if there nothing but darkness and sadness, truly, right next to you, there is a shinning light at your side. Focus on that person, the one that brightens your days and brings warmth to your heart.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Knight of Swords

    A refreshing breathe. You may feel confident, courageous--young. Right now, the Universe is giving you the energy to connect with yourself; to plan you plan and then work you plan. Success is guaranteed.

    A rebel, a femme fatalle. That confidence, and allure you have around you is doubling it seems. Joy to you will come with that extra boost in energy you get from the Universe. It's when your individualistic mind has the best ideas and when you feel you can conquer anything.

    Thank you for helping me practice!


  • Thanks for the reading El !

    A rebel and a femme fatale.

    I love it !

  • Hello El, There you go again nice reading for me I really need to balance myself and love myself and yes I have to relax when I know its not my problem Lmao... Selling, I guess I have potential thats what I'm doing ages ago my first bf is my boss Lol .. Well known in my home town I am just an ordinary employee of their company its quite big and very much influential company.I started from the bottom after a few month I didn't realised I was trusted sign documents and used to be representative when the company had bidding . I learnt a lot on that company I was assign in different branch I sell a huge volume by trailer or ten wheeler of corn, rice brand, and rice , I deal with well known company in my home town and meet a lot of people and thats the time i learnt to do my own business but I won't do selling I do finance small project in the government and rediscounting. MYexbf had all the trust in me I don't know why but they are pure chinese I was told that my aura is different in away I do believe that but started last year my finance is getting slow and I'm not active and I spend so much to travel and buying stuff plus helping people around me . I was told that my good luck is not like the way I used to have before things that a bit worrying now cos I can see that I have lost my focus and few people take advantage of my being generosity that in the end its cause me too pain and sorrow I realised too good to other people is not good for me but now I learnt hoe to say no before I got nothing for myself thanks to u your so cool

  • Annie,

    I'm sorry that I confused you.

    I haven't done the reading for you, as I'm going in order.

    It's taking me quite a while to do them because I'm not so sure of the message they give.

    I'll do your Joy reading today though.

  • Hello Sonnie,

    What can Sonnie do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Knight of Swords

    Putting your ideas into action. You like movement and going into things that you passionate about. You feel a drive and you valiantly and happily go to accomplish any goal.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Three of Swords

    You find joy easily when you pick up the pieces. When there is a bad time in your life, you can not let it set in. You readily find a way out-- a ray of light. You are optimistic and look at the brighter side of life.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: V--The Hierophant

    You may need to give some confidence classes! You may be brimming to the top with happiness, but you may not always share it. I feel that this card says that you need to become a sort of teacher or mentor for others that don't know the key of life that you have already found.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Queen of Coins

    There are those that may be taken advantage of you. You are a kind and nurturing person, but you don't seem to be a good judge of character. You help when you can, but those that you help may be using you. It's not that you should lose your faith in humanity, it's just that there some that you are better off without.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Seven of Wands

    Someone that spreads a joyous message. When you feel you have to talk about something wonderful, don't keep it in. Your happiness should be shared with everyone because you truly have a "Midas Touch."

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Six of Coins

    Absolute abundance. The Universe seems to be giving you everything you need (money?). This is making it easier to see things with rose-tinted glasses then you have already. But now it seems like you need to share.

    All seems beautiful on your end. Congratulations! I think that joy to you isn't so hard to find, but that you may wonder what others think of your sunshine personality. It's easy for you to find the good things in life, and I think that Universe is hinting for you to be a guide or a teacher for those of us with less optimism (like a guru?). You will always receive love from the Universe.

    Thank you for helping me practice!


  • Hello Annie!

    This one is for you. I got things mixed up since I used the other visitor's real name instead of their Username.

    My fault!

    But here is your joy reading.

    What can Annie do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Ace of Wands

    When you begin things and you have a lot of energy. You have in you strong will and intuition to push forward. You may also be very spiritual and more than often you let that guide you.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Four of Swords

    You like being able to get away from routine and focus on yourself. This card for you reminds me of the Phoenix. You burn brightly and have so much energy, but you come back to lay your weary feathers-- to sleep. Once again you rise, and when you do, you love the feeling of renewal.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Eight of Swords

    You must break free. You seem to restrict yourself and bind yourself by old patterns of yours. You may think too much on things and wonder how it will affect you; therefore, change may not come along too much. Release your doubts, and never fall victim to another person. You have more freedom then you believe

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Six of Wands

    Your pride. You may be to stubborn to listen since you think you are usually in the right. Even when you know you are wrong you may argue until you convince everyone (and yourself!) that you are right. You may also dislike not being congratulated by what you have done. Learn to swallow your pride sometimes, and to work for the sake of working and not just to get praise.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: XX--Judgement

    To be able to move on. You really need to be the Phoenix here and create a new life. Regret, anger, hurt, it's time to let go. It's a new phase of your life and all you can do from your past is learn from it.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Four of Wands

    The Universe is giving you a reason to celebrate! You have probably been blessed with new friendships, and successful completion of your projects. It isn't only your friends that are with you, but your family. Enjoy your time with them, as right now it's one of the best and happiest.

    I see that you really wish to move on with your life and turn a new leaf, but you seem to have doubts. Right now, things are falling away, your obstacles are, and it's time to see that these ends are truly beginnings. There are many smiling faces, familiar faces that love you, that are waiting to hear from you.

    Thank you for helping me practice!



  • Hi, hope everything is okay with you, you change your nick, I like it!!

