• Hey Fire!

    I've been okay. It's getting warmer and my room is unbearable (I'm in the attic). But this coming week is supposed to be cooler weather and my dad has finally finished renovations he started a few weeks ago. Happy about that!

    Been missing you so much! It's funny, too, because I've had you on my thoughts for a while.

    I was wondering exactly about your school. The first thing that popped into my head when thinking about you is, "That's right! She's about to graduate."

    Happy early congratulations! The finish line is so close!

    Now, to your reading!

    I asked if you would find a job at your local hospital once you graduate:

    Cards are positive either way.

    I think you may, but it may not be completely the job you feel you are suited for, but that you will still be able to help people either way.

    No, if you decide to look elsewhere. At another hospital you may have friends in better positions that can help you get the type of job placement you would like.

    For both, I think it depends on the people you know, or how well they like you.

    I asked the cards if you would be successful in leaving this man behind:

    They were mostly negative either way. When they give me negatives like these, I find that they are saying that you don't have any say in the matter. Sometimes, things are supposed to happen.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you in regards to this:

    Challenge + Recharge + Confession

    With Isis as your Goddess card.

    It certainly has been a difficult path for you. You are hiding a very powerful piece of yourself that can't keep itself hidden. It will someday erupt and may cause a bit more trouble than it is worth.

    Right now, you have to deal with it. I see it as your "demon." What attracts you so much to him? You said your relationship with him wasn't the best, but what was it about or what is it about him that you simply adore? These emotions have to be explored, but by yourself. You need to evaluate why you feel so much love for this man. Every time ask why you love him so? Would he continue to give you this love that you want from him? Dissect every single question until you have a positive answer where you come out ahead.

    Isis is a motherly card and I think she is motivating, giving you will power for you in order to make the better choice that is your family.

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