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  • Hello everyone,

    I got these new Rider-Waite based tarot cards a month ago.

    They are called "Joie de Vivre" by Paulina Cassidy.

    I have only used them about three or four times, so I would like to practice with them a bit more in order to get used to the traditional tarot..

    Now, I'm not confident giving regular readings with them--yet. However, I would like to give the suggested reading that's in the booklet.

    For each person I will ask: "What can (your name here) do to find joy in their life?"

    Ok? Let's spread the joy!

    Love to all,


  • Hi Elthe....count me in!! I would love to see what you get for me in your cards!! My name is Leslie!!

    Thanks for spreading the joy!

  • Hello, EltheMothm ,I would like also! thank you.

  • Can you try on me, please EltheMoth? 🙂

  • I am in throw the cards!

  • If you can find time for another…me too please! Glad to reciprocate with a Goddess deck reading on question of your choice if you like 🙂 blessings & light, gd

  • Hi Elthemoth. Your more than welcome to practice on me. I would love to hear what the cards say. My name is anna if that helps.. Thanks in advance.

  • You know I love to see what they have to say for me too

    Thanks ElthMoth that is very nice of you


  • Hi EL,

    How are you my sweet girl? I would like that too if you have time?

    Thank you Effie.

  • Oh! I'm so glad people responded.

    I'll start on readings right now!.

  • Hello Leslie,

    Thank you for helping me practice!

    What can Leslie do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Five of Wands

    Joy to you is a good competition. Maybe you like debates or protesting for what is right, but you like putting your energies into productive uses like these. You feel you expand your mind, and make the world a better place.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Page of Wands

    Being able to express your passionate side. It could be at a theater or simply in a crowd of your friends, but you like to speak up and loud about what drives you. Your creativity and energy is well known.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Four of Wands

    Connections with friends or family are distant. This card shows that at the end of the day, after all your hard work is done, to come back home and laugh with with your family and friends. The four to me is balance, and it seems you need that in your life with regards to your closest beloveds.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Seven of Swords

    This card shows that you may always be on the run. You may have an impulsive side that makes you do or act in a way your normally don't, but when you finally come back to reality you see what you have done. Still, you seem to sweep it under the rug instead of fixing your mistakes.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Four of Swords

    In the inside are you always buzzing around with ideas, plans, and more movement than you are able to do physically? The Four of Swords shows a serene woman holding on to heart. Balance once again is being shown. You may need to learn how to sit back and relax a little. Your heart and mind need a little rest from so much action.

    It's ok to take some time off. as refreshing your body and mind can help you further your goals and give you new perspectives.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Ten of Cups

    Harmony. You have probably have achieved great things by this time. What you have attained has to be cherished, but it must also be shared. More joy, more harmony will come when you begin to teach what you have learned during your struggle to success.

    I see that three of the cards were fire. You seem to have a passionate, bright personality. The action side of you has taken over though! People are important to you, but don't forget those closest to you.


  • Hello Marishkaa,

    What can Marishkaa do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Six of Cups

    Nature and simplicity. You may like wandering in your past-- maybe childhood?-- because you have happy memories. You love when there is balance, harmony, and when everyone is helping each other. You may also like old fashion things or traditional ways of conduct.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Ace of Wands

    You feel that there is a certain direction the Universe is leading you. It may not be the Universe, it's just that your mind is good in pumping you with excitement that you get lost traveling far and wide. Still, you have tremendous amount of creativity.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Knight of Cups

    Is all your creativity going to waste? Do you not feel confident? This card shows that you are not one to show all those beautiful visions and dreams that go on in your head. You seem to let your life be led by what is "normal", but you are much more than that. You have something in your heart and mind that you want to express. You must express it!

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Eight of Wands

    You have no real determination when it comes to your own self. You seem to hesitate about your direction. You may also envy others that seem to know where they are headed. It's okay if you don't know where it is you want to go at the moment. You simply need to find what you are passionate about until the wheel really starts moving.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: XXI-The World

    Everything. You need to learn that forcing things to go one way may not be best, but when you let things run themselves is when there is peace and balance. You have accomplished much, and you should be proud of yourself. Now, it's time to keep moving and keep learning. The world is for you to learn about yourself and how you are connected to every part of it.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Ten of Swords

    Endings. You are entering a new phase of life. It may seem scary, confusing, and frustrating, it's needed. You are shedding the old skin and being put on a new skin. One where it will match who are and who you want to be.

    Ten of Coins flipped over too.

    From this card, since it has no real position, I think it means that you will soon be rewarded. The Universe seems to have a gift for you.