    This is an awesome question, I would like a reading please.


  • Hi,

    I would love a reading if you have the time for me. 🙂

    Thank you.


  • Hello Scully,

    I would be more than happy to give you a reading!

    What can Sarah do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: 0 -- The Fool

    Going on your own. You like to travel, to have new adventures. When you are free and able to do what you want, you are happy.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: King of Coins

    Having a routine. When things move themselves smoothly and there is a good structure in your surroundings, you are happy. It’s because there isn’t much trouble or work to cause you any problems.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Page of Coins

    You are thoughtful and curious, but perhaps you may get involved in the lives of others a little too much. You may be the kind of person that gives out advice without anyone asking things. It makes for an awkward situation. Learning to say things at appropriate times is a talent to learn.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Page of Swords

    A foot in mouth syndrome. You often say things others don’t understand or get insulted. It may be the way that you say it. A bit finesse is needed. You probably speak the truth, but the way in which you speak makes everyone believe you are doing it to hurt others.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: XIII -- Death

    The butterfly emerging from its cocoon. This is a time of great change, great transformation. Circumstances are not the same anymore, and you must boldly move forward. You have everything at your disposal as you have learn much. It is a new phase of your life.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Eight of Cups (Reversed)

    The feeling that you are floating, and the unknowing feeling where you are heading is slowly going away. You are finally coming back to Earth. Though your search for yourself has not ended you have come back with more information and more clarity. All those confusing paths and choices have finally faded. You can see clearly what it is you must do and where you must go.

    Seems like joy comes at journey’s end. You seem to be like the kid at the candy store that has just bought their favorite candies! Oh! It is so delicious. Enjoy your treats!

    Thank you for helping me practice with my new cards!


  • Hello Arieslass,

    What can Arieslass do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Five of Cups

    Ever the Optimist! You like seeing the cup as half full, rather than half empty. When things are at their worse, you are the shining beacon brimming with light so that anyone who needs a little pick-me-up can come to you to warm themselves up.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: I -- The Magician

    To give your energy. You have talent and are able to do things easily. When you are able to be up and center and showcase what you can do you are happy. You see the amazement in people’s eyes and that bring you genuine joy. Their smiles give you motivation.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: VI -- The Lovers

    You have problems making important choices. Rarely do you trust your own intuition when it is calling out to you. This may be apparent in the way you choose your lovers. You like to be helpful and loving to all, but some people you need to be careful of.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Queen of Cups

    You may let your emotions make all your decisions. You may also fall easy to manipulation. Though you always see the good things in life, you fail to see reality. You are out of touch and the real world can be cruel.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: VII -- The Chariot

    Self-control. You mind and emotional side may be completely out of balance. Learn to be assertive, strong, and empowering. You don’t lose the love of anyone by standing up tall. You can still be that beautiful, bright star. Now, only with more self-respect, and complete control of who you are.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Eight of Coins

    Being able to finally focus on yourself! You have this time to be more productive and worry about your needs rather than everyone around you. You can finally do things you want to do and not favors that everyone asks of you. You have so much energy and ideas that it’s the perfect time. The results will make you happen. You may also receive some gifts, so here is a good time to practice restraint by keeping and sharing with people that are loyal and trustworthy and not just anyone.

    Oh, you seem to be such a generous and giving person. It seems that you like seeing others happy before yourself. You are commendable, but sometimes joy comes from within and not from what people can give you. You will be able to find joy by finally doing something that you want, and carrying out that project until it’s end.

    Best wishes!

    And thank you for helping me practice.


  • Hello Arieslost,

    What can Arieslost do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: VI -- The Lovers

    Sharing and communication. You may like having someone to talk to and that has much in common with you. There is nothing better than being able to talk all night about things that matter to you.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: I -- The Magician

    Believing in the unbelievable. Your thoughts are always going into the future or to an otherworld. It’s fantastic as you see and feel things unlike any other. You like sharing your fantasies and when people hear and enjoy them too, you are at your happiest.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Five of Cups

    You may often see the gloomy side of life. You focus on what you don’t have. You must learn to realize that not everything is as bad as you think. In this world, there are many beautiful and magical things that are right in front of you.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Nine of Swords

    Fear of what others may say. You fear being judged by others as when ever you do share something they may bring you down. Thing is that you may surround yourself with such people. There are others, if you would look up and around, that are more compatible with you and your ideas.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Ten of Swords

    New dreams. If you have tried to accomplish something and couldn’t, it’s not over. Once that chapter of your life has closed, you have a new one to write. Here you write down new goals-- new dreams.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: XIII -- Death

    Change. You are being reborn. Your old way of life was outmoded for who you are and who you will become in the future. It is a new beginning. Any ends, or any goodbyes are needed. It is a new fresh breathe coming into your life.

    So many new things in your life. It seems like you are transforming into a whole new person. You are delicate, but you need a strong will. It is within you as you have already come so far! Your journey is not over, get ready for another round. Your will find joy in being true to yourself and moving forward.

    Thank you for helping me practice.


  • Hi El! Thanks so much for the joy reading! How true they are! 🙂

  • Hi El,

    Thank you for the reading, sweetie! It was great! As per usual everything is true that they said. I am a work bot!!! I Think i will take that splash and lead the way! Thank you!!!! Keep up the readings you are doing a wonderful job!!!! Effie

  • Hello EltheMoth

    I was wondering if maybe you over looked me

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    I do not mean to be a pain I just though maybe

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