    Now, from this reading, I almost feel like dissecting your brain to see what's really going on in there. The cards show that you have such an amazing imagination and spirit of adventure, but you seem to lock it up in your head. Let it out!

    Thank you for helping me practice some more!



  • Hello Moonalisa,

    Thank you for helping me practice.

    What can Moonalisa do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: Knight of Swords

    Confidence, charisma, and heroic endeavors. You like action and having confidence is the best answer to life. You are a mighty force.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: I--The Magician

    A jack-of-all-trades, you have so much energy that you have enough to spare. To you nothing is impossible and the more you do, the happier you are.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: Page of Cups

    There is this little bunny in the picture. It's big heat is on its belly. Cutest thing ever. That's not your thing is it? At least not how you would like to be seen. You like being known as the energetic, spunky lady that can do anything and everything in one day, not really the lady that likes watching soap operas in the middle of the day-- maybe even cry at times.

    Also, you may be a great starter. You may get bored easily and move too easily on to other things.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: Eight of Swords

    Do you dislike change? This card shows that you have some reoccurring behavior patterns that restrict your growth. You seem to always be buzzing and moving about, but you may get stuck doing the same thing twice or thrice before accomplishing much.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: X--The Wheel

    Allow change to happen. You may like to do new things, yet you always seem to be missing the opportunities that allow you tor really grow. It's a new cycle of your life, one where you can have more excitement as you have been having all along.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Six of Wands

    There is no need to be afraid of failure or that you won't move in the right direction. Success in moving forward is for you. The Universe wants you to recognize that there is a new battle, a new achievement for you to gain.

    It seems that joy will be found when you truly move on. It's not about how passionate, or how fun something is you are doing, but what needs to be done. Boredom arises when nothing changes, and now the Universe is giving you another opportunity to accept change.



  • Hi EltheMoth,

    Joy ! It even sounds happy when you say it.

    My name is Mary.

    Thanks so much for the offer of a reading.

    Much happiness to you !

  • Hi EltheMoth

    Joy is wonderful. Can I please have a reading. Thank you so much.


  • Hello EltheMoth ,

    I'm all in can you join me again to your reading I just came home and had a long day

    I received negative messages but I still can smile cos I love to keep my mind on joyious moment of my life ... It heals my feelings

    Big Big Hugs and Kisses


  • Hi ElthneMoth,

    May i have a joy reading too, just had good workout, feel good.

    My life is looking up this year, Sarah

  • Thank you EltheMoth for the reading. 🙂

  • Hello Brightmoonshine,

    Will throw the cards now!

    72 card pick up!

    What can Brightmoonshine do to find joy in their life?

    0: What is joy to you: King of Wands (Reversed)

    You do what you want when you want to. You don't care what other people think and act on impulse. It's the best feeling to do things in the moment. You like people knowing that you are the boss.

    1: Where you find joy the easiest: Queen of Wands

    When people are looking up to you after you have accomplished something. You like to inspire people to do better for themselves.

    2: Where must you work to find joy: IV--The Emperor

    Your own inner strength. You at times may rely heavily on others, but you need to learn to pick yourself up every time you fall. When things look bad, have faith and keep moving on. No matter what the Universe throws at you, have confidence that you can overcome anything.

    3: What you allow to block your joy: XV--The Devil (Reversed)

    Your impulses. You may over-indulge or are too dependent on others. This may also be affecting your health so be careful what you consume and put in your body.

    4: Who should you watch to learn more about finding joy: Nine of Coins

    Confidence. You have done much and have accomplished much. Don't think about the things you don't have or the things you feel you can never have. They may not be needed. However, what you do need is right in front of you. Enjoy them and be happy that you have so much.

    5: What the Universe is giving you at this time: Seven of Swords

    The Universe seems to be slowing things down or stopping you all together! It's reigning in your impulsive side. You have probably have been getting away with doing things your way for years, but now it's time to learn a good lesson. It's not too bad. From this you will come out wiser. You will find what in your life is needed and what in your life is only adding to your "load".

    This is a time where you can look at yourself, and the world around you, with new eyes .

    From what I see from the cards is that you may need to have a look at the people around you. You may seem to rely heavily on your friends and family for support. Anyone that can help you with your problems. It's not really working. Besides, it seems that you may be asking help from the wrong people. You are now given the chance to see who it is you really are and who you are really with. Joy comes from your own accomplishment and achieving things, solving things from yourself. You are the greatest, the single most important only person you will ever need.


  • Thank you the reading was wonderful!

